“Platform is currently experiencing issues. We are working on it. No sites are down, just our platform”

Come for the SPEED
Stay for the SUPPORT

The only Managed+ WordPress platform for agency owners, freelancers & businesses that delivers:
  • Site Management – Keeping core, theme, plugins all up-to-date manual process with verification instead of automatic updates.
  • Speed Optimization – Monitor site speed and if site speed drops below our threshold we jump in and fix it.
  • Security – 2 different malware scanning softwares keep your site safe (if it ever does get hacked we fix it for free).
  • 1-Click Login – Never worry about a clients password again as you can always login via our platform.
  • Activity Logs – Who is doing what on your site?  Now you know at all times.
  • On Demand Resources – Scalable RAM & PHP Workers so your site is never restricted.
  • Backups – Hourly and daily backups kept in the cloud on two different solutions.
  • Unlimited Edits – Like all aspects of BionicWP we take things 1 step forward and offer unlimited site edits for 1 flat-fee. Yup unlimited.

Josh Nelson Understands The Importance of Site Speed

Managing WordPress Sites Has Never Been Easier

Truly never easier as we take on the burden of updating your core/theme/plugins, implement advanced security, block & fix malware, monitor and speed up your site speed, and keep backups

The Old Way

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The BionicWP Way

Managed WordPress Hosting For Agencies / Freelancers / Businesses

Below is a full list of features – from security to performance to site management – to make your life easier and save you time.
(we don’t have a time machine (yet) so this is the best we can do).


At BionicWP, safeguarding your online presence from malware and compromises is our top priority. Our multi-layered security approach sets us apart, featuring two powerful malware scanning tools that work together to monitor and protect your websites continuously. Every aspect of your sites is thoroughly examined to detect and prevent potential threats.

Our proactive stance ensures we stay ahead of malicious actors. Should your site ever get compromised, rest assured we’ve got you covered. Our expert security team will swiftly resolve the issue at no cost to you. Your success is our success, and together, we ensure the industry’s finest security measures protect your websites, providing you with peace of mind.


At BionicWP, optimal performance is a top priority, and we have implemented an advanced speed optimization process to ensure exceptional user experiences on websites.

Setting ourselves apart from traditional hosting services, BionicWP goes the extra mile by monitoring hosted sites for speed optimization three times a week. This proactive approach enables us to swiftly identify and address any potential speed-related issues.

Recognizing the importance of website speed for user satisfaction and search engine rankings, BionicWP maintains stringent performance standards. Falling below the set thresholds on Google Page Speed Insights triggers an instant alert, prompting our expert team into action.

Our dedicated team analyzes the root cause of any speed issues and diligently works to optimize the site’s speed using targeted strategies and industry-leading techniques.

Site Management

BionicWP takes WordPress site management to a whole new level with their cutting-edge approach. Recognizing the significance of keeping WordPress sites up-to-date, We have developed a meticulous and hands-on process to ensure security and peak performance.

Unlike automated updates that may lead to conflicts, BionicWP’s manual approach involves a careful assessment of each update to address potential issues beforehand. We go above and beyond by conducting thorough post-update tests to guarantee a flawless user experience, leaving no room for unexpected errors.

Our dedication to this manual process sets us apart, minimizing risks while maximizing security and performance gains. Termed “Managed+,” We surpasses ordinary managed WordPress hosting services, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards of quality.

Join BionicWP today for Managed+ and enjoy peace of mind with your WordPress sites in the hands of caring experts. Experience excellence in WordPress site management and elevate your online presence to new heights with BionicWPs Managed+.

On Demand Resources

We take pride in offering a revolutionary hosting solution designed to meet the dynamic demands of your website’s traffic and performance. Our powerful, scalable infrastructure sets us apart from traditional hosting services.

Bid farewell to website crashes during peak traffic times with our advanced hosting. Scalable RAM and PHP Workers ensure stability and responsiveness, with seamless bursts up to 55 GB of RAM and 110 PHP Workers during high demand.

At BionicWP, hosting scalability is reimagined, providing unparalleled resources that adapt to your site’s needs in real-time. With Managed+ hosting, trust us to handle resource scaling, empowering you to grow your online presence limitlessly.


BionicWP offers a top-notch backup system that ensures the safety of your website. With daily backups, you can rest assured knowing your data is protected, and you can restore your site anytime hassle-free. What sets us apart is our separate environment storage, meaning backups are stored at a different location from your site, adding an extra layer of security. Trust BionicWP to keep your website safe and always ready for unexpected challenges.

Unlimited Edits

With our unique approach, we handle website edits so you can focus on growing your business. Our dedicated team implements your requested changes, from adding blog posts to updating images.

Though we don’t create blog posts or optimize SEO, we seamlessly integrate your updates. Leave the technical aspects to us, and gain the advantages of a skilled team.

At BionicWP, you have control over your website’s content and updates. Let us know your vision, and we’ll make it a reality swiftly and professionally.

Our mission is to empower you by handling technical aspects, ensuring a smooth and efficient website. Say hello to convenience and professionalism without the hassles of site maintenance.

What is Managed+ WordPress Hosting?

Below is how we support agencies, freelancers, and businesses at a deeper level than other Managed WordPress Solutions:

BionicWP keeps your sites core, theme, plugins all up-to-date via a manual process after which we manuall verify the site is working. This sounds crazy but we believe its the best way to do WordPress site management. Managed+.

Our platform monitoring all sites for speed optimization 3 times a week. If the site falls below our threshold on Google Page Speed Insights (85 for desktop, 80 for mobile) we get updated and our team jumps in and works on speed optimization. If you ever see an issue just let us know and we will jump on it right away. Managed+.

Not 1 but 2 different malware scanning softwares that are constantly checking to make sure your site is not infected or comprised. If your site is ever hacked we fix it for free. Managed+.

We have built a solution that has scalable RAM & PHP Workers so if your site ever sees an increase in traffic or demand your site will not crash as our platform will scale these resources. Managed+

We jump into your site and make edits for you. Need a blog updates, we got that. Need to swap out some images. Done. For a number of business owners and agencies we have been able to replace entire departments with this solution. Managed+

Speed Optimization Results

We have helped bloggers, e-commerce owners, and other WordPress webmasters achieve their dream speed score.

Experience the BionicWP’s Truly Managed Hosting