Managing websites & hosting shouldn’t be this complicated, right?

Build WordPress Sites (minus) the complexities.
One simple price & solution for all the tools to launch, host and manage your WordPress sites

The Old Way

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The BionicWP Way

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Truly Managed WordPress Hosting

White Labeled Unlimited Edits w/Support
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Bid good riddance to spend hours slogging making edits to your websites. With BionicWP, all you need to do is identify an edit that needs to be made, send in a ticket request detailing the task at hand, and our skilled team of WordPress engineers would take it from there. 
Too many cooks spoil the broth, and the same goes for your website! With BionicWP, you can get an all-in-one solution as our team caters to all your requirements. From plugin updates to optimization and daily edits, we’ve got you covered.
Most businesses find handling support a nuisance, but not us! Pass it on to us and remove all the stresses that are involved with support. We respond to all tickets in record time – just 15 minutes – and we present solutions for most tickets within the day.

Come for the speed, stay for the support

Why BionicWP

There are tons of web hosting platforms in the market, but we truly believe that BionicWP stands out from the rest. Here’s why choosing BionicWP is the only right choice:

With BionicWP, you can rest assured about your website being safe from spyware, malware, viruses, hackers, and the likes. We make sure to fully protect each of our client’s websites, making them secure in today’s digitally advanced world. 

90+ GTMetrix scores &  90+ Google PageSpeed Insights scores – don’t believe us? Neither did our clients until we proved it to them (just ask us for our case studies). BionicWP will make your site sail as smooth as a ship on clear waters.  

With BionicWP, you won’t have worry about managing your site. Our platform offers free auto backup to staging and rollback for all those awkward moments. In addition, Auto-update of core, theme, plugins to help you keep your website in tip-top condition.

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What are your hours?

Sales – M-F – 7am – 7pm MST
Chat – 24/7
Email – 24/7

If you have an issue outside of 7am – 7pm MST and do not wish to chat with our team please email support@bionicwp.com  and our team will address the issue ASAP. Our team is located all throughout the world so we can respond and address any server issues at any time, yes even at 2am in the morning.

How do I get started?

Just sign up in your platform, enter your credit card (we won’t charge your card until you push your site live), and either request a migration (its free) or migrate the site yourself.  

How many sites are currently on your platform?

We have 1000+ website on our platform currently

Do you have examples of the scores you get with being on your platform?

Sure do!  You can find a lot of the results that we have been able to achieve here – Speed Results

I Deal in E-Commerce, is BionicWP the one for me?
Yes, of course! In fact, more than half of our clients run e-commerce websites on our platform. We’ve got all the trimmings – from secure online payments to product browsing – that will make your e-commerce website a hit!
Do I Need to Start All Over Again?
Our customers often want to switch from their old web hosting service, and they’re worried about whether they’ll have to start building their website all over again from scratch. Not at all, you can simply shift your website to BionicWP and our team will help customize it according to our platform. So, no time wasted!