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10 best professional WordPress service Twitter accounts to follow in 2020!

best professional WordPress Twitter accounts

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To know how Twitter can contribute to a company you can start with something very simple, a tweet that we keep among favourites and that perfectly summarizes the meaning of this network, says:

“On Facebook, we can know the faces, on Twitter we can know the minds. “
Today, the interaction between Twitter users is a constant, the platform has quickly become a tremendously participatory community that is gradually increasing the level of conversations. Especially the Twitter news feed!

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From a professional point of view, it’s application as a marketing tool has already become amongst the top trends and go-to social media platform picks, fundamentally because it is a very effective channel through which customers and consumers can be instantly reached out plus being able to directly converse with your audience.

Twitter offers something that the vast majority of companies have not yet taken advantage of. An easy-to-use networking channel that can reach its target audience in a bidirectional way, as it had not happened before.

Thus twitter allows you to take advantage of the best opportunities available to reach the user and the user to reach us.

How? Let’s see. With Twitter, a brand or an individual can benefit from:

    • Getting more visibility.


    • Improve reputation.


    • Connect to new audiences.


    • Interact with your target audience.


    • Offer content that is not possible to display otherwise.


    • Get more relevance.


    • Consider the needs and demands of users and customers.


    • Know your customers much better.


    • Humanize your work more.


    • Have a profitability Marketing tool superior to any other traditional one.


    • Increase transparency.


Many companies have managed to anticipate and take advantage of Twitter to reach their target audience. In short, the benefits are clear to anyone.

Thanks to twitter, both a small neighbourhood store and a large company has the opportunity to open up a conversation with their users.

This enables communication that, among others, facilitates customer knowledge, tastes, thoughts, criticisms … that is, obtaining critical information for our businesses.

At the same time, Twitter can be quite useful for WordPress based blogs and sites. How? Well, there are different Twitter accounts which continue to offer active updates and suggestions to WordPress users.

These accounts specialize in the art and strategy of optimizing sites using WordPress; whether it is about themes, plugins, templates, and other features which can result in better web management. View all tweets of important accounts, share on Twitter or in your posts – there are many ways to work around it.

With that being said, here are 10 of the best professional WordPress Twitter accounts to follow in 2020 if you have a WordPress site:


An ideal account for everyone who wishes to learn some facts, figures, and fun related stuff about the WordPress platform. It is an official account, so all the information provided in the tweets is authentic and reliable. It remains quite useful for referencing in content pages over the internet. Follow up if you want to learn more about the platform.


The official account of WordPress, where the entire WordPress community is connected, plus it’s a great opportunity for website and blogs owners to connect with other creators who use WordPress. At the same time, they post frequent updates, breaking news, and important announcements related to the platform which are useful for the prior information of WordPress users.


You wouldn’t think we’d leave out the quirkiest WordPress helpers in town right? BionicWP is a popular managed hosting, maintenance, and security platform. The Twitter account posts frequent updates on the subject of WordPress hosting, tips and tricks to businesses and content creators, as well as different forms of quirky tweets that you would not only find funny but super useful at the same time. It should be known that BionicWP remains a 24/7 servicing platform and if you want to acquire their services or get to know more information, you can always DM them on Twitter, they don’t bite 😉

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

This guy is popular among the entire WordPress fraternity. Why? Because he actively posts his thoughts about WordPress. He has a lot of tips to give for all kinds of WordPress users. He has also designed different courses to learn about the platform, and he continues to share his deep insights which can be useful when you are setting up and running your website or blog on WordPress. He talks about subjects like how to add Twitter feed to website, Twitter theme, and Twitter feed on WordPress.

WP Tavern

WP Tavern covers all news and information circulating over the internet about WordPress. On this profile, you will also find other WordPress users who just simply talk about the platform, share their thoughts and insights. It is a public forum where you can engage with others and get your queries resolved easily.

WordPress TV

WordPress TV has everything! From WordCamps to interviewing the biggest WordPress super stars, you name it! There are sessions which you can follow and learn different kinds of things about the platform which you cannot normally expect to learn from other sources.

Word Camp Central

It remains the one-stop for all WordPress related events, schedules, and news. It is run and maintained by average users who are passionate about the community of WordPress and their best interest. Following this account will allow you to learn more and more about important events which you can become a part of and learn plentifully.


The biggest eCommerce plugin for WordPress has an active Twitter account which can be very useful for blogs and websites. It posts updates about monetization and other ways of building revenue streams on the platform.

WordPress Beginner

Starting out on WordPress, it can be pretty lonely at times, especially when you do not have ideas about how things work. Well, worry not because this Twitter handle is dedicated to serving you and your deepest concerns about the platform. It addresses the hottest topics and most trendy questions that pop up in the minds of users.


The JetPack plugin is useful and is widely used by WordPress users. So, if you want to learn important things about the plugin, just follow their Twitter profile. JetPack comments are sure to help you acknowledge what’s in and what’s not in the current WordPress ecosystem

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