5 Reasons Why Business Websites Get “Hacked”

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WordPress sites are often the most targeted types of websites today. This is because they make up the majority of all websites currently in existence. Hackers are constantly at work trying to break into WordPress sites of all types and sizes. Avoiding the mistakes below can help prevent your site from being hacked.

Simple Mistakes Can Mean Big Trouble     

Security mistakes might seem small, but they can lead to serious problems for you and your website.

  • Failure to Update:

Many WordPress sites use various plugins, widgets and other types of integrated components to increase their appeal and functionality. However, these nifty enhancements are compromise gateways into your website. Plugin and component developers often update their software to reduce risks and decrease vulnerabilities. The majority of these updates, however, are not automatically made to your plugin or widget. In order to update your software to the most current version, you will likely need to do it yourself. (Unless you work with a secure web hosting support company, like BionicWP! We include this feature in all of our secure WordPress hosting packages.) Failure to do so can leave huge security holes in your plugins that are easy targets for hackers.

  • Outdated Scripts:

Your website is developed using scripts. These scripts are the controls that manage everything on your WordPress site, from databases to graphic placements. As with your plugins, script developers are continually updating their product to ensure it is safe from the latest cyber-attack methods being used. However, these updates need to be made to your website in order for them to work. (BionicWP also includes patches and updates for your website content in our secure web hosting packages!)

  • Weak Passwords:

Passwords are an integral part of your website’s safety. Unfortunately, not every website owner uses strong passwords. If a password is too easy to guess, it can severely compromise your entire website. After all, once a hacker gets through your password, they have full access to all administration functions, control panels, FTP accounts, and more. Creating unique passwords that are a combination of numbers, letters and symbols that range between 8 and 16 characters is often recommended.

  • Failure to Backup:

Backing up your website frequently is extremely important. Why? Should anything unfavorable happen to your website, such as a hacking attempt or server crash, the most recent backup copy of your website can help to quickly restore your WordPress site to working order. (You guessed it! BionicWP includes off-site backups in our secure web hosting packages. Not only does this mean we frequently backup your site – we maintain this copy elsewhere to ensure whatever damaged your site cannot reach your backup as well!)

  • Daily Security Scans:

Daily security scans are another easy process that is often overlooked. In doing so, you leave yourself open to malware and other damaging attacks. Running daily scans can immediately detect any outside influences that are looking to break into your website. (Yes! BionicWP includes this service as well!)

They Aren’t After Your Money

For many hackers, the money is not necessarily the draw. Understanding why hackers hack can help you determine what type of threats you may be exposed to.

Many hackers actually fall into one of three categories.

  1.       Hacking to Steal Information: Hackers often hack websites in order to steal information. While this may include credit card numbers or bank information, there is much more to this. From names and addresses to phone numbers and more – information has value.
  2.       Hacking to Make a Statement: Some hackers do it because they want to make a statement. These statements may be motivated by strong personal convictions, such as political or religious reasons. Defacing your website or stealing information to damage integrity are often goals of these types of hackers.
  3.       Hacking Just to Hack: The wild card here are the hackers who simply like a challenge. These hackers attack just because they enjoy doing so.

Why Secure Hosting is Important

WordPress sites are housed on a host server. Also known as a platform, this server not only makes your content viewable to the public, it also stores and maintains any associated data and files that keep your site up and running.

Having a secure WordPress hosting service for your website is essential in stopping a hacker before they can cause damage. In fact, insecure web hosting is one of the leading causes of a successful hacking.

Are You Protected?

On the surface, everyone feels as if their website is safe. That is – right up until they are hacked. If you have a website of any kind, the chances of an attempted hacking are always there. However, trusting your website to a reputable secure web hosting service, like BionicWP, can ensure you have the best digital security around.

BionicWP is your premier secure web hosting provider. Not only do we have exceptionally secure hosting – we go beyond that. From daily scans for malware to off-site backups and live support, each of our hosting package are developed with your website’s safety in mind.

To learn more about how BionicWP can help keep your website safe, contact us today!

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