5 Reasons Why WordPress is King in 2019

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Why does everyone use WordPress? When you are in need of secure hosting then WordPress Hosting is the best one available. If you are trying to create a website for your business or blog, WordPress is the go-to CMS to use for several reasons. Learn more about WordPress and why it will be around in 2019.

WordPress is #1 for a Reason

WordPress is used by over 70 million different users that have created a website for blogs, businesses, and etc. Before WordPress existed, no one could simply create a blog or website unless they had some knowledge into how to create their own code. Therefore, WordPress changed the idea of websites only being used for developers and people who could read and write their own code.

Now, WordPress is the best CMS, content management system, there is worldwide. WordPress is available for bloggers and business websites, but the great aspect of using WordPress as your CMS is it allows you to create and control every single piece of content you want. This also means you don’t have to have prior knowledge of reading and creating your own code to build and maintain your own WordPress website. So, anyone who has simple computer skills can be able to learn how to create their own business website easily and at such a low cost.

You can easily create a free WordPress website or a paid one through a hosting service, but either way, the price of WordPress is very cheap and affordable for any type of business. There are free WordPress forums available as well for people who might get a little confused on more complicated actions.

WordPress Customization

This secure WordPress hosting also allows you to do your own customizations. You can easily go to your dashboard and click on Appearance, then you click on Customize. From there you can customize your own website without paying a developer to do it for you, which can cost you more money than if you simply did it yourself. This includes changing the color schemes of your website, header images, titles, taglines, and so much more!

However, you can create as many types of websites such as a professional blog, online shop, personal blog, promotional site, and so much more. Writers, photographers, Universities, and businesses all use WordPress as their CMS for their websites. Also, WordPress has the multipurpose feature. This means that if you want to add a blog or portfolio to your business website, you can easily do so without having to add a whole other website to do so. Adding a blog your business website can be beneficial to your business and increase your traffic. So, having such a useful option for your website makes WordPress a great CMS to use for your business.

WordPress Expert Help

Most WordPress customizations and other features can be dealt with yourself without any background in code or HTML. However, some business websites want to create custom-made themes and other features that WordPress experts can help you with.

When you want more custom-made designs or themes added to your website, using WordPress experts can help you. For example, they can add specially made code that helps show excerpts on your homepage instead of a full post. This can help those that only want a part of

If you need expert help managing your website, consider All Things BionicWP. We want to help with your security and other useful ways to improve the way you operate your business website. There are ways to use effects on your photos and videoes as well if you want those kinds of changes made to your website.

We have designed 3 packages to help out any type of business at affordable prices from $29 to $249 packages. What can you get out of these packages? They range from providing security measures for your website to off-site backups to customed themes. The packages are designed for individual or small businesses that can afford these types of prices.

However, the $249 package comes with advice on SEO, Google Analytics, Site Metrics, and much more! This is great for those trying to up their SEO ranking because receiving help with your Site Metrics can help your SEO rank and improve your website. This package can also help you gain more traffic if you take our expert advice on SEO and other improvements you can make to your website.

If you want a more custom support package, we offer 5 – 10 hours packages ranging from $500 – $1000 monthly payments for those who need more support for their website. These packages are Pro WordPress support, content writing, design, development, and more.

You can increase your SEO rank and improve your website today by choosing one of these packages that best fits your business website needs. If you have any questions concerning WordPress, contact BionicWP. We are always there to answer your questions concerning WordPress.

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