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5 WordPress Themes for Lighthearted Sites

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Choosing the WordPress themes that fit your website ideologies is a vital step to the success of your website. You want something that will represent your voice and be aesthetically pleasing to your audience — joining eCommerce and whimsy into one to bring the fun to your website. Because when your product line is something like toys or children’s clothing, you want something fun, whimsical, and inviting. Here are 5 WordPress themes for lighthearted sites.


Flash is a great WordPress theme for your eCommerce business that makes it easy to integrate all that you offer into one website. With drag and drop page builders that are multiuse ready, you will be able to set up and deliver your product quicker. This theme comes with bold designs, a ready to fill about page, custom call to action widget, testimonials page, and customizable widgets that allow you to make your page easy to use for both you and your customer.  You can quickly upload your logo and get your name out to the world with a few quick and easy steps. The Flash theme also allows you to connect to your social media platforms, which gives you an even greater reach for your product. Flash is a highly responsive gem to consider for any lively eCommerce website.


The next WordPress theme to look for is Shopkeeper. Keeping with its name, the Shopkeeper theme is excellent for any eCommerce website. With its high level of responsiveness, you can design a portfolio page to display your products and give your customers quick access to all of your products. Whether you have toys to play with or clothes for the tween scene, your customers will be able to browse all that your company has to offer quickly. With this theme, you will be able to create a homepage that tells your story and starts your message. From your homepage, you can take advantage of the many plugins available with Shopkeeper and add a slideshow of your specials or your most popular products; enticing your viewers to look further and leaving them with an exceptional experience to return to in the future.


Divi is an eCommerce dream for an upbeat website. With drag and drop block design (Divi Builder), it is easy to build your perfect site in a short amount of time. You will be able to customize your Divi theme to fit your specific needs or take advantage of their templates and customize to make them suit your desired voice. One of the great features with the Divi theme is that you will not have to program your website to accept payments. With a shopping cart feature included in this theme, you will be able to set up and sell quicker and get your company rolling with a few steps. Another advantage of Divi is that it is easy to use, from beginner to expert; this theme will be manageable.


Next up is the Handmade WordPress theme. This highly responsive theme is terrific for any eCommerce website. With customizable backgrounds, colors, and plugins you are sure to find everything you need to make your website and product stand out in the crowd. Utilizing customizable sidebars and drop-down menus, you will be able to showcase your product exactly how you imagined and give your visitors a fantastic experience. With Handmade you can map your customers experience from your homepage to your shopping cart. When designing isn’t your thing, you can also take advantage of 8 click-ready homepage layouts that will have you ready to go with little effort. Choosing Handmade as your eCommerce theme will let you show your whimsical voice to the world and keep your customers returning for more.


Cocco is the final WordPress theme on this list but by no means the least effective. This theme is especially great for toy or children clothing websites. With its high responsiveness on all device types, your customer will be able to load and view your products quicker than with some other themes. Cocco is a flowing theme that allows you to build your site around your product and show their value to your viewers. With customizable backgrounds and shortcodes to allow you to display things like promotional items or special offers, you are sure to be able to design a top-notch website that is user-friendly and fun for all.

Bringing Your Website Together

Once you have picked the perfect theme to make your statement, you will need to set it up and make it perfectly you. Designing is the fun part; putting it all together can be a bit more complicated. This may be a great time to seek help. Whether you are just starting or expanding your product to the world, it is essential to remember that the theme of your website is the tone of voice you are delivering to your viewers. Make sure that it fits with the overall concept and feel you want your customers to experience. Doing so will turn browsers into shoppers.

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