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6 Creative Themes for Your Artistic Website

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WordPress is a content management system that allows individuals the opportunity to create their own website. Whether the website is devoted professional, personal, or business; WordPress can accommodate your needs.

Will WordPress Work for My Artistic Website?

One of the cool things about WordPress is that it provides a diverse set of WordPress Themes to allow for you to showcase your work, of any kind, the way you want to.

With that being said, if you are the creative type and want to start a website to showcase your art, photography, or writing; but aren’t sure where to start, this is the post for you.

To all of you WordPress beginners out there, here are six creative themes for you to consider.

Top Themes for Creative Websites

1. Cubic – Photographers

The Cubic theme is ideal for the photographer seeking to gain exposure of their work. This template offers a unique design with large square images that can showcase your photos as soon as people visit your site. Regardless of your style of photography, the square images are conducive to both horizontal and vertical photos.

Individual pages on this site offer a larger view of the initial photo. These large photos then feed into a gallery format that seems natural.

The Cubic theme was designed with the photographer in mind and it shows in every area of its design.

2. Sketch – Artists

You can tell that Sketch is made for the artist just by looking at its name. If you’re an artist, I don’t need to tell you about the hours you spend perfecting your sculpture, painting, pastel, what have you; so, it is definitely ideal to have a website that can accommodate this attention to detail.

It offers artists a way to tastefully represent their works through a platform that isn’t necessarily easy to be represented through. While this website is exceptionally made to showcase art pieces, it may be best suited for a graphic designer looking to spread their digital design work.

The Sketch theme is the way to go if you are looking to creatively show off your creativity.

3. Boardwalk – Photographers & Artists

Boardwalk is a combination theme that is ideal for both photographers and artists. What makes this theme so unique is that when you scroll up and down on your mousepad, the website scrolls left to right. This can show people checking out your portfolio that you are not the typical photographer/artist, that you think outside of the box, and outside of everything we know about scrolling on a computer.

Getting down to brass tax, this website offers large vertical photos, which as a photographer can showcase the subject in your landscape photo. Or, as an artist can display your sculptures or portions of your paintings.

The Boardwalk theme offers something out of the ordinary. Sure, it’s a little uncomfortable at first, but isn’t that what art is for? To make people uncomfortable.

4. Gateway – Writers

Gateway is an excellent theme for a writer wanting to cover various topics but use the same site. When I first began using WordPress, this is actually the theme that I used because I had to do just that.

I like the use of one large photo on the main page to draw people into the website and get them interested right away. Then, the theme allows for supporting photographs with paragraph blurbs, which help preview your pieces.

The Gateway theme provides writers the ability to turn a potentially boring, text-heavy website into one that breaks up the monotony and forces the reader to pay attention.

5. Ixion – Writers

Ixion is great for the writer who has pictures to accompany their pieces, but doesn’t want them to detract from their clever headlines.

The preview pictures on this website are darkened up with a gray overcoat, allowing them to be present but not overpowering. If all you care about is that people pay attention to the words that you have written on the screen, this is a great option for you. It helps present your content in a very professional light.

Ixion provides writers the ability to spruce up their websites with some photos, but not have the photos be overly present.

P.S.: I know this says it’s for “non-profits, organizations, and schools,” but I still think it makes an exceptional blog theme for writers.

6. Twenty Sixteen – Writers

Twenty Sixteen is potentially my favorite theme on this list. Why? Because it offers a throwback to newspaper style publishing. If you are a fan of the classic appearance of newspapers, this one is perfect.

It offers large headlines, minimal pictures, and pullquotes like the ones you see on the page. This is a very professional, serious theme that allows people wanting to discuss important topics the platform to do so.

Twenty Sixteen is a great theme for the person wanting to be taken seriously with their thoughts, opinions, and written pieces.

WordPress has it all

In short, WordPress has a lot to offer in the way of themes for the creative type. Whether you love taking pictures that capture a scene, making art that conveys an emotion, or writing stories that represent an issue; WordPress Themes has got it.

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