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7 Best WordPress Gallery plugins for 2020

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wordpress gallery plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress gallery plugins for your site? It is said that a picture tells a thousand words. Images are one of the easiest ways where you can attract users and display various information on your website.

WordPress has a default gallery feature that you can use on your WordPress post and pages. But if you’re looking to add galleries, sliders, and carousels on different content on your site then you need a gallery plugin. Apart from that, the default WordPress gallery feature will not give you many options to customize the images.

Using some of the WordPress Gallery plugins you can add hover effects, animations, different styles and sky’s the limit. There are various online websites where you can 
find royalty-free images that you can use on your website. In this post, I will share some of the best WordPress gallery plugins which you can use for your site.

Using these plugins you can create awesome hero images, welcome images, carousels, sliders, and video galleries. There are so many WordPress gallery plugins that you can use on your website but it is not easy to choose the right plugin.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the best WordPress Gallery images for your site.

Envira Gallery

wordpress gallery plugins

Envira WordPress Gallery plugin is one of the popular gallery plugins which you can use for your site. The plugin is easy to use and you can find many features and functionalities to create a perfect image gallery on your post or pages. It has a free version that you can download from WordPress.org website.

Envira WordPress gallery plugin is responsive and SEO friendly. You can create many gallery images for your site and view it on any responsive devices. You can drag and drop pages, share images on social media and watermark images to protect your images. It has a beautiful slider feature, pagination effects, and video galleries that you can use on any posts and pages.

Apart from that, you can sell your images using the WooCommerce integration. You can add Pinterest pins and import images from Instagram to make a creative image gallery. Furthermore, you can sync your images from Adobe Lightroom or import images from DropBox or even from NextGen Gallery import files.

Envira comes with a pro version where you can unlock various features and functionalities. You can add multiple add-ons where you can protect, share or customize your gallery images with ease.

NextGen Gallery

wordpress gallery plugins

NextGen WordPress gallery plugin is another plugin that you can use to create image galleries, slideshows and video galleries on your site. The plugin comes with a user-friendly admin dashboard where you can manage image uploads, edit images and create albums on post and pages.

It comes with many options and settings to create a perfect photo gallery or video gallery to impress users who visit on your website. Thought, the plugin is free but the features and options are extended to its limit. Furthermore, it also comes with a pro version where you can manage galleries styles, like a mosaic, masonry and many more.

You can use and manage slideshow styles, blog-style image galleries, list/grid albums and many more. The plugin comes with many elegant features for styling and designing beautiful image galleries. Furthermore, you can use shortcodes while creating image galleries and insert the code on Text widget or on pages.


wordpress gallery plugins

Modula is a WordPress Gallery plugin that you can use to create beautifully lightbox galleries, masonry, mosaic and a lot more. The plugin is responsive and with retina-ready images, you can view any type of image gallery on any mobile device.

You can use the free version of Modula and as well as a premium version to unlock some new features for your image gallery. You can use the Modula Protection included in the premium version to protect your images from the download. Apart from that, you can watermark your images, password protect your images with an extension and do a lot more with the pro version of the plugin.

You can manage galleries, albums, manage cover photos, show gallery titles and use filter options for your image galleries. Furthermore, you can add various lightbox styles and effects to your image gallery. Using Advanced Shortcode extension you can dynamically link specific galleries without creating pages. With the Speedup extension, you can optimize your image gallery so that your visitors can enjoy the amazing effects and images in no time.

Above all, with the pro version of the Modula WordPress Gallery plugin, you can use many extensions and apply many hovering effects to your image gallery. Additionally, you can apply various styles to your video gallery, gif gallery, social sharing of images and add slideshows to your lightbox image gallery.

Slider Revolution

wordpress gallery plugins

Slider Revolution is a responsive and beautifully designed WordPress Gallery plugin which you can use for your site. The plugin comes with lots of advanced features that you can use to create an image gallery, hero images, and photo gallery. Apart from that, you can create various lightbox effects, transition effects, hovering effects on your images.

Slider Revolution comes with 200+ ready to use templates that you can use and customize for your website. With the new visual editor, you can easily customize the templates and change styles, fonts, colors and effects without any help of a developer.

Furthermore, the plugin comes with 20+ add-ons which you can use to add mind-blowing effects for your image sliders. Additionally, with the Media asset library included you can use animated layers, png images, images & videos, and icons & SVG. The plugin is easy to use and understand where you can create and attract users to stay longer on your website.


wordpress gallery plugins

FooGallery is a user friendly and easy to use WordPress Gallery plugin. Using this plugin you can create gallery images, carousels, sliders and photo galleries. It is responsive and can be adjusted on any mobile device to view awesome image galleries. The plugin is easy to use and does not require any coding skills to manage the settings.

FooGallery has lots of features like creating masonry, mosaic, list/grid gallery and creating albums in a responsive layout. Furthermore, you can customize by changing thumbnail size, alignment, change border size, add drop shadows, and many more. You can also add hover effects on colors, scaling, icons, and captions.

Above all, FooGallery is a free WordPress gallery plugin but you can opt for a premium version and unlock some cool features to create an attractive image gallery. You can find many effects, thumbnail filters, different pagination styles, and a lot more features that come with this plugin.

Master Slider

wordpress gallery plugins

Master Slider is a responsive WordPress Gallery plugin that you can use to create sliders, carousels and content sliders. The plugin is easy to use and does not need any help from a developer to create sliders and image galleries. It is responsive and with retina-ready images, you can view the smooth sliding effect on any mobile device.

Furthermore, you can use 80+ ready to use templates which you can easily customize to create awesome sliders. With Drag and Drop feature you can easily add content, edit the slide transition and durations. Additionally, you can add awesome effects and animation which you can preview in a real-time preview.

Also, customizing the sliders has just made it easier with animated layers, interactive effects, parallax effects and many more. You can add videos from Youtube and Vimeo or add a sliding video background to the site. Master Slider is ready to use for any time gallery images with various animations and effects which can attract users in no time.

Instagram Feed

wordpress gallery plugins

As there are people who are engaged in using Instagram you can use this Instagram plugin to create an image gallery on your site. The plugin is easy to use and manage. It is responsive and has many beautiful features. Using this plugin you can import Instagram images on your website. The plugin has various parameters, filtering options, color schemes and supports Visual composer. You can use hashtag, username or URL to import photos on your site. Moreover, you can exclude photos, show limited photos and sort photos as per your needs. Furthermore, you can change the layout based on rows & columns and also add a call to action buttons on the slider images. You can customize the post settings and slider controls to ease the animation effects on the images. Additionally, you can choose the color scheme on pop controls, post colors and slider colors. Above you can change the language of the plugin with the built-in pre-added PO files. You can also add your own custom CSS to customize the user interface that looks attractive to the users.


So finally we have concluded with some of the best WordPress Gallery plugins which you can use on your website. As mentioned earlier, images can make users stay longer on the website.

There are many WordPress bloggers who use infographics to display information on their website. There can be many uses of images that you can use for your site. You can either use it to display information or showcase the image gallery of products or add a welcome image to your website.

Now, over to you, I think I have not left any of your favorite WordPress Gallery plugins, if Yes, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading this post, I would really appreciate your support by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for your time, Take care.

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