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A2 Hosting Alternative

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If there’s one thing that the year 2020 has done, it’s to make us all more inclined towards the many wonders of the world of technology, including e-commerce. Of the various ways to set up a website, WordPress is by far one of the easiest and most versatile, but of course, you’re going to need a hosting platform, and that’s just as important! 

While the hosting market is plentiful, there are a few that stand out, top among which are BionicWP and A2 Hosting. Before we dive into a detailed comparison, here’s a brief lowdown on the former.

An exemplary WordPress hosting platform of its time, at BionicWP, we are known for our ability to combine all the necessary features into one package. So, whether you’re in it for optimization, backups, or security, BionicWP will make sure you have it all. 

Although BionicWP is, without a doubt, among the very best of the best, we are not without competition. And perhaps, our biggest competitor is A2 Hosting

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For a more accurate insight, here’s a quick comparison of the two:

  • BionicWP charges users on a per-site basis, falling under the range of $15-$27.5
A2 Hosting
  • A2 Hosting operates on a plan basis, with the three varieties pricing at starting amounts of $2.99, $4.99, and $9.99 for Startup, Drive, and Turbo Boost, respectively

  • Makes use of advanced website management functions and hosting solutions
  • Offers application-level support for all its clients, making edits and additions smooth
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Provides virtual assistance at no extra cost
A2 Hosting
  • Separate customer support department for each query
  • Lack of application-level support
  • Provides staging, protecting against data loss and errors
  • Provides rollback feature
  • Constantly monitors performance of core sites, themes, and plugins
A2 Hosting
  • No rollback or staging options
  • Regular scanning and monitoring for existing or potential malware damage
  • Includes WordPress hardening, which protects your website against hackers
  • Fully functioning WAF firewall
  • Blockage of suspicious bots


A2 Hosting
  • Offers advice on website security, such as SSL
  • Guidance on the process of securing a hacked website
  • Places bulk of security responsibility on the client
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Fastest WordPress hosting with unlimited site edits Sounds too good to be true?

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To be popular in today’s world, performance is key, and that is something that BionicWP has internalized. Not only do we go above and beyond in our endeavor to assist you, but we also guarantee top performance. 

Here are some of BionicWP’s greatest features:

  • A guaranteed 90+ score for both Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix
  • A boost in rates for both conversion – by as much as 18-30% – and number of users – by 20-40%
  • Makes use of high compute instances, allowing users to store ample data on cloud-based platforms
  • Hyper optimized stack with specifications of Nginx + FCGI + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB with LXD, making for smoother use
  • Exemplary computer distribution network (CDN)

Don’t believe us? Hear it yourself from clients that claim to have made the best decision of their lives!

Johnathan said that he was really struggling with optimizing his websites, with issues such as image compression and loading speeds being a regular issue. He found BionicWP to be amazing as we tremendously helped him with his agency, ensuring that he produces results faster for his clients. Johnathan said that he found us to be very responsive, and tasks that would usually take up to a month elsewhere were completed in a day or two with BionicWP. Johnathan said that he recommends BionicWP for all those that are looking to speed up their WordPress process.

Sean has been working with us for about six months, and he said that he was very impressed with how we went about the hosting process. They went from experiencing mobile speeds of 50-60 to top scores across the board – even as far as the nineties. Sean said that his clients were very happy after undergoing this dramatic change. Their speeds increased significantly.


When it comes to offering our clients a variety of features to enhance their website, at BionicWP, we leave nothing behind! Here are our most popular features:

BionicWP’s super-smooth hyper optimized hosting service gives you and your clients websites speeds and GTMetrix scores like never before

Who doesn’t like rollback? And that too for an entire thirty days! That’s right, at BionicWP, your data is safe for an entire month

Our unique software combines all three into one: core, plugins, and themes. No more running around trying to put pieces together.

Protecting your website against malware is essential, and BionicWP ensure this with daily malware scans

We always strive to keep you protected against hackers, but things sometimes go out of control. But that’s not a reason to worry as at BionicWP we promise to restore hacked sites at no extra charge

CDN is extremely important for good site performance, and BionicWP’s CDN is truly unmatched

Staging URL is a necessity if you would like to review changes before publishing them on your website, and at BionicWP, we charge no extra for it

Did someone say free trial? That’s right; you can try out BionicWP’s services without having to pay

High Google Page Speed Insight scores are a must-have as they are an indicator of good performance. And at BionicWP, we always guarantee a 90+ score

At BionicWP, we promise to embellish your site with top speeds. However, errors sometimes occur, and these can negatively affect site loading times. But don’t worry; if that happens, then it won’t go unchecked for long, thanks to our weekly monitoring activity.

Your clients’ problems are our problems! Which is why we give you a shareable email link where any and all problems can be entered. One input, our team will set about to solving them, freeing you of any trouble

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BionicWP vs A2 Hosting

Here’s the complete lowdown on BionicWP vs. A2 Hosting in terms of features:

Pricing Starts from $27.5 a month Starts from $2.99 a month
Money back guarantee
Try before you buy
Managed security on all plans
Server level caching
Google PageSpeed scores guarantee
Weekly performance review for speed and load times
Performance optimizations
Global data centers At more than 10 locations At 4 locations
CDN POPs 2010 – powered by AWS Undisclosed
Basic WordPress support
Advanced WordPress support
Unlimited edits
Multiple PHP Versions
No limits PHP workers
Free SSL on all plans
Free managed migration
24/7 ticket support
Managed updates for core, themes, and plugins

So, there you have it, a clear indication that at BionicWP, we go above and beyond to equip our customers with the best possible service in the market. With service like no other, it’s safe to say that BionicWP is a great alternative to A2 Hosting!

Fully managed WordPress hosting and unlimited application-level support

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