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15+ AdSense alternatives to monetize your websites without breaking a sweat.

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Considering the competitive online environment, the need to opt for smart strategies is irrefutably the most essential requirement when it comes to maintaining a robust online presence. While there are other parameters that require constant alterations, opting for advanced advertising platforms is the one that can’t be ignored. Bearing in mind this metric exclusively, Google AdSense is the most widely used online tool that has enabled webmasters to achieve their business goals.

Although this platform has set a ground-breaking reputation in the market, there are factors that force marketers to pick other alternatives to google AdSense to make their procedures less hefty.  Therefore, if you are the one who has faced troubles in setting up an AdSense account or failed to get it approved, you are at the right place. We have listed some of the best AdSense alternatives that offer various smart features and can help you diversify your income streams.

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What is Google AdSense, and why is there a need to opt for an alternative?

Before we proceed further, let’s have a brief insight into what Google AdSense is. Emerged as the most accepted and widely used advertising network, Google AdSense was launched in 2003 by Google. It is one of the most popular tools that allowed bloggers and webmasters to earn through their web properties. There is no second opinion to the fact that this particular platform was a great source of making income; however, this technology is now considered outdated by many experts. There are countless various options that one can look upon if willing to earn additional income.

Since 2003, Google AdSense has served to be the leading network that provided a simple means for marketers to make money from their sites. By carefully managing your niche, keeping your audience engaged, and updating your content regularly, you can generate a good revenue amount. However, this isn’t the only choice left. Especially if you are a blogger and want to make an addition to your income, this is the right time for you to make the switch. Mentioned below are the disadvantages that are primarily associated with this platform that will provide logical reasons to why picking a competitive ad network over AdSense is a better solution for you.

1. Meeting a particular threshold.

To become an official Google AdSense partner, there is a need to hit particular metrics to get started. If you are unable to meet that specific threshold in the provided time, your account will be disabled, and you will have to start it again, all from the very beginning.

Moreover, if you accidentally place an ad on a website that is prohibited by Google, you will be immediately removed without any prior warnings. Considering all these parameters that act as a potential hindrance, you must look for platforms that provide more relaxation in such scenarios.

2. Unjustified share of the revenue

We all know how much effort it takes to reach that stage where you can start earning through monetization. But, with AdSense, publishers have sometimes experienced 25 percent of deducted by the services provider. As per Snigel, These kind of anomalous deductions were due to fault in algorithms and google have been trying to make the necessary amendments. There are alternatives to Google AdSense that offer a more significant percentage, allowing you to earn the amount you genuinely deserve.

3. Restricting Ad Customization

It matters not what your business is related to or what information it holds; there could always be a possibility of making adjustments to its theme in the time of need. Google AdSense also restricts you here and doesn’t allow its users to make these kinds of alterations.  These restrictions are more irritating when you place an ad on YouTube and try to make the necessary adjustments to naturally fit your content in accordance with the original one. There are AdSense alternatives for YouTube that are exclusively programmed to let you make modifications to the color and sizing of the unit to make it look authentic.

4. Minimum Payout

Once you have started garnering a handful of cash through your ads, you still need to reach a minimum payout threshold before you can receive a payment. The minimum payout for AdSense is around $100, which is comparatively higher than other AdSense alternatives available in 2020.

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What is Google AdSense, and why is there a need to opt for an alternative?

As we are continually stepping into the digitally-connected world, a myriad of conventional procedures is being outshined by technologically-advanced systems. Similarly, there are contemporary alternatives to google AdSense that are more flexible, convenient, and have the tendency to help earn more money from your ad space.

1. Media.net—The number one competitor

Ranked as the top-notch and the world’s largest contextual ad network, Media.net is one of the best Adsense alternatives that is preferred by a vast majority. Having all the smart features that allow you to monetize your content from Yahoo! Bing network, this is a platform that provides you with ample opportunities to maximize your revenue and take it to significant limits.

Apart from that, Media.net also gives direct access to content-driven publishers, allowing them to take maximum advantage of a diversified search market. This was the first platform to introduce a server-side header bidding area that serves as a convenient platform through which all the internal activities can be managed efficiently. The development of these tools was indeed an innovative step that was taken to allow marketers to make ad displays in accordance with the original content.

2. PropellerAds

If you aim to reach one billion users while using a single ad network, Propeller Ads is the most viable platform you can leverage to hit that number. The platform comes with a lot of built-in features that allow you to target your audience more exclusively. Through Propeller Ads, you can also keep improving your campaigns by effectively utilizing the real-time performance measurement tool.  The automated ad-optimization tool also makes it easier for you to select the best number of conversions for each advertisement, eliminating the need for manual efforts.

3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

A large number of bloggers and advertisers are leveraging Amazon’s affiliate ad network to generate additional income. Among all the other platforms that are provided by Amazon, this ad-network offers great features that provide countless opportunities to monetize websites in a much smarter way. Although it has some features similar to AdSense ads, this network is a far better option for the convenience and accessibility of the user.

Based on keywords and the page’s content, Amazon Native Shopping Ads provides its users with contextual marketing campaigns, allowing them to display relevant products on their website. You are provided with the opportunity to earn a commission for every click your visitors make, regardless of the type of ad that is being clicked on. Apart from that, it is also the best alternative that you can leverage to achieve a higher conversion rate as compared to any other eCommerce network available in 2020.

4. Sovrn/Commerce (Formerly VigLink)

If you are willing to generate higher revenues through content-driven e-commerce techniques, then you must definitely consider opting for this ad platform. It has smart features that allow you to convert your regular product links into affiliate links.  While providing you with tailored results, this google AdSense alternative allows you to garner passive revenue from sales by proficiently using smart, built-in features.

This is among the most contemporary ad-networking platforms that build a competitive environment among publishers and advertisers, allowing them to earn the market’s best price. Users find it convenient and less hefty to track their affiliate revenues while creating great content for their advertisement.

5. AdRecover

If you have been facing troubles with Adblock and looking for a way out of hindrances that are stopping you from making extra revenue from your ad-campaigns, then indeed, this is the right solution for you.  Since AdRecover is an official partner with Adblock, you have access to target hard-to-reach users that are usually not available due to the implementation of AdBlock.

With that well catered to, you rest assured that all your ad-related activities are non-intrusive, static, and free from UX-compliant(The interaction and experience users have with companies products and services) .

6. Skimlinks

Opting for automated and smart alternatives is indeed the basic necessity to stand out from your competitors. Skimlinks is one of the most strategic and streamlined technologies that many experts suggest to those who are having issues with setting affiliate links. When you are using Skimlinks for your ad campaigns, you don’t have to face such problematic circumstances. It is a modern-day solution for advertisers who are willing to automate their commerce content with affiliate links.

While keeping a strict check on every metric simultaneously, this tool provides its users the opportunity to maintain various parameters—including the web site’s functionality, social media campaigns, mobile activities, and email marketing strategies.

7. Monumetric

Renowned as one of the most widely used blogger’s networks, Monumetric is an all-inclusive service provider that the ad-revenue partner finds most easy and convenient to use. It has features that allow you to increase and diversify your site’s revenue while maintaining a user-friendly environment for your visitors.

This tool uses CPM instead of CPC, allowing users to generate revenue for every impression they make on their site. Since it is easy to preserve a user-friendly interface due to the use of CPM, advisers receive higher pay rates through their ad campaigns. This AdSense alternative allows its users to generate more revenue, making this a viable choice to expand passive income resources.

8. Info Links

To keep working measures streamlined and efficient, you must be able to deliver your brand’s message to your audience. A globally-connected advertising platform like Infolinks can do the job for you. It is an innovative solution for marketers that aim to reach a high number of people to meet their organizational goals. This up-to-date advertisement network provides users to fully optimize their ads in accordance with the original content.

By having such relaxations, advertisers can conveniently improve their themes and make relevant changes without altering the feel of the actual website. Leveraging on smart algorithms and AI-based features, users can also determine and control various metrics, enabling them to optimize their ads at the right time. This smart marketplace supports over 100,000 websites spread in hundreds of countries to which they can connect by just making a few clicks.

9. Evadav

An advertising network that provides many additional features, including banners, adoptions,  video sliders, push notifications, and native ads for both mobile and desktop. Evadav is a great opportunity for those who are willing to earn additional commission. When a new visitor subscribes to your push notification system, you get a fixed amount of commission from their signup.

Moreover, it also runs referral programs that pay an extra 5%, allowing you to earn more passive income with almost zero effort. To ensure that you are connected with reliable and authentic adverts, all websites are approved initially to maintain a safe and high-quality traffic environment.

10. PopCash

If you aim to extend your reach and be willing to target your audience worldwide, PopCash could be a smart solution for you. With over 50 thousand active publishers and over 850 million monthly visitors, PopCash is a one-of-its-kind advertising platform that can assist you in reaching your business objectives. Getting started with ad campaigns is also very affordable. You only have to pay $5 to get the first approval.

Furthermore, advanced features such as a statistical-report analyzer can help to monitor and improve your activities constantly, allowing you to enhance your ad performance simultaneously. It also provides the chance to earn additional income to publishers. To benefit from this feature, you have to implement the popunder code to the allotted page and wait for their repose. You can use PopCash alongside AdSense to make the most of your income stream.

11. PopAds

PopAds claims to be the best-paying network and is a renowned advertising platform when it comes to the deliverance of ad-campaigns. While this advertisement platform provides referral schemes to both publishers and advertisers, it also provides you additional features that allow you to monitor your activities efficiently, helping you to connect with your target audience .

It helps you connect with advertisers from various countries while providing you with a top-of-the-line bidding system. The platform allows you to make biddings for each popunder, allowing you to earn extra commission from every call you make. To ensure quality-driven services, all the publisher sites are thoroughly reviewed and checked before making them available for the users.

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12. RevContent

RevContent has the privilege to engage a larger number of audiences by leveraging technology and collaborating with the world’s well-known media brands. It is one of the local Ads groups that allow their clients to engage with advertisers and publishers while maintaining standardized quality. Apart from that, a proper approval process is also a part of the system. They also pay competitive market clicks-rates with an effective referral mechanism that allows you to sign up in system-generated links and get an instant and increased payment.

13. Adsterra

Adsterra proposes a unique opportunity to publishers and advertisers by implementing a different independent approach that doesn’t depend on google. A user-friendly network that creates over 10 billion monthly impressions, Adsterra facilitates publishers and advertisers to amazingly monetize website traffic that includes one of the world’s leading ads platforms.

Adsterra offers traditional ads, but it also provides an opportunity to choose several e-commerce innovative formats for its clients.  Along with that, it also comes with a built-in CPM ad-network that allows publishers to earn through every publication that they make. This means that they are provided the exact percentage of the commission through every ad that is served, whether it is clicked or not.

14. SHE Media

SHE Media is a woman-led media network that focuses on monetization of blogs and websites, especially targeting women groups. It offers a great number of audiences with over 50+ millions of unique traffic per month. Under the umbrella of websites and key programmers like #Femvertising, #BlogHer, #SheKnows.com, and Voices of the Year, the network aims to provide an adequate advertising network that women can leverage. To provide a better experience to their customers, they also offer paid product reviews, providing publishers with a better opportunity to improve their website’s content monetization.

15. MadAds Media

A renowned advertising platform that connects you with over a hundred ad networks, MadAds Media can be regarded as the most suitable option for those searching for Google AdSense alternatives. It is one of the internet’s highest-profile brand advertisers, offering higher conversion rates while providing quality traffic to its customers.

The good thing about MadAds Media is that you are not restricted to a certain class of ads. You can make your selection from a variety of ad campaigns —including CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPL. This versatility makes this platform unique and one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense. While working on this platform, you have the ability to work with website monetization experts, providing you easy access to make additional revenue.

16. Bidvertiser

As a direct advertising network, Bidvertiser helps you connect with publishers and advertisers of your match, allowing you to make the right choice for your business. It uses pre-screening technology to check all the traffic sources, helping you to optimize each ad as per the visiting audience.  

The most highlighting feature that makes this tool a standout from the rest is that it gives you direct access to numerous globally-connected networks, allowing you to link with 48,000 merchants and business organizations altogether. Moreover, you can also find the best bid for your ad campaigns and earn maximum profit through preferred partner programs.

17. Adbuff

This platform pays you by CPM or CPC; therefore, in order for you to get paid, visitors don’t have to click on every ad that pops up on their screen. Once you are able to serve CPM advert, you will start receiving income — even if they only view it. Adbuff is also a great choice for those who are looking for an ad-platform that offers great payment rates. This is one of the best alternatives to AdSense as it provides publishers with a chance to receive over 80% of advertiser revenue, making it one most accepted network in the online –advertising industry. Also, in order to get accepted, you need to have at least two thousand monthly visitors.

18. ylliX

For those who are looking for alternatives to Google AdSense to receive higher pay rates, opting for yllix could be the right selection for you. Not only does it serve as a convenient advertising network, but it also offers various ad types that users find very easy to optimize on both desktop and mobile. The additive feature also includes popunder ads, sliders, mobile redirects, layer ads, and full-page ads.

However, there are certain limitations that you might have to encounter. For instance, you need at least 10k monthly viewers to meet the minimum threshold of traffic requirement. Still, this is considered a lower amount as compared to Google AdSense and other AdSense alternatives. There is also a setup fee that users have to pay initially to get access to the account. Regardless of all these “so-called complexities,” this platform is far more convenient and efficient when compared with google AdSense.  Therefore, adding this to your bucket list isn’t a bad option.


After reviewing all the above-mentioned ad-platforms, it can be assumed that now you are on the right track to making the accurate choice.  Amidst all the available options, it is essential for you to know your business objectives before finalizing your selection. Every platform offers different features, and to make the most out of them, it is imperative for you to set your goals first.  With that well catered to, streamlining your workflow would indeed be a lot easier.

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