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The best WordPress Booking Plugins to fully automate your booking system!

wordpress booking plugins

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Customers want to book everything on the website. Whether it is about getting an appointment, ordering a product, or getting a service, they want to get it done online. Websites that don’t have booking systems enabled are leaving a lot on the table. They not only miss potential customers, but they also lose many profits that they could have generated through these customers.

That’s why having the right type of WordPress booking plugins are essential for any digital business. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WordPress booking plugins that you can install on your digital store with just a few clicks. We will also talk about the features of each plugin.

What WordPress Booking Plugin To Use?

Finding the right type of booking plugin for your website can be quite cumbersome. You will first have to find out what your site requirements are and then work accordingly.

For example, for a dentist’s website, an appointment booking plugin will be the best way to book appointments online. Similarly, a booking system for the gym will be quite different and more complicated because it will have more options available. These options can be about gender, i.e., male and female, type of exercises trainers can teach, and many more.

A few types of booking systems that you can easily add to your WordPress website are:

    • Customizable calendars that you can add to your website for booking appointments.
    • It also offers payment accepting booking systems in which a visitor can directly pay the fees.
    • You have customized booking systems that you can alter as per your chosen settings.
    • Booking appointment plugins that send an email confirmation and for verifying the admins and users.

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Best Booking Plugins for WordPress Booking Systems

Now that we know what the functions of a booking system are let’s learn about some of the best booking WordPress plugins available in the market.

wordpress booking plugins

1.  WooCommerce Bookings

The WooCommerce Bookings plugin works exactly as its name says. It is perfect for any e-commerce store that would like to add booking functionality to their store/website. To use the plugin, you will have to install WooCommerce on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) platform.

wordpress booking plugin

The WooCommerce Booking extension is easy to use and available completely free of charge. With the plugin, you get access to a dozen payment options to improve your digital presence. The bookings plugin will work for booking orders, appointments, and notifies the site owner through email notifications.

It also has a nice, clean extension for newcomers who would like to create a unique and different layout experience for themselves.

2.  WooCommerce Appointments

wordpress booking plugins

Next on our list is the WooCommerce Appointments plugin. WooCommerce appointment plugin is an extension of WooCommerce and helps businesses automate appointments. With the plugin enabled, visitors can directly get an appointment by visiting the doctor’s website online.

Unlike the WooCommerce bookings plugin, the WooCommerce appointment plugin is not free. You will have to pay an $89 starting fee to deploy the plugin on your ecommerce store/website. However, the benefit of the WooCommerce booking plugin is that you get complete support from the plugin support team.

The plugin also helps users accept payments from customers. You can even sync the data to your website, and book appointments on the go.

3.  StartBooking

wordpress booking plugin

Now that we have discussed WooCommerce certified plugins let’s discuss other top booking plugin apps. First on our list is the StartBooking app. It is entirely free and offers a booking form plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can quickly set up appointments, create multiple booking sessions, accept payments, customize the module further, and add appropriate support options.

You can even add and edit working days, hours, slots, and more. The plugin also allows you to create forms and show them on interest on the website. You can also integrate Google Calendar with Start Booking app to give users ease of access.

Only super admins can view, add, edit, and remove the entries gathered through the Start Booking app.

4.  BirchPress

wordpress booking plugin

If you want to get appointments booked for a price, then the best solution is to use BirchPress. BirchPress is a WordPress based online booking system that offers Paypal and credit card-based payment transaction options. Website owners can easily integrate the system on their booking websites and get notified when a booking takes place.

BirchPress also offers a calendar based booking option that is perfect for appointments to medical and dentist clinics. Moreover, mechanics and car repair services can also make use of the BirchPress booking system.
The plugin also allows syncing booking content to Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal for iPhones.

5.  Amelia WordPress Plugin Booking

wordpress booking plugin

Amelia is one of the smartest ways to get bookings on your website. It is a premium plugin available for $59. You can easily integrate Amelia plugin to your WordPress website to manage bookings, collect payments, and implement new booking ideas on the platform with just a few clicks.

It is a simple yet powerful automated appointment system that uses the latest technology to revamp how payment options work. It has an attractive UX, a quality API, and is perfectly capable of handling large amounts of bookings and appointments. Even WordPress based enterprises use Amelia to manage their booking options.

6.  Bookly Pro WordPress Plugin

wordpress booking plugins

One of the fastest-growing management and booking applications in the market is the Bookly Pro WordPress plugin. It is completely automated and offers a scheduling option as well. With the Bookly plugin, users can easily customize their websites, add site notifications, create forms, receive online payments, and sync data with cloud-based calendar platforms.

Bookly is module-based, and each module can be separately edited to customize the plugin according to your needs. It also offers email and SMS notification facility for each booking received. Moreover, it has built-in analytics that the site owner can easily check through the Google Analytics platform.

7.  Gravity Forms WordPress Booking

wordpress booking plugins

Gravity Forms is known for its seamless functionality. Whether you are trying to create a contact form or a booking system, Gravity Forms is the only plugin you need. It is perfect for small and large enterprises and offers everything from basic to advanced features. It works just like a page builder, and you can use the drag and drop features available in Gravity forms to create a booking form.

Once a user registers/submits an appointment request, the data will be recorded in the Gravity form database. Moreover, you will also get the query data through email and SMS. You can also integrate payment options to your website. This function will be of high value for users who would like to request payments for booking appointments. For example, cinema tickets, real estate bookings, and more. Currently, Gravity Forms support PayPal and Stripe only.

8.  MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress

MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is explicitly developed for hotel management and room bookings. If you have a hotel booking platform, you can use the MotoPress plugin for reservations, appointments, queries, and much more. You can use the platform for hotel books, apartments, restaurants, and bed, and breakfast (BnB).

wordpress booking plugin

You can also use MotoPress for property rental management. It also has a booking calendar that you can update using the WordPress content editor.

The plugin comes with shortcodes that can help enhance the promotion of your website.

9.  Booki Online Reservation Plugin

wordpress booking plugin

Booki is an online reservation plugin that lets online stores make their systems more efficient. With Booki, you can easily manage rentals, enhance appointment bookings, and reserve properties with the click of a button. Booki comes with an automated content editing platform as well.

Suppose you create a hair salon booking platform.

With the Booki plugin, users can easily schedule haircutting appointments, get slips in emails, and you will also be notified about the scheduled appointments through email. Booki also allows accepting payments by integrating relevant payment platforms. Since everything is tracked, there is no room for errors. Even if some users want to get a refund of their bookings, you can refund them the payments using Booki platform.

10.  Booqable WordPress Plugin Booking

wordpress booking plugin

Booqable is one such plugin that offers the flexibility of online bookings. With this plugin, you make online bookings in seconds. It is catered for rental businesses, online booking websites, and standalone businesses that would like to integrate booking systems. Whether you want to receive payments, guide visitors, issue tickets, everything can be done with Booqable plugin.

The plugin automatically calculates prices, enhances transparency, and streamlines online experience. Moreover, you can collect all the booking details to retarget to your target market with online advertisements.

11.  Hostel PRO WordPress Plugin Booking

wordpress booking plugin

There are many booking plugins available in the market. We have also discussed a dozen hotel booking and management plugins of WordPress. However, what makes Hostel Pro different from other booking plugins is that it takes a data-centric approach to booking hotels. With the Hostel Pro plugin, you can automate bookings. Once added to the web page, it will allow users to submit a booking automatically. They can also create a booking calendar of their stay on the premises, select the type of room, and other similar options. You can also offer discounts and rebates on recurring visits through the plugin. The plugin also shows the analysis of all the bookings made using it. It is a great help for users who operate a booking platform.

12.  WP Simple WordPress Booking Calendar

wordpress booking plugin

WP Simple Booking is a worry-free booking platform for rental properties. It is straightforward to use and allows users to choose rental listings on the days of their choice. Adding the WP Simple Booking plugin to your website is secure. Simply install the plugin and then add it to the page using the shortcode. You can add the Simple Booking plugin to as many pages as you want. Since it is a first booking plugin, don’t expect a detailed analysis from this one. It is only for those users who are just starting and looking for a simple way to add booking functionality to their website.

13.  Easy Appointments WordPress Plugin Booking

wordpress booking plugin

If you just need an appointment plugin that can help your company record appointment data and provide receipts, then the Easy appointment plugin is for you. It is free and highly flexible. With an Easy appointment plugin, you can add customized modules to your booking form. Use shortcodes to easily add appointment booking forms to any page of the website.
Moreover, once someone books an appointment, you will get a notification through email and SMS.

So folks!

We hope that this list of top WordPress booking plugins will be helpful to you in streamlining the digital business process. Most of these plugins are free, and you can easily integrate them with your website and e-commerce store to initiate the booking process.

Make sure to check the price of each plugin and its features before buying a plugin for your business. Most of the booking related tasks can be done with free plugins and paid plugins are not always required.

If you are still unsure about which booking plugin will work best for you, then contact The WPHelp, the best WordPress maintenance service provider.

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