10 Best WordPress Table Plugins

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You can create Tables and charts via WordPress plugins to present the information in an organized and convenient manner. The deployment of WordPress tables enables you to highlight your products, prices, and other data on the website in an aesthetic manner. In case you are using WordPress for your business, you ought to acknowledge how tables can help show complex data. Be that as it may, have you made tables in WordPress? If so, you might be aware with this limitation that WordPress has no inbuilt assistance for tables. You need to rely upon the best WordPress Table plugins for making table.For someone who is new to WordPress, It might be hard to assess and evaluate different WordPress table plugins, but that’s what we are here for.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about WordPress table plugins and what are the key features offered by the best WordPress table plugins.

Why Use WordPress Table Plugins?

Table plugins – some of whom are free with the premium ones offering affordability, let you harness the power of tables to accurately and appealingly present the data. Data formatting and the support for media elements and links is essential if you are in a business that has to use data to convince potential customers and WP table plugins let you do just that.

10 Best Table Plugins for WordPress

The following list of the top 10 WordPress table plugins is a result of thorough research and testing. You can depend on either of these plugins to create engaging and interactive tables:


WP Table Builder is a drag and drop plugin for WordPress and is incredibly easy to use. Creating responsive tables with WP Table Builder is a piece of cake. It works great for the creation of comparative tables, data, and listing tables. 

It offers seven elements that you can add including, text, image, list, button, star rating, custom HTML, and shortcode, with each component offering customization options of its own. 

A cell management mode also has options such as adding new rows, new columns, cell merging, cell splitting, etc.

It works best for people who make tables occasionally. You can import and export data from records such as Excel, CSV, and JSON. Your data’s aggregate is inserted into a smooth, clear table to appear on your site. It is ideal for those wanting to make tables for a segment of their blog sections. 

However, if you intend to move the WP Table Builder tables to other sites, you might be better off doing that with XML since it preserves the table settings. 

You should also consider a few drawbacks:


  • The Lite transformation confines all tables to 150 sections. 
  • You can’t import using a Google Spreadsheet. 
  • You don’t get premium assistance. 
  • You can’t make a MySQL-question-based table. 
  • You can’t modify it like you would in Excel or on the frontend of your site. 
ninja tables


If you’re looking for an excellent table module without the tremendous cost, consider assessing Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables permits you to deliver a table using single line cells and a fixed layout. You can make a lined table, striped rows, and it isn’t tricky to install. You can quickly add new colors, columns, and filters to assist the readers.

Ninja Tables’ offers solutions to any issues you encounter as you create tables on your web-pages. It can get tough to customize table design, export the data tables and increase responsiveness. Ninja Tables simplifies that experience by helping you do it without requiring a single line of code. The tables don’t result in system slowness even with a myriad of data rows. It lets you create and manage tables via the admin table without significant effort.

Ninja offers 100+ table styles and the three major CSS libraries that come with a limitless color schema. It doesn’t just work great for the product list view but the creation of order forms, WooCommerce products, and catalogues. It is also SEO-friendly and allows search engines to pick all table contents, enabling you to create any content or list with ease. 

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For someone looking forward to having the best WordPress table module, TablePress is undoubtedly an undeniable option. It has several specialized features that make it different from other plugins. TablePress has the most convenient configuration settings since users don’t encounter any difficulty installing it on the devices.

The user can place a simple shortcut anywhere on the website with convenience. The table data is embedded as well as altered in the spreadsheet. TablePress supports nearly everything a person wants from the perfect module.

It has several augmentations, including ordering table rows, shortcode based on a single cell content, automatic conversion of URL, and filtration of rows.

  • The TablePress module is free. 
  • The module incorporates an enormous assortment of extensions for expanding the capabilities of TablePress including a table row request choice and row filtering.
  • The TablePress site likewise has assets for similarity with other modules, to the administrator region, and extra highlights from the TablePress JavaScript library.
  • The establishment and usage are more or less basic. The tables’ entirety is made in the WordPress dashboard, permitting you to add lines, segments, and information.
  • You can put each table on a post or page via the assistance of a basic shortcode.
wp table plugins

Supsystic has some unique features that make It one of the Best WordPress Table Plugins:

The first is called Data Tables Generator, and it’s a fantastic utility response for creating visually appealing tables. The free module is downloadable. You similarly have the decision to refresh for additional features. 

For instance, the free module offers to maintain boundless lines, combining cells, and data organizing. Your tables can moreover complete calculations and sort dependent upon what your customers need to do. Everything from the CSS editor to responsiveness comes with the free structure. 

  • The Data Tables Generator module comes in two variants for some adaptability. The free alternative has many apparatuses, and the premium is reasonable on the off chance that you need it.
  • The backend manufacturer is adequately straightforward to utilize.
  • The renditions uphold limitless lines and sections.
  • The customization instruments are ample.
  • Every variant approaches the CSS editorial manager for an outstanding customization experience.
  • You can take a gander at a live see of your tables before distributing them to your site.
  • Frontend and backend sending out is upheld through CSV, Excel, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • The job limitation highlight is one of the more exceptional contributions since you can settle on who can alter or even view your tables.

With MCE Table Buttons, you get a shortcode that you can add to your preferred page or post from that point onward, after which the table appears toward the front.

This module won’t give you any high-level customization or configuration instruments. It’s intended for producing a basic, straightforward table right in your substance proofreader.

The Posts Table Pro module Barn2Media is a profoundly adaptable table module for making accessible and filterable components. It additionally can list your blog entries, sound, custom fields, and that’s just the beginning. The evaluation begins at $89 each year for help and the module on one site. From that point onward, the permit to operate knocks the cost to $159 each year. There’s additionally an office permit for $319 each year. Each arrangement update gives you more destinations to put the module on.

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The Posts Table Pro module’s unique benefit is that you’re ready to develop tables on your WordPress site with no coding information and no requirement for the information section. You can import things like recordings, registries, and libraries; at that point, the module makes moment tables for you to show. 

The League Table module has no free choice. However, the cost is genuinely low at $23. This arrangement gets you a half year of client assistance, and you can pay to stretch out that to an entire year. To begin, you have more than 135 adaptable choices. It incorporates sortable sections, colors, and separating. The entirety of your information can be imported and sent out quickly, which means there’s little need to make the tables without any preparation. An embeddable accounting page manager is also available, making it a lot simpler to deal with your tables. 

The League Table module has perhaps the quickest interface for table modules. You can duplicate or import straightforwardly from an outside bookkeeping page or archive. At that point, you’re ready to tweak things like tones, typography, and the extents of cells. The sortable sections are pleasant for your clients, and a responsive idea for the tables guarantees that all information is appearing correctly.

best table plugins

Visualizer Tables is the one that provides the users having multiple plugins under a single platform. It offers premium as well as free downloads. You can easily create the charts using several animations, colors, and designs and even utilizing basic tables. You can easily make and administer different graphs and tables while using the simple version of the module, which is a little bit normal but seems very useful for multiple users. To take advantage of the best features of the plugin, you have to purchase the premium version. 

This version starts at the price of $59, and the cost varies with the features. 

After selecting the paid plugin, many unique features are there for you. You can easily import any data from any source and make private and public charts, 

JTRT responsive Tables module for WordPress achieves astounding responsive tables with no HTML code or CSS. A typical customer can use it with no issue. It licenses you to change over your prevailing CSV records to responsive HTML a few snaps. It has various advantages that make it unique to different tables. You can modify table cells from the backend. It is, as of now, easy to add joins/pictures to your table. You can add custom breakpoints c to each table correctly. It supports various features like table orchestrating, table pagination, and table filtering. You can also set an above-water highlight tone for lines/portions. 

JTRT has a straightforward WYSIWYG backend, table chief and gives 5 Custom responsive breakpoint sizes.

Table Sorter is a decent WordPress module to sort HTML tables with no page invigorate. It is simple to utilize the WordPress table module. The table sorter module has some notable highlights, one of which is that it provides Multi-segment arranging. It can sort numerous sections at the same time. Finally, it offers many styling choices such as foundation tone, text style tone, arrangement, text width, etc.

Final Thoughts

WordPress has various table plugins that come with both paid and free versions. However, if someone needs to create tables for business purposes, paid tables are preferable because of the advanced functionality they offer. For occasional or infrequent usage, the free versions work fine. It depends on the users’ needs. Most of the table plugins are scalable as per the user’s evolving needs. 

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