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Bionic WP vs Flywheel – Choosing What’s Best for your Website

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WordPress is a free, and open-source Content Management System (CMS) designed using MySQL and PHP. It is the most widely used CMS globally, empowering more than 30% of the world’s websites. WordPress is a powerful platform for semantic publishing designed to make a user’s experience easy. WordPress is the number one choice for web and content publishers everywhere with its superior features and premiere security protocols. However, WordPress is far from perfect, and the user faces various issues from time to time. The biggest problem for a WordPress user is management (content or otherwise). Most web hosting services today offer only hosting level support, and site management still remains a challenge for the user.

Fortunately, with the inception of BionicWP users no longer have to put up with these issues. An organized and efficiently managed WordPress hosting platform for users everywhere, BionicWP is the solution to all these web development hurdles. We offer proven results for top-performing websites with the best support and management possible. BionicWP has changed the norms of the hosting industry with an unmatched performance and support benchmark. We always strive to the max, and our clients are never left unsatisfied with our extensive support.

Our performance benchmark has surpassed other hosting services like Flywheel. We have established ourselves as a superior Flywheel alternative for clients worldwide

Our performance benchmark has surpassed other hosting services like Flywheel. We have established ourselves as a superior Flywheel alternative for clients worldwide.

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What exactly is BionicWP?

BionicWP is a WordPress hosting & management platform that has revolutionized users’ processes to launch their first website and has also made website management hassle free. Whether they need an ideal hosting solution for their E-commerce store or a business website, they can experience superior quality service as long as they use WordPress CMS. Not only do we provide better user experience with speedy performance and unmatched security features but we also provide deep application-level support like no other hosting platform. Our team of expert WordPress engineers take care of all regular activities like management, editing, application updates, and more on behalf of a user.

Flywheel, an alternative WordPress hosting platform, also offers site management solutions for users. They handle core website issues like page errors, server problems, and allow scalability options for users

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Best in Class WordPress hosting and maintenance services for only $27.5 a month

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BionicWP Vs Flywheel – Which Is Better

Both BionicWP and Flywheel serve as hosting platforms for WordPress users and seem close to each other. However, certain distinct features give BionicWP an edge. Let’s learn about these features in detail:

BionicWP serves as a better alternative to Flywheel that gives you a hosting solution and manages the website. Whether you want to make edits, add a new CTA, content amendment, or any other similar activities, BionicWP can serve as your virtual assistant. Other WordPress hosting services just don’t offer such assistance in management yet. Flywheel also offers the same solution minus management features.

Another aspect of assistance that gives BionicWP an edge over Flywheel is that the service offered has no hidden charges. This means that the users will know upfront what they are paying for, and with prices that are beyond compare, it’s a sure bargain. The hosting panel allows you to monitor everything ranging from website health to plugin updates.

In addition, Think about the cost you can save in paying a virtual assistant for a mere post uploading or any other management activity. Standard charges for any virtual assistant go for $14 an hour, at least, and consider your VA working for 15 hours per month. That will roundup to $210. In contrast, you can pay BionicWP a nominal amount of $25 and get access to a team of WordPress engineers that manage your website’s edits just the way you want it

At the end of the day, you will end up saving $185 simply by opting for BionicWP. This is quite a hefty amount for a newbie user which can be used much more effectively elsewhere like kick-starting your first marketing campaign. In contrast, Flywheel does not offer similar application level support ,hence, this gives us an edge.

A key point to consider when choosing your web hosting platform is pricing. BionicWP charges per website, and their per unit cost decreases the greater your number of sites. Starting at $27.5 a month, per site prices drop all the way down to $15 if you have 25+ sites that require to be managed.  In comparison, Flywheel offers users a choice of four plans, the sum of which range from $13 a site all the way down to $8 a site. There’s no other way around it, Flywheel takes the lead when it comes to better pricing. 

BionicWP offers quality site management with features like auto backup and restore, cloning, one click update for all WP sites, free CDN, free SSL and much more. We use auto-update features for the core site, plugins, and themes to keep the website in top condition. Flywheel, on the other hand, does not offer site management of this level.

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Another feature in which BionicWP excels against Flywheel is security. We have a policy for daily malware scanning and WordPress hardening that enables proper protection to keep the site safe from hackers and intruders. We use WAP firewall protection that gives superior blockade against malicious bots and suspicious activities. Our top of the line security feature allows us to be an excellent Flywheel alternative.

Performance of BionicWP against Flywheel

The factor that most users remain concerned about is the performance of their website against their competitors. Site performance affects everything related to a business that includes SERP ratings, bounce rate, user experience, etc. All these features combine to give users a chance to outdo their competitors and establish themselves in the market. In Flywheel vs BionicWP performance comparison, we claim an increase in conversion rates by 1-30% and user engagement by 20-40%. We guarantee a 90+ Google Page Speed Insight Score. When it comes to BionicWP performance, we guarantee a less than 3 sec page loading time. Seems unbelievable? Here is a short video from one of our clients that will back our claim.

It’s clear that we always deliver what we promise, our reliability is unmatched! This is just a fraction of what our superior service does for our clients. There’s a lot more in store that shows just how much we’ve grown from the days of our inception.

Unique Features of BionicWP

BionicWP offers some unique features for users in their plans that set them completely apart from Flywheel. These features include:

Hyper optimized hosting ensures our clients website attains 90+ Google Pagespeed score. We have tested our solution on more than 1000 websites with promised results. All the sites hosted by BionicWP showed incredible results with excellent page performance scores. As a premium hosting platform, we encourage our clients to sign up and avail the many benefits we offer, among which is unmatched speed.

Accidents and data loss can happen anytime, and as a site owner, you have to prepare for the worst. To prevent this issue from occurring, BionicWP offers off-site backup for site data. You can come to us anytime in case of a problem, and we can roll back your site whenever you need it. In terms of BionicWP vs Flywheel, we give our users unmatched support so that they don’t have to worry about their site’s management again. Other platforms allow a maximum of 30 days backup without a rollback feature whereas we at BionicWP strive to provide our customers with as expansive a backup as possible . The feature gives us a solid foundation and peace of mind for our clientele.

If you think about outdated themes or plugins on your website, then worry no more. BionicWP is a platform that offers a genuinely manageable feature for site health. Managing your website’s health is not a challenge anymore. BionicWP lets you monitor site, theme, and core health to determine the updates needed. No need to browse through the website dashboard as our platform gives you total control over updates. The best part about this feature is that you do not need to purchase additional software. Our interface gives you complete liberty in directly managing and updating using the click and update option(Yes! It’s really that simple).

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Best in Class WordPress hosting and maintenance services for only $27.5 a month

Launch your first site for free

Security concerns run high among our clients, especially when it comes to the safety of their website.. BionicWP WordPress hosting includes daily malware scans to ensure the site remains protected against unknown intruders or unauthorized access. All your data is kept safe and far away from unauthorized access. We monitor your website every minute and get immediate notification if there is any malicious activity. Once detected, it is only a matter of time until your website is once again in tip-top shape.

Similarly, like malware scanning, our security features allow us to remain vigilant against hackers. Our claim of a better Flywheel alternative rests on the idea of superior quality resistance against hackers and cybercriminals. In any situation, if your site is hacked, we will fix it free without any additional charges. We give this feature as compensation for our clients’ trust in our hosting service and value them over money. We promise to provide maximum protection for your website, and if a hacker does somehow get access, immediate fixup will occur. We promise to restore your website to its original condition with no data loss or corruption.

With a high-performance CDN feature, BionicWP utilizes a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide swift delivery of content. Our CDN allows increased content availability with reduced bandwidth cost. This improves the overall website load times and enhances site security considerably.

We offer an option of “try before you buy” for our users before they subscribe to any of our plans. We want you to trust our systems before you purchase. You add your website to our platform and then compare the migrated site with your live site. We guarantee no downtime and our team of WordPress engineers can even migrate your site if you want. We work as a better Flywheel alternative by offering a free trial feature for client satisfaction and trust.

BionicWP guarantees a 90+ GTMetrix score. We use Google C2 High Compute Instances with a Premium Tier Bandwidth to ensure that the WordPress website performs with the best speed and no downtime. We gather the score through regular performance optimizations that influence all the other site activities like SEO, bounce rate, and SERP ranking, respectively. We have gathered 90+ GTMetrix scores on several websites that you can check for your satisfaction.

We conduct speed monitoring every week to maintain the 90+ score on GTMetro and Google Speed Rankings. We perform a weekly inspection, and if we notice a drop in score, our experts immediately fix it to resume its position. If you have a website with an issue or need speed optimization on your website, let us know, and we will take care of everything. Our seed monitoring features have established us as a suitable Flywheel alternative among WordPress users.

Whether you are an individual website owner or agency looking for private or white label hosting support. BionicWP is your solution. Your end-user will never know about the location of the hosted website while receiving quality support regularly. On the other hand, you keep your clients happy, give them a better site experience, and scale your business to new heights. No need to worry about the performance issue or downtime, as we are here to sort everything out for you in a manner of minutes.

Pricing Starts from $25/mo Starts from $30/month
Plans 2 Simple Plans 6 Plans
Money Back Guarantee
Try Before You Buy
No Traffic Limits
Managed Security On ALL PLANS
Server Level Caching
Google PageSpeed Scores Guarantee
GTMetrix Scores Guarantee
Weekly Performance Review for Speed and Loadtimes
Performance Optimizations
Global Data Centers Choose from over 10 locations Choose from 3 Locations
CDN POPs 210 – Powered by AWS 19 – Powere by Fastly
Basic WordPress Support
Advanced WordPress Support
Unlimited Edits
Multiple PHP Versions
No Limits PHP Workers
FREE SSL on All Plans
Free Managed Migration
24/7 Ticket Support
Managed Updates for Core, Themes and Plugins


BionicWP is suitable for anyone looking for premium and trustworthy WordPress hosting. Anyone tired of site management or overwhelmed by the issues can take help from our services. As a superior alternative to Flywheel, we guarantee you the promised speed scores and solutions for site traffic issues or DDoS attacks. Since we have a trial option available, you can evaluate our service before deciding to subscribe. We promise that our service will increase your site speed, Improve your site’s security, and boost your site’s overall performance.

Fully managed WordPress hosting and unlimited application-level support

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