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BionicWP Vs Kinsta: How Bionic WP Is Setting New WordPress Hosting & Management Benchmarks

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BionicWP surpasses Kinsta in the services it offers including free migrations, no traffic bottlenecks, guaranteed 90+ page GTMetrix speed score, unlimited WordPress site edits (Literally!) and managed WordPress core updates. Everything that a regular WordPress user would wish for.


The biggest worry of any WordPress user is management. Try any web hosting service, they can only offer support. Management is something that you have to do on your own. Hire site managers or do the dirty work yourself, no one else is going to take care of your website. Not unless you pay them extra for this.

Good news is that this is changing…

BionicWP, a truly managed WordPress hosting platform, is changing that once and for all. We offer top performance for websites (proven results available), best support, and everything else that comes in between. You ask for it, we have it on offer!

Learn more about BionicWP is changing the norms of the hosting industry once and for all by providing truly managed support, setting new benchmarks for performance, and a lot more with each WordPress hosting package that it has on offer.

What is Bionic WP?

Bionic WP is a revolutionary WordPress hosting platform that makes it useful for any newbie to launch their first website. Whether they want to start a business website, an ecommerce store, or a web app, as long as they are using WordPress CMS to build their website, Bionic WP can help them experience superfast hosting performance, get iron-clad security, and scale without worrying about site breakage. Moreover, we also take care of all the regular granular tasks such as website management, site edits, and software updates.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is one of the most reputed WordPress hosting management solutions available online right now. It is made specifically for WordPress users who are looking to get a hosting solution that can take care of all their hosting woes. This includes site issues, core WordPress issues, and server errors. Kinsta is a middleware that uses the power of Google Cloud to provide top speed and complete scalability to websites.

As you may have imagined, both Kinsta and Bionic WP are closely similar. So, what edge Bionic WP has (if any)? Let’s learn about it below.

Bionic WP as a Kinsta Alternative: Your New Virtual Assistant?

Imagine a WordPress hosting solution that doesn’t only offer site hosting but also manages your website. Like a virtual assistant that can make unlimited edits to your WordPress site like adding a new CTA or changing a banner. That’s not possible with any hosting solution so far. 

Bionic Wp is offering this service and that too for no additional charges. It means that users will only have to pay the hosting fees and they can get unlimited site edits and a hosting panel where they can easily monitor the health of their website, down to WordPress plugin updates.

Bionic WP management panel

In simple language, this is like a dream come true for WordPress users. Think about it, how much do you pay a virtual assistant to take care of your WordPress management issues like uploading an article or making changes to current blog posts, $14 an hour is the least right? Now if you have a VA working 10 hours per month, then that is $140 in total cost.

Bionic WP charges $27.50 for the whole site cost including these edits!

On top of that, our decreasing pricing (where price decreases with each new site) can help you save even more when you choose us as your hosting solution.

How Bionic Optimizes Performance. Is it Better than Kinsta?

If we talk about Kinsta, it doesn’t claim that it can guarantee to improve site speed to over 90+ score on Google speed test. 

It does say that it has a completely customized stack that uses Nginx, LXD container, and MariaDB database, with PHP 7.4 (the latest as of the writing of this blog) to improve site performance. 

Let us not forget that these are just vanity features and don’t always guarantee clear cut results for the users.

However, when it comes to Bionic WP, we give you a guarantee of improved site speed or page load time of less than 3 seconds – depicted by over 90+ GTMetrix score – or else you can have your money back. 

This is a pure gamble for the Bionic WP management and it just shows how serious they are about their business.

The good news is that their gamble has actually helped customers get in love with their service. Here is proof of how one customer achieved peace of mind by getting their service.

Head to Head Comparison of Bionic WP & Kinsta WordPress Hosts

Pricing Starts from $12.5/mo

Starts from $30/mo
Plans 2 Simple Plans

10 Plans
Money Back Guarantee
Try Before You Buy
No Traffic Limits
Managed Security On ALL PLANS
Server Level Caching
Google PageSpeed Scores Guarantee
GTMetrix Scores Guarantee
Weekly Performance Review for Speed and Loadtimes
Performance Optimizations
Global Data Centers Choose from over 10 locations Choose from 22 Locations
CDN POPs 210 – Powered by AWS 34 – Powered by KeyCDN
Basic WordPress Support
Advanced WordPress Support
Unlimited Edits
Multiple PHP Versions
No Limits PHP Workers
FREE SSL on All Plans
Free Managed Migration
24/7 Ticket Support
Managed Updates for Core, Themes and Plugins

Kinsta offers 10 plans. The basic plan starts for $30 and then the price increases for each new site that you want to add. The top plan cost $1500 for 150 websites. If you have more, you can create a custom plan by consulting them.

On the other hand, Bionic WP offers $27.50 for a single website hosting with double the storage space then what Kinsta offers. We also have regressive pricing, so with each new site you add to the hosting account, your average price per site is decreased and storage space is increased.

We have already discussed how Kinsta manages your website. Kinsta offers site management through its MyKinsta site management panel. The panel lets you see your site health, site updates, server statistics, DNS settings, and billing and management.
On the other hand, Bionic WP goes a lot more granular. It offers all these features such as server and DNS management, site health (of multiple websites on a single dashboard), and core updates. But it goes one step further by allowing users to update or even install site themes, plugins, and update WordPress core from the Bionic WP management panel. This is perfect for WordPress site users who want a complete picture of how their sites are performing on a single platform.

On the performance front, Kinsta offers Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD Containers, and MariaDB to scale performance and increase page score. But note that Kinsta doesn’t offer any specifics or proof that its customers have actually increased their page speed by using its hosting solution.

On the other hand, Bionic WP can truly improve page performance. We have proven results where our customers are praising our service that they have achieved optimal performance for all their sites hosted on BionicWP. All this is powered by our custom-built stack that uses LXD containers and a secret sauce that we won’t disclose yet but it has mostly to do with Nginx + FCGI + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB with LXD and Chemical X.

Source: BionicWP
Scaling server performance is easy in both Kinsta and Bionic WP. Users just have to scale to the next best hosting package and they are good to go. Both hosting solutions promise to upgrade your site plan as soon as you hit the traffic benchmarks or when your total site storage gets consumed. So, on the scalability front, both Kinsta and Bionic WP come as equals.

Kinsta is a WordPress hosting management solution. So, it only takes care of the WordPress core. In simple terms, if your WordPress site needs to be updated from 5.0 to 5.x version, Kinsta will automatically do it for you. However, it won’t update your site theme or plugins. You will have to hire a VA or do it yourself.

On the other hand, Bionic WP takes WordPress site management very seriously. With this tool, you can update WordPress core, WordPress themes, and even plugins all through a single Bionic WP platform – that we have already discussed above.

Kinsta offers safety from cyber attacks, DDoS protection, software-based restrictions, SSL support, and hardware firewalls.

On the other hand, Bionic WP offers security with daily malware scanning, ironclad WordPress security, and WAF protection.

Features Where Bionic WP Out-competes Kinsta

Now it is time for the features where Bionic WP clearly gets an edge over Kinsta.

Want to migrate your WordPress website but don’t know how to? Or worried that if you migrate your site, your hosting infrastructure will break? That’s where Bionic WP managed migration service comes in handy. Whether you want to migrate a single website or 100s of websites, we will ensure that all your sites get migrated to our platform without any worry. Our own team will work day & night ensuring quality of your sites and making sure that you have minimal downtime.

WordPress websites can be usually bound by the storage limits they have available on the server. However, with Bionic WP, your website can easily grow and scale and get as much traffic as you desire. For starters, with our basic pricing package you have 5GB server storage and it is enough to manage over 4,000 users daily to your website. However, you can always upgrade your site’s package to the next one depending on the traffic you get during major events like BFCM, New Year, Independence days or any other – you get the point.

Let’s say there is an event coming and you expect a traffic surge, you can move to the second plan to make sure that your website can handle the traffic it gets and you don’t incur any business loss.

With Bionic WP try before you buy service, you can actually try our WordPress hosting panel for real. Yes! We will test your website on a staging server and show you the speed results. If you are not happy with the results that you expected i.e. 90+ page speed score and load time closer to 3 seconds, no harm done and you can easily walk away.

Bionic WP GUARANTEES 90+ GTMetrix score. How can it do that? It uses Google C2 High Compute Instances with Premium Tier Bandwidth to make sure that your WordPress website doesn’t run but fly!

It is like riding a 2,000cc motorbike on a straight obstacle-free highway.

You get the staging link as soon as you subscribe to the Bionic WP service. Now, you can either optimize site performance by yourself using the Bionic WP platform or you can ask their team to do it for you – after all why shouldn’t you let the experts do it!

Bionic WP adds a double layer to your website with a customized stack using Nginx + FCGI + PHP 7.4 + MariaDB with LXD coupled with high-performance CDN.

This is the most incredible feature of Bionic WP and we feel this is the feature that makes us different from all other WordPress hosting solutions out there. You get a WordPress management hosting solution + a Virtual Assistant both in the price of one. How cool is that!

Any type of site edits are possible when you move to BionicWP. They can include changing an image, changing text on post/page, creating a bullet list on WordPress WYSIWYG or editing a blog post completely!

Cool no? Well obviously you will have to provide the content but then again no VA creates their own content for your site and they charge $140 plus (as per our above calculation of 10 hour per month requirement)

Now managing your WordPress site health from a single platform is TRULY possible. The reason I have mentioned ‘Truly’ here is because Bionic lets you see your plugin health, theme health, and core updates all on a single page. No need to get to your site dashboard when you can manage all of them directly from the Bionic WP platform. Click and update, it is that simple.
Are you an agency that is looking for a private label hosting plan? With Bionic WP you can just do that! Your end-user won’t know where their website is hosted. But they will be impressed by the hosting support and performance they get on a regular basis. On the other hand, you earn enhanced profits while keeping your clients happy, satisfied, and growing your clientele on the side.

Fear that your site would get hacked? Well, no one can promise that your site won’t get hacked but Bionic WP promises one thing: It will restore your website to the original condition within a matter of hours! No data loss, no site corruption! Get your site back in the same condition as it was before – good as new, and rocking!

Who Should Try Bionic WP - The Kinsta Alternative

Bionic WP is for anyone and everyone who is hosting their website on WordPress. The hosting solution doesn’t differentiate between regular and premium clients. It doesn’t maintain A-level customers or B-level customers. It considers all as the same i.e. paying users who want brilliant Performance, Support, and Security.

So, anyone who is 

  • Tired of WordPress site management 
  • Exhausted by WordPress security issues
  • Irritated by WordPress site traffic issues
  • Worried about WordPress site hacking or DDoS attacks

should definitely try Bionic WP at least once. 

Since we have a ‘try before you buy’ offer, why even say NO to such a FREE offer?

Find out how Bionic WP can help you improve your website. If it can help you speed up your website, provide epic WordPress site management, and boost your website security then it will be a definite WIN for you.

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