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Hi, my name is Michael Goldstein. I’m the founder of kitchen remodel marketing we work exclusively in the kitchen and bathroom modeling industry. And one of the things that we have struggled with is finding the right hosting provider to to let our clients implement the best site speed strategies so that that element of the Google algorithm will will be taken care of also been looking for someone where we can get great customer support so when there is an issue that we have some of that we can talk to.

I’ve met Michael through 51 blocks and then ultimately bionic WP and learned about the hosting, which has just been absolutely fantastic. We have two clients currently on it. And the site speed is just outstanding almost quadruple the speed we were with siteground which is one of the hosting dries up WordPress actually recommends for site speed. And Michael and byoc wp have absolutely blown them away. Additionally, the tech support and they just the how quick the responses are just phenomenal. It’s something that has really helped us and has also made our clients very happy. I would be very happy to speak to anybody about this. And certainly we’ll be sending all of our clients over to to these guys moving forward. Thanks so much.

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