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How BionicWP is a premium Bluehost alternative.

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WordPress is the most renowned open source Content Management System (CMS) designed using PHP and MySQL. It is free and the most widely used CMS around the world that empowers millions of websites. WordPress is a powerful management tool with a semantic publishing feature, making the user experience smooth. Most renowned content publishers and web experts benefit from the superior features that WordPress has to offer, top among which are adequate security and firewalls. Just like any other tool or program, WordPress still faces its share of bugs and problems. The most noticeable and featured issue the WordPress users face is a lack of adequate management services. Users continuously look for different WordPress hosting platforms that can provide them with effective management. Unfortunately, most platforms only offer server level support services, while site management remains a challenge for most.

Luckily, for the users of WordPress, BionicWP has come to the rescue. With the inception as a truly managed WordPress hosting platform, BionicWP has taken the online world by storm. Through our unique features, we offer proven records on top-performing websites with the best support and management. BionicWP has changed the benchmark of website hosting, support and management norms with a high-performance guarantee. The best part about our service is that we go above and beyond our plans to facilitate our customers in every possible way – an act that our clientele loves.

The unmatched performance of our unique features has given competitors such as Bluehost a tough time. Our clients have established us as a superior Bluehost alternative with better features through our quality of service.

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Overview of Bionic WP and Bluehost

BionicWP is a revolutionary WordPress hosting & management platform that offers various features and tools to users and supports their website’s launch, optimization, and management. Whether our clients are running a business website or an E-commerce store, we have the means to help them reach new heights. BionicWP functions as a truly managed WordPress platform that helps users take their websites to new avenues. As the most suitable alternative to Bluehost, we have provided our clients with the best-in-class performance, superior security and scaling options. We specialize in providing deep application level- website management services according to our client’s requirements. From content edits , to plugin updates and much more.

Bluehost is also one of the most renowned WordPress site hosting services. They offer similar hosting services but let’s look at how BionicWP and Blue host are different from each other.

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BionicWP vs Bluehost – Comparison Features

BionicWP and Bluehost both serve as a top WordPress hosting platform in the market today. Their service and features may seem closely related to each other. However, certain distinct features make BionicWP stand out from bluehost. Let us learn about these comparison features in detail:

Users consider BionicWP as a better alternative to Bluehost because of advanced hosting solutions and website management functions. Adding a new CTA, amendments in content, edits or any other activity is now accessible through BionicWP’s application level support. Bluehost does not offer application-level support.

Our dashboard makes use of a convenient user interface that is both easy to use, and provides complete control over aspects such as website health, performance and plugin updates. You can benefit significantly from our virtual assistance feature in terms of cost-saving. Standard charges of a person who acts as a virtual assistant for site updates or content edits go to a minimum of $15 per hour, and if they sign on for at least 10 hours a month, the total cost is $150. This is a significant amount for someone who has started with their website; saving it means more marketing budget. Bluehost does not offer virtual assistance, making us better in every way.

Pricing is a factor that sets a service apart from the competition, and both BionicWP and Bluehost operate on a per site charge rate. BionicWP per site rates start at $27.5 a month and go as low as $15 a month, with the price falling as the number of websites increase. As for Bluehost, charges vary according to the type of website that the hosting plan is bought for. Bluehost’s pricing plan starts from $2.65 (Shared Hosting) and goes up to $29.99 a month(Managed WordPress).
BionicWP offers one of the best-in-class site management services that allows not only staging but also rollback feature, making users feel at ease. It also ensures that core sites, plugins and themes maintain peak performance. Moreover, the staging option allows users to experiment with their website without worrying about data loss or site errors. Bluehost, on the other hand, does not offer such a sophisticated site management facility.
Another excelling feature of BionicWP is its updated security protocols. We have the policy to scan and monitor frequently for malware and WordPress hardening that keeps hackers away. No intruder or unauthorized entity can gain entry due to WAP firewall protection. We have a superior blockade against suspicious or corrupted bots. These security features make us a better Bluehost alternative without compromising performance quality.
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Performance Overview

The main concern for most WordPress users is the site performance against their competitors. Site performance influences every activity associated with SERP ranking, SEO, prevention of bounce rate, authority score improvement and user experience. Combining all these features gives users a chance to outgrow their competition and establish themselves as a better choice in the market. In terms of Bluehost vs BionicWP comparison, we claim an increase in user engagement by 20-40% and the conversion rate by 10-30%. We guarantee a 90+ score on both GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Insight Score. All the websites under BionicWP management have a guaranteed less than 3-sec page load speed. Our performance gives you a better chance of retaining a user for a longer duration of time.

Performance Summary

Pricing Starts from $25/mo Starts from $19.95/month
Plans 2 Simple Plans 3 Plans
Money Back Guarantee
Try Before You Buy
No Traffic Limits
Managed Security On ALL PLANS
Server Level Caching
Google PageSpeed Scores Guarantee
GTMetrix Scores Guarantee
Weekly Performance Review for Speed and Loadtimes
Performance Optimizations
Global Data Centers Choose from over 10 locations Undisclosed
CDN POPs 210 – Powered by AWS Undisclosed
Basic WordPress Support
Advanced WordPress Support
Unlimited Edits
Multiple PHP Versions
No Limits PHP Workers
FREE SSL on All Plans
Free Managed Migration
24/7 Ticket Support
Managed Updates for Core, Themes and Plugins
The above comparison summary clearly shows that our platform outperforms Bluehost both in terms of features and efficiency. To further establish your trust in our performance, here is a glimpse of some records that set us as a reliable alternative to Bluehost.
You can see clearly that we delivered just as we claimed, and this is only a fraction of our service. Since our inception, we have served countless clients and have tons of examples to show you just how better we are as compared to our competition.

Exclusive Features of BionicWP

BionicWP offers some exclusive features that set us apart from Bluehost ultimately. These features include:
Hyper optimized hosting by BionicWP means a guaranteed 90+ score on Google Page Speed and GTMetrix ranking. All the websites hosted by BionicWP showed significant progress in improved speed and performance. We have tested our solution on 1000 sites with excellent results. As a premium WordPress hosting platform, we encourage our clients to sign up for our services and prepare their sites for a staging environment . We guarantee a surge of traffic and performance with unmatched speed not seen anywhere else.
The phenomenon of data loss and website crashes can happen anytime, and as a site owner, you need to prepare yourself for such an incident. To prevent such damage, BionicWP offers a 30 days off-site backup plan for data storage. You can contact us anytime in case of any problem, and we can roll back to the previous condition for immediate use. In terms of BionicWP vs Bluehost, our 30 days backup gives full storage support for clients. Other services offer backup with no rollback. Our clientele entrusts our service with peace of mind.
If you need periodic updates on your website,BionicWP has got your bases covered. Our platform offers a diverse range of management features to improve site health. Our console gives you complete authority to monitor and determine the updates required. Auto-updates happen regularly to keep the site at optimum health.
Security is the primary concern for website owners, and BionicWP offers daily malware scans to mitigate that problem. We conduct daily scans to keep the website free from intruder and malicious bots with WAP security for the maximum blockade. Our scan feature monitors your website every 1 minute and notifies if an unknown entity tries to gain entry. Furthermore, our security scans allow us to deploy a contingency plan for immediate problem handling.
In addition to malware scans, BionicWP promises to compete for protection against hackers. Our security protocols keep us vigilant against potential hackers, and our claim as a better Bluehost alternative is due to resistance against cybercriminals. In any case, if anybody hacks your site, we will restore it to its original state with no additional charge. We promise no data loss or corruption, and we intend to live up to our promise.
With a high performing CDN facility, we utilize geographically distributed servers for swift content delivery. The CDN allows better availability of content without loss in bandwidth. This improves overall load times and enhances security.
BionicWP offers a “try before you buy” option for clients to try a demo of our services before purchasing. You can add your website and then compare the migrated site with your live site. We can even migrate it whenever needed, and as a better Bluehost alternative, we give client satisfaction through free trials.
BionicWP guarantees a 90+ GTMetrix score as a part of the best performance claim for clients. We use Google C2 High Compute Instances and a top tier bandwidth to ensure the best speed and no downtime. We calculate scores through regular performance optimizations to increase SEO results, decrease bounce rates, and improve SERP rankings.
We conduct weekly speed monitoring to maintain the 90+ guaranteed score. Our weekly inspection keeps us updated about speed drops that we immediately address. Our speed monitoring makes us a suitable Bluehost alternative among the WordPress community.
We give white label support to agencies looking for a reliable hosting partner. Whether you are an individual site owner or an agency, your end-user will never know the hosted server’s true location. You can keep your clients happy and give them an enhanced experience without worrying about support. Whatever the issue, we can address it on an immediate basis.

Final Word

BionicWP is a trusted and premium service for WordPress hosting. Users tired of site management and overwhelmed by other issues can benefit from our hosting platform’s unique features. As a superior alternative to Bluehost, we guarantee top speed and performance without significant problems or DDoS attacks. You can take a trial of our service for evaluation and make a decision accordingly. We promise that our service will increase the speed, security and boost overall performance.

Fully managed WordPress hosting and unlimited application-level support

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