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Brandon Pierpont is happy with BIONICWP

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Hello, my name is Brandon Pierpont, and I switched over to BionicWP last week after having some issues with my other hosting provider and the speed of the Web sites. I switched over to websites. They went from somewhere in the 30s or 40s for mobile and I think about sixty seven desktop to literally ninety nine mobile 100 desktop Google page speed insight’s. Which is insane, but what prompted me to leave the video review was actually the customer service I had.

BionicWP does not provide email hosting and they don’t assist with email hosting officially. But I had an issue where my customer was having some emails that weren’t being delivered. They’re bouncing and I didn’t know what the problem was because some were being delivered, some weren’t being delivered and the emails were hosted on GoDaddy. And I’m far from an email or hosting expert. And so I was at a loss and customer representative by the name AQ actually took it upon himself to figure out what was going on and figured out that there were dual Amex records which was causing some of the emails to be labeled undeliverable. So he solved it and that really saved my hide with the customer. So highly recommend to BionicWP and I felt like I needed to leave a video review after such excellent customer service.

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