How to improve the performance of your business website in 2020

Are you looking to improve your WordPress business website? You are in the right place. In this article, we will list down the best ways you can improve your business website. An optimized and fast loading website can help increase your traffic, engagement, improve your user experience, and your revenue. We’re going to assume that […]

Beginners guide to building a Business website on WordPress

WordPress powers half of the internet. It is not only easy to use but also simple to maintain. No coding, no designing, and no project management. Simply get a domain, a hosting solution, and launch your website. That’s it.That’s why WordPress has become such an attractive option for beginners and experts alike. Now business owners […]

The best Themes and Plugins for your WordPress Business Website

You have many things to take care of when starting an online business! You have to prepare a feasibility report for your business. Find a monetization method that can keep your business sustainable for the long term. Also, you need to pitch the potential investors to invest in your new gig. All this requires time […]

The best WordPress Booking Plugins to fully automate your booking system!

wordpress booking plugins

Customers want to book everything on the website. Whether it is about getting an appointment, ordering a product, or getting a service, they want to get it done online. Websites that don’t have booking systems enabled are leaving a lot on the table. They not only miss potential customers, but they also lose many profits […]

From HTTP to HTTPS and Why SSL Certificate For WordPress Is Important!

SSL Certificate For WordPress

You may have noticed for some time that, in the address bar of your browser, at the beginning of the URL and accompanied by the drawing of a padlock, the acronym HTTPS appears when you enter the websites you visit daily. This is but an indication that the page has an encrypted connection, secure view […]

How much does a website on WordPress cost? Get all the deets here!

WordPress website cost

Currently, there are 400 billion active sites and many will think that creating a web page does not require much time or that it is not necessary to have certain training. However, creating a web page from scratch requires a lot of work and normally, those who do not know what the process is are […]

White Label Hosting for beginners!

It represents the percentage of time that the hosting service is active and running. For example, 99.99% uptime means that your website will be down for about 8 hours a year. While 98% uptime is the equivalent of the page being dropped for about a week per year. And if payment transactions are made on […]

How to build loyalty and trust with your website visitors

loyalty and trust with your website visitors

Having a loyal audience to your website that completely trusts you is an achievement on its own. You know the wave of euphoria that runs down your body when someone is absolutely sure about you, yes, we are talking about that. It is not just about feeling good, though. Visitors who put their loyalty and […]

How to get an awesome website: Unleashing the secrets!

Awesome website

Who doesn’t want an awesome website to work with? If you have been working your way around getting a better website and still haven’t gotten your desired results, then give it a break and keep reading! Let’s look at some of the important factors that can greatly improve your website: A better website needs better […]

A Review on All Things WordPress!

All things WordPress

If you are looking to establish a site on WordPress, then you would perhaps be looking for information on the ability of WordPress and some solid facts of what you can do with it. Perhaps, you already use WordPress and just wish others to know the most interesting facts about it. In all cases, solid […]