You Need Content for Your Small Business Website

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Now you have started your WordPress website, you are looking at the homepage and trying to figure out what to do next. What should you include in your website to benefit your small business the most? Here are some of the top necessities for any small business website. What Should I Have on My Business […]

What Should Go On My Website’s Homepage?

website home page on multiple devices

You have heard the saying “the first impression is the most important,” this could never be truer than when talking about your website’s homepage. Your homepage is your first contact with your customers and the first chance you get to entice them to look further at your site. You will only get one chance to […]

The Benefits of FAQ Pages on Your WordPress Website

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One of the most essential pages for a small business website is the FAQ page. You want to make sure that you utilize it for what it is as well as what it can be. Your FAQ page can be beneficial to your customers for providing information and your company by getting your website on […]

The 3 Best WordPress Themes For eCommerce Websites

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You have downloaded the WordPress app and have your domain name. Now you are ready to design your perfect website. You have done the research and know that you need an eCommerce design for your new business. You start and are faced with thousands of themes to choose from. So, which one is best for […]

Keeping Your Small Business Website Up to Date

small business owners keeping their website updated while at their bakery

By staying up to date on your business website you are more likely to keep a positive relationship with your customers, while also making sure your website is up to date and professional! Keeping your website up to date is an important step in maintaining a positive customer relationship. Why Stay Up To Date? Staying […]

Designing Yourself vs. Hiring a WordPress Specialist

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Hiring a professional to help create your small business website can seem like a great idea at first, but the benefits comparing to price just don’t add up. Learning to create your WordPress website yourself allows you to make changes, update, and add SEO later on, to maintain credibility and quality without spending a fortune. […]

The Importance Of Professionalism In Small Business

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By presenting a professional front to your small business you are more likely to get repeat customers by using proper themes, exceptional customer service, and an easy to use website that customers can navigate with ease. The Stakes There is nothing more important than establishing a professional relationship between yourself and clients. If you do […]

The 15 Types of WordPress Websites

There are hundreds of different WordPress Themes out there perfect for any of these fifteen different website styles and purposes. By using WordPress you’ll have a professional site for any reason while needing minimal web creation experience. These are fifteen great sites to consider making through WordPress to promote your business or use for any […]

Benefits of Starting With a Free WordPress Site

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Is A Free WordPress Website Still Valuable? The world is a technological place, it seems every day more and more is done over the internet. This both adds opportunity and competition for small businesses, on one hand, you may be buried in the options or you will be found by more people by having an […]

Why SEO Is Important To Beginner Sites


What Is SEO? SEO is short for search engine optimization a crucial skill when working in the eCommerce industry if you want to be discovered by new customers and clients. With so many different websites, social media, and general content out on the internet starting out and getting found can be difficult. SEO is for […]