Hyper Optimized WordPress Hosting

Michael: All right. Hi, I’m Michael, founder and owner of the WP help which will soon become the bionic WP. So by the time you’re watching this video, that’s what you’ll see. Overall at the high level, I just want to talk about some of the features of the WP help and why this hyper […]

Is Your Website Built on WordPress? If Not, What Are You Waiting For?

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In today’s technologically driven world, WordPress is at the peak of its game. Operating as a content management system that specializes in web design and development, WordPress websites can offer users a range of services, the ease of which cater to first-time web developers. Complete with quality themes and plugins, WordPress websites genuinely stand out, […]

Free Website Hosting: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

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You have decided you need a website for your company, and you find out you need to choose a hosting company. Now you want to know, what is a hosting company and what do they do? While searching for hosting companies, you find two options; free and paid. Which one will work best for your […]

How Likely is it That Your Website Will be Hacked?

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Imagine sending an email to your customer that says it is unsafe, or maybe you type in your website and your browser pops up a red warning advising the sight is not safe. Now your mind is racing, and you are trying to figure out what went wrong. You start asking that question no wants […]

WordPress Websites Vs. Wix Websites: Which to Choose?

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You have decided you need a website for your small business. So, which website builder should you choose? You have narrowed it down to WordPress and Wix. In this article, you will be able to see the pros and cons of both WordPress and Wix so you will be able to make an educated decision […]

The 15 Types of WordPress Websites

There are hundreds of different WordPress Themes out there perfect for any of these fifteen different website styles and purposes. By using WordPress you’ll have a professional site for any reason while needing minimal web creation experience. These are fifteen great sites to consider making through WordPress to promote your business or use for any […]

Why is Free Hosting a Bad Idea for Your First Website?

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There are a lot of considerations to take into account when you prepare to build your first website: design, content, and others. One aspect that cannot be overlooked is the choice of web hosting. There are many types of WordPress hosting to choose from: free, shared, managed, virtual private server (VPS), and more. Most individuals […]

Expert Tips for Secure Web Hosting

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Secure web hosting is one of the most important aspects of a successful business website. There are many threats to security online, and any one of them could shut down your site, compromise your customers’ information, and cause potential customers to go elsewhere. That’s why it’s important to obtain secure web hosting from the start. […]

Why a Good CMS is Essential for Your Business

A CMS is an essential component of any website. It allows you to customize your website efficiently and easily. There are various CMS tools that you can use to design and edit your site. What is a CMS? Why is it important for your website? How can it help your site? Here is your guide […]