PHP vs JavaScript: Which Language Is Best Suited For You?

Sign up for a free trial! Some programmers believed that PHP Vs. JavaScript is not a fair comparison. Both of these languages serve a different purpose in website development. But in PHP Vs. JavaScript, the outcome is pretty simple. PHP is known for server-side scripting, while JavaScript is well known for client-side scripting. Both the […]

Drupal vs WordPress – Which is the Better One for 2021? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Sign up for a free trial! The content management systems of the current era are really saving the day with their management options. Without them, the website owners would have to manage the website themselves which would add to their pre-existing occupations. These solutions effectively manage the content of your websites while you only need […]

SEO Reseller: A Complete Guide for Reselling SEO Services

Source: Pexels Imagine this. Your biggest client whom you have developed a website for demands SEO services. Of course, you wish to agree because no one wants to lose out on the opportunity to scale your agency’s recurring revenue from a trusted client.  Even with limited resources and some expertise, you accepted the project and […]

How to Edit WordPress Code – HTML, CSS, PHP (Easy Guide)

Sign up for a free trial! Site management is a tricky business which a normal webmaster doesn’t want to bother with. That’s why site hosting solutions prevail in the market. Site management systems like WordPress take up the tricky business to themselves and leave you with the main business. Normally, WordPress comes with a predefined […]

How to Fix the WordPress Updating Failed and Publishing Failed Errors

Sign up for a free trial! Introduction WordPress is arguably the top-most content management system of this era. Many webmasters are using it for hosting their websites. This makes their lives much easier and they can focus on the real business. The WordPress team is doing its best in order to make the best customer […]

A Complete Go Through of WordPress Robots.txt- How can You use it?

Sign up for a free trial! Introduction If you are a webmaster, the term ‘robots.txt’ must have crossed your eyes here and there. Ever wondered what it means? How does it apply to your web content and what role does it play? Almost every website has a robots.txt file as an essential but a few […]

What is AWS? What is Google Cloud? Comparing the giants

Sign up for a free trial! Introduction Technology is getting more advanced by the hour and what was difficult to achieve in the past days is now a piece of cake. Same is the case with the online networking of the businesses. In the past, networking was not easy to manage due to complicated on-ground […]

20 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins hands-on comparison

Sign up for a free trial! Introduction You just created a website on WordPress, maybe for your clothing business? Maybe you’re a travel blogger? Are you running a photography website? Whichever it is, you achieved it, voila! However, is it the ideal website for you? Do you open it and are like yes, this is […]