The Top 5 WordPress White label plugins

Have you ever wanted to change the way your dashboard on WordPress appears? Well, if you don’t know already, WordPress white label plugins allow you to do it. White label WordPress plugin can modify, change, and customize your dashboard and other things such as the login page. It is not easy to choose from among […]

White Label Hosting for beginners!

It represents the percentage of time that the hosting service is active and running. For example, 99.99% uptime means that your website will be down for about 8 hours a year. While 98% uptime is the equivalent of the page being dropped for about a week per year. And if payment transactions are made on […]

What is White Label Web Hosting?

Are you trying to set up a web hosting service? Alternatively, are you trying to enhance your current tech support service by adding quality web hosting capabilities to your portfolio? If you are, BionicWP can help with white label web hosting. Welcome to the world of white label web hosting. A versatile type of service […]