How You Can Restore WordPress Site from Backup

Backups are quite crucial for any website. They save you from loss, repeated hard work, and extra time that you would have to spend to recover your WordPress website data. There have been many cases where hackers defaced websites beyond maintenance. And, the website owners weren’t having any backups of the websites. It led to […]

Beginners Guide to Manually Backup WordPress Website

So where to begin! The last time I had to face the wretched WordPress website backup experience was when my website was on a shared hosting solution. The previous web hosting solution decided that my website was taking too much of their server bandwidth. Now, I don’t know how and why that happened because I […]

The Best WordPress Backup and Restore Plugins for Your Website

Your WordPress website is an asset. If you lose access to it even by accident, you will lose everything. That’s why backups of your website are essential. Backups give you complete peace of mind, a good night’s sleep, and save you in disastrous situations. So, creating regular WordPress backups is the right choice to evade […]