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Benefits of Truly Managed Hosting and WordPress Maintenance Services that would do wonders for your website!

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WordPress is an open-source software used massively around the world to create websites of all types and sizes.

Since its launch more than ten years ago, it has conquered nothing more and nothing less than almost 32% of the total Internet sites, thus becoming the most popular CMS of all time and leaving behind its most famous competitors such as Joomla or Drupal.
There is no doubt that WP takes the lead and sets the course in terms of content on the web and the ways in which they are published.

If you plan to launch a website, there is no doubt that you should buy a domain name and choose an appropriate hosting service according to the needs of your business. These are two elements that allow your WordPress website to stay online.

Among the hosting options, there are many options with a different range of prices, that may cover both the hosting and website maintenance cost. There are many hosting providers that offer plans for different types of business. So it is important that you investigate the reputation of these companies and that you are very clear about the needs of your business and the type of website you are planning to launch.

Among these options, we have Truly Managed Hosting focusing on a special service where the provider takes care of all the technicalities related to your site when you are using a content management platform such as WordPress.

Installations and automatic updates

This is perhaps one of the most attractive advantages of truly managed hosting, they include a series of tools that make these processes easier, so you should not even be aware of the release of new versions of WordPress because the platform will be updated in a way that is prompt and readily done. You won’t have to do anything, but you probably notice some changes in the interface every time there has been an important update.

Similarly, you can concentrate on your website itself, without being aware of the platform you use to publish or modify content.

In some cases, it can be quite comfortable, especially if you are busy enough dealing with the content on your website. If you use WordPress online, but your website does not update content continuously because you do not have a blog section, this advantage implies that you do not need to enter the platform just to install a new update. You are sure that your hosting plan takes care of these details.

wordpress maintenance services

Automatic backups

Although backups can be made manually, it is better to leave this task in charge of a machine. It is more frequent than errors occur during manual backup, and that you do not notice it when it is too late when you need a file or it is not in its respective folder, or simply the content you have copied is not updated.

WordPress is the most used Content Management System (CMS) platform, currently with a 35% market share and thus in order to keep these numbers stable, requires security and overall website support. Truly managed hosting also performs automatic backups on a frequent basis. In this way, you always have at your disposal the current version and even previous versions if you need them at any time. In this way, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that if something happens to the information on your website, it can be quickly restored through a backup.

If you are looking to acquire WordPress services of a hosting provider, get in touch with BionicWP. It is a top hosting provider with security and website maintenance plan. At the same time, BionicWP offers you 24/7 customer service and 30-day money-back guarantee as well!

wordpress maintenance services

Integrated content delivery and caching network

A content delivery network (CDN) and caching are two of the most popular ways to ensure that your website has an optimal loading time. Apart from carefully reviewing the code of the topic you use and the volume of content you place on the site, you need to have additional measures so that the loading time of your site does not exceed the limit that your visitors expect.

A content delivery network refers to a system where your website is stored on different servers located in different countries. In this way, the access point of the visitors is taken into account, and the server closest to them is located to improve the loading speed.

On the other hand, caching allows local copies to be saved on the server or on the user’s own computer that has accessed the page. In this way, if you revisit the site, the data is cached to optimize the speed of the page.

wordpress maintenance services

A large percentage of Truly Managed hosting plans include among their features, both the CDN system and caching. That is, they offer you very useful functions to improve the loading speed of your website. You no longer need to search for plugins or extensions that improve the response time of your site because your hosting already has these functions.

Plenty of advanced features!

In general, a large percentage of managed hosts include a large number of advanced features. Although these functions are often reserved for your professional plans, you may find a company that offers them in other plans that you can access.

Some of the advanced features that could appear between these plans are the following:

  • SSH access
  • Command-line
  • Git pre-installed
  • SSL certificates
  • Creation of automatic copies for proofs
  • Version and access to the PHP environment
  • Storage
  • Management tutorials on the platform to which they are dedicated
  • Free email accounts

These are just some of the additional features that these plans may include. Remember that a single plan may not contain all the mentioned functions, but it probably has more than ten features.

In conclusion…

These are just some of the benefits of Truly Managed Hosting. There are other features that various hosting plans and providers can offer depending on the cost of hosting a website and even the maintenance cost of website. Without a doubt, you should carefully review all the functions offered by the different plans and also take into account the terms of use. It is also a good idea to look for reviews about these companies so you can verify how well their customer service and technical support are, as well as if they really deliver on everything they promise.

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