Connecting Your WordPress and Social Media

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The world of the internet is constantly growing and changing. With how easy it is to create a website with WordPress, it is even easier to get lost in the commotion as there are new websites popping up daily. However, linking your WordPress site with social media allows you to stand out.

Why Do I Need to Connect My Website and Social Media?

The answer to this question is the opposite of what everyone has told you your entire life. The answer to this question is: Because everyone is doing it.

I know, that’s supposed to be a reason not to do something. If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? Well, if jumping off that bridge was a way to give you better exposure and allow you to compete with the rest of the online world, then heck yeah. Jump off that bridge and then jump again.

Nowadays, it seems like the entire world is using social media. Whether it be for posting pictures, sharing videos of cute cats, or debating with family members about politics. Social media has almost 3 billion active users across the world, according to an article published in the London School of Economics and Political Science.

By your website having a presence on Instagram or Twitter, you are tapping into this market of 3 billion consumers.

Regardless of the goal of your website, it is essential to use social media to spread the word of what your website has to offer.

For instance, you write an article and publish it to your site. Then, somebody reads that article and is interested in what you have to say. Luckily, you have a link to your Twitter feed, where you not only provide hilarious commentary on daily events, but also share updates on your latest posts. All of a sudden, you have a new follower who is constantly reminded of your website every time they open their app.

Is it Difficult to Connect my Accounts?

No. With a website powered by WordPress, linking up your social media accounts with your website can be as easy as 1-2-3. If you’re new to WordPress, a WordPress Beginner of sorts, you may need to watch some tutorial videos or check out some of the resources offered online.

But if you understand WordPress and how it works, you know that there are things called Plugins. You can go to this section of your website, under Tools, and add whichever Plugin you think will complement your website best. Most WordPress sites come with social media Plugins already loaded on them, but if you want something different you can always do a quick search for “Social Media” in the search bar. WordPress offers a wide variety of Plugins, allowing you to find the one that best suits you.

Potentially the hardest part of this entire process is remembering the passwords for each of your social media accounts.

Benefits of Connectivity

I attended a conference for journalism when I was the co-online editor for my school newspaper, and one of the discussions I attended brought two words up that changed how I perceived my audience. The words they used were “Develop” and “Engage.”

Now, at surface level you know these two words. But, in reference to a website it’s a whole new, interesting ball game.

“Develop” is how you go about creating your audience for your website. What techniques do you use to get people to visit your website.

“Engage” is how you go about keeping your audience. In other words, what techniques do you use to interact with your visitors and keep them coming back.

Social media is an excellent opportunity to actively use these terms. Because social media is such a large market, it is much easier for something that you posted to your site to be seen if it is shared on social media.

You are beginning to develop your audience by creating this further exposure of your site.

Now, people are able to comment on what you post or share it with others, giving you the opportunity to respond. Whether you like what they say or message them back, you are beginning to engage with this audience and create a relationship. This relationship will keep them coming back for more.

Link Your WordPress and Social Media

Now that you know why you need to link up, how easy it is, and how it can benefit you, you need to just do it.

If you don’t have any social media presence at the moment, now’s the time to start. It doesn’t even have to be a personal account; in fact, it shouldn’t be.

Create some new accounts and get your WordPress site out there by linking your social media with it. You will not regret it.

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