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Content Marketing: The Backbone to all Things Marketing!

Content Marketing

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Content marketing simply refers to the creation and sharing of online content in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, social media posts, etc. Not entirely for the purpose of promotion or branding but to garner interest in an audience to stimulate sales of products, services and generate advertising revenue.

The most critical aspect of content marketing remains the kind of online content platforms share, as it is needed to be in close proximity to the nature of their platform. Content marketers aspire to educate people, extend an influence so that they find it easier and convenient to make purchases on their platform or collaborate for business. In today’s era, content marketing has dramatically evolved, and there is an influx of content creators, content distributors, and influencers with an active presence over the web. These platforms are highly benefiting from different strategies and techniques required to monetize an online business or platform and generate revenue streams.

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Content marketing has grown quite significantly in the last few years and remains pivotal in digital marketing aspects. Brands and online businesses are increasingly comprehending to strategies and resources to benefit from the potential of content marketing.

Benefits of Content Marketing in 2019

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Sales lead generation

Having a web-based platform allows you to reach your audience to the maximum. Internet users are growing with every passing day, and every business venture’s target audience spends a considerable amount of time-consuming online content. Thus, it creates a myriad of opportunities to cater to this segment, turn them from a mere spectator to paying customers by advertising products and services to generate sales leads.

Content is King

Cost-effective measure

Setting up an online venture is a cost-effective measure primarily because it does not involve much-fixed costs. Running a content marketing blog, creating a YouTube channel, Instagram page, making podcasts – all of these are remarkable applications of content marketing and are also inexpensive to set up. The results of content marketing can be exuberant, so everyone has a great chance to benefit from significantly higher ROIs. For example, a hosting provider is required to make websites for WordPress content marketing; The WP Help is a 24/7 WordPress hosting, support, maintenance, and security platform popular among online businesses. Their services can be acquired at minimal costs and results are marvelling.


Content marketing has opened many possibilities to run an online venture and especially for start-ups. It could be a blog, video channel, social media page, and alike. In digital marketing terms, these are treated as content creation and distribution platforms and have similar aspects of a full-fledged business. Nowadays, content creators, distributors, and social media influencers are popping up in every corner of the internet, which explains the massive interest of the general public towards content marketing.


Reputation management

This can be best explained using an explain. If a brand has a fully working and active website and social media content marketing platforms where they consistently engage with their customers, then in any case of a bad PR or business disaster, then can effectively reach out to their audience with an explanation and probably a consolidation to revive their dissipating reputation. Many brands counter a PR disaster using their content marketing platform, and it really helps to improve on that aspect.

Types of Content Marketing:

Blogs/articles: Individuals and businesses set up blogs or write online articles on various niches, build a following, and pitch them with products and services and targeted ads.

Videos: A perfect example remains YouTube videos that are suitable for the segment of the audience that prefers watching videos. Content creators make videos on almost any subject, whether educational, informative, or pure entertainment.

Social media posts: Info-graphics, creative illustrations, web copies, etc. are actively used to create social media posts that build engagement and circulation.

Podcasts: The trend of podcasts is rapidly growing, and it can be based on any subject. Popular podcasts are based on public debates, celebrity or political interviews, sports commentary, entertainment shows, etc.


Any online vendor would greatly benefit from content marketing ideas because it is a proven method of building an online venture in a specific niche and building an audience that can later be turned into customers. It is a modern method of generating income and a flexible business model.

Content Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing is simply the flag bearer of modern day marketing, without which it is impossible to have your marketing objectives altogether. The same goes for content marketing; having an online presence holds paramount importance, as it can be turned to interact with customers effectively, maintain a consistent channel of communication, generate feedback, and draw valuable insights regarding the preferences of customers and their needs. Today, every brand is engaged in building a strong online presence just to put across a strong influence on their customers.

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