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Conversion rate has increased dramatically – Andy

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Hi, my name is Andy. I’m a partner at a digital marketing agency based out of South Florida. We’ve been using the WP help for roughly six months now. And one of the main reasons why we were looking for a new solution and decided on the WP help was simply because of their ability to be able to maintain site speed, be able to maintain plugins and just overall maintain the site. But one of the benefits that we noticed after moving our clients websites to the WP help is the conversions.

So we noticed that our conversion rates have increased dramatically over time. With being with the WP help and overall their platform is just extremely amazing. I can’t say enough good things about it. More importantly, the support and the customer service that you get through the WP help is you know five star plus in my opinion we’ve worked with many hosting solutions and and I have to say that this is the best that we’ve come across thus far.

So again, some key takeaways here is if you’re looking to maintain gt metrics scores of 90 Plus if you want lightning fast websites, um and you know if you want to increase your clients conversions, and of course if you want to have great customer service, and I’ve looked no further I would definitely you know, dip your toe in, give a couple websites to the WP help if that’s how you want to start and you will not be disappointed.


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