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Designing Yourself vs. Hiring a WordPress Specialist

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Hiring a professional to help create your small business website can seem like a great idea at first, but the benefits comparing to price just don’t add up. Learning to create your WordPress website yourself allows you to make changes, update, and add SEO later on, to maintain credibility and quality without spending a fortune.

Hiring a WordPress specialist to create your website is not the best option, because it will prohibit you from editing the website later.

The idea of sitting down and creating a small business website seems at first like something you should hire someone to do. This, however, is not always an option for businesses just starting out, when WordPress hired creators can cost a small fortune.

This article will go over the pros and cons of hiring someone else to design your website versus designing the website yourself. It may seem intimidating at first, but being well informed is the first step toward your website being created by you or anyone else.

Technical Support

When you design a website by yourself, you may not have enough technical support to assist you in complex sections of the creation process. WordPress operates both as a drag and drop, but also with editable code. To someone with no previous coding experience, this could be a downside, and a reason to hire someone experienced with types of coding.

It is important to make your website stand out as much as possible during the creative process, because of stiff competition. This is something you can do with some dedicated practice or by hiring someone with experience. Standing out can mean a lot of things whether that’s visually or with user abilities.

Having coding experience can allow for advanced features and plugins you as a beginner would not normally think of adding to the site. So when it comes to technicals hiring a professional seems more appealing.

Ability to Solve Problems

It is not uncommon to run into bumps in the road during the creation process, this could end up with you spending hours problem solving and trying to fix a small bug on your home screen.

Hired professionals have years of experience working with the small bugs you may face while making your small business WordPress site. Though with such a high price tag it is up to you to decide if it’s worth it, especially when you’ll only have that professional for the first creation process.

Anything after the initial creation is going to either require more hired help or maintenance you will need to do personally, which is why building the site yourself can be helpful in maintaining the same quality later on.

In-depth Customization

There are tons of research tools out there to help you pick plugins and themes for your new WordPress site, but if you were hoping to skip sorting through hundreds of themes then a hired professional might be more for you. Some want to hand pick the way their website looks, while others prefer a more hands-off approach.

Hiring a specialist may help to reach a specified target audience or niche group depending on what type of website you are building, but most times many WordPress themes work with a variety of types. As long as you show off a professional atmosphere, you don’t need a specialist to select your theme.

Better User Understanding

Creating a profitable WordPress website as a small business isn’t easy, it takes a lot of hard work, knowledge about online marketing, and hours of time spent monitoring your site. Customers have endless needs and wants, so monitoring your website yourself can be an excellent way to learn more about the clients interested in your business.

With this knowledge, it can help you to know what to add to your site when it comes to blogs, sales, and other content! Working with a hired specialist, though they may be knowledgeable, is generally a one-off situation, making building and monitoring yourself more beneficial in the long run.

Expertise in Multiple Scripts

When you choose to design a website by yourself, you may face trouble in writing codes in different languages. For example, a highly professional website contains coding in HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, and MYSQL, etc.

Most are not experts in writing and designing codes in these scripts, but a WordPress specialist is an expert. When you hire them for designing purposes, they will give a unique and highly professional look to your website by using multiple coding scripts.

High Search Engine Optimization

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) without previous experience can be a struggle, but learning it is a crucial step to maintaining your business website. You need to continue adding SEO over time, with the proper hosting site like Managed WordPress that can help you stay on top of search engines.

At first, it may seem a good idea to hire an expert, but unless you plan to keep them on for multiple expensive projects it’s truly in your best interest to learn how to use SEO personally. All in all, it is more beneficial to you to build your website yourself instead of hiring someone so you can maintain and make changes in the future without breaking the bank!

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