Divi Latest Performance Options and Nitro Pack Compatibility

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Uh oh, you were using NitroPacks really cool optimization features with Divi to get awesome scores on Google Page Speed and a very high performing website, but with Divi introducing new performance options your site looks broken ?!  
This can happen, because Divi performance options now include static CSS and critical CSS generation and other optimization features which can cause compatibility issues with optimizations when running NitroPack on the site. As, NitroPack also perform these file optimizations, so when the same file is re-optimized and cached by Divi, it can result in a visually broken or distorted website. 

But don’t worry, this can easily be fixed by following the steps below.

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard and open the “Theme options” pafe in Divi settings
  • In Divi Theme Options navigate to Builder => Advanced => and disable Static CSS File Generation.

    This should fix the broken styles on the website, save the settings and check the site after clearing the cache. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, move to the next steps for further debugging.
  • Navigate to General => Perfromance => and try disabling and all the active performance options to see which one of them is not compatible with NitroPacks optimization.

    This should probably fix the broken front-end of your website.
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And just like that, you have successfully debugged your website having compatibility issues with NitroPack and the latest Divi update. Easy, right?

If this doesn’t fix the problem, then the issue is probably not Divi and might be something related to your NitroPack configuration. You can activate NitroPacks safe mode on your website and then start finding the root of the problem in NitroPack configuration.

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