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Endless WordPress Support with the Right Company

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At a Glance: Using a variety of locations to gather useful information about your WordPress site is a fantastic way to save money and stay educated while trying to succeed with your small business’s online presence. You can use things such as forums, social media, tutorials, and FAQs to continue gathering important information! Discovering more about WordPress through places like forums and tutorials is a great first step to discovering how to make a fantastic small business website through WordPress!

Difficulties of Starting a Website

It may seem intimidating at first to start your first ever small business website, but the advantages of doing so are astronomical. By presenting a professional format for your small business online, you will gain more credibility as a legitimized business, which will lead to an eventual increase in participants.

Starting a website comes off as a lot of uphill challenges but with WordPress, one of the world’s most beloved website creators you’ll have plenty of help along the way. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can receive support for your new website.


Using forums can be an excellent way to gather information about your small business WordPress site! Forums are created by other people just like you that have ventured out and conquered the web creation giant, by communicating with others you can get the answer to nearly any question.

Forums can be risky with the ability for anyone to comment and participate, but it can also lead to people who are very knowledgeable about WordPress and can offer valuable insight on any style of project you are working on at the time. With so many having set out to create their own WordPress sites, many questions you may get caught on have most likely already been asked and answered!

Scrolling through the WordPress forums can keep you aware of the latest updates, ideas, and trends to help set your website apart in the vast sea of competition. When new concerns and security flaws arise, you and other creators using forums will be the first to know, and the first to find solutions.

Themes & Plugins

Many people out there who have created either a theme or a plugin are generally going to be available to assist you if you are using their product. This is especially prevalent for themes and plugins that are premium, meaning they have been purchased instead of free available content. If you are going to buy a premium item, definitely look into anything else that creator may offer, possible tutorials for set up and use and other such things.

This method is not as reliable as some others as there may be a chance that open source material will not come with free assistance as well, but there is never a harm in asking!

Tutorials & FAQs

Tutorials can work similarly to the way forums operate, since they are also generally created by other content creators out there using WordPress. However they can be a vital resource when learning how to do something, and there are thousands out there to choose from. These tutorials and videos can explain things in a far more visual way than a forum.

Many times watching someone do something that you are trying to do is a great way to pick up how to do it. These tutorials can also be more broad such as ‘WordPress for Beginners’ and other relevant topics. You do need to be careful as the video may have been made before updates and things could have possibly changed.

So just double check to make sure you are using the same version that the tutorial guide is working with to avoid complications. Checking comments on videos though difficult to sort through, can also help if you are dealing with a highly unique or complex issue as well!

FAQ pages are great, but generally, do not go into to much depth. They strive to answer basic questions promptly and easily, which can be a excellent option if you are looking for quick answers when just starting out. These style pages can generally be found on hosting sites, theme sites, and other types of WordPress based websites.


When using WordPress you do need a hosting company, which can range from free to premium depending on your needs. If you are using WordPress for a small blog, perhaps free hosting is your best option. When creating a business based website however Managed WordPress is a fantastic option for professional hosting.

One of the best things about using professional and paid for hosting is the support they offer, depending on your choice you can receive assistance with nearly anything. Managed WordPress offers anything from SEO advice to Google Analytics which can be a huge bonus to a thriving business.

If you are paying for your hosting take advantage of every part of your purchase and use any available assistance they have to offer you.  

Social Media

Using social media is very similar to using a forum, but with the possibility for more people to see your questions. Places like FaceBook and Twitter have vast and strongly vocal communities that would be more than happy to answer your questions. This will make it easy to find someone who knows about your specific topic.

By using all of these different types of information gathering you are sure to create an impressive WordPress site that will stun visitors!

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