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A Speedy WordPress Website Calls For Faster WordPress Themes!

Faster WordPress Plugins

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A fast loading page time is an utmost priority for websites and blogs nowadays on WordPress. Themes can be the reason why a web page is slowing down your browser. Faster WordPress Themes can have a direct and positive impact on your site’s loading time. It is recommended that you choose only the fastest themes on WordPress, which prevents web pages to load slow. However, it should not mean that you are compromising on the quality of the template.

In order to make things easier for you, today’s blog is dedicated to some of the fastest WordPress themes you can ever find. We have tried and tested each and every one of the themes listed in this article for your comfort. So, sit back and relax!

Faster WordPress themes

Before we begin, let us understand a bit why speed is an important factor.

There are two possible explanations as to why a fast loading website is good for business. First, a better user experience. Second, improved SEO ranking. We all want to use devices which work fast and do not lag, so it pretty much comes down to our own preferences that we like to work with stuff that is fast.

Hosting providers like BionicWP always recommend website owners and developers to choose only the best tools, resources, and themes out there which would imminently impact the loading time and offer top speed performance on their site.

Studies have indicated that every second by which your loading time increases, you lose a visitor. These visitors are more likely to hit the back button on their keyboards. Users actually expect the loading time of a site to be around two seconds at maximum. Anything far more than this, they are likely to browse away.

E-Commerce websites or blogs where the target is to secure massive web traffic pay special priority to the loading time of their sites. They devise strategies to overcome lag, and a functional and fast theme would be an integral part of their planning. Google also takes into account a site’s loading time to optimize its SEO ranking.

How to update a WordPress theme? Just browse the WordPress theme directory and pick your favourite one.

Now without further ado, let us begin with the list of 20 fastest WordPress themes you can choose from for your blog. These themes will optimize your site’s loading time, turn your random visitors to everyday audience, and help increase sales leads. The page speed ranks have been retrieved through Pingdom.

1. Scalia

Considered to be one of the fastest WordPress themes out there. It surely has a performance measure of 92 out of 100. It is integrated with a Visual Composer as well as a video slider. As a matter of fact, Scalia’s loading time is only 1.3 seconds and has speeding up Google Chrome capabilities. This particular theme is an ideal choice for businesses. It is amazing to know that all of its 200 responsive codes are functional.

2. The Gem

The Gem finished at 96 out of 100. The name makes sense because it remains one theme that is packed with everything you would need. The loading time of The Gem is 1.8 seconds precisely. It is also better because the site we tested consisted of 74% of images. The Gem comprises of 70 demos and has plugins like Slider Revolution and Visual Composer incorporated into it.

3. Top SEO

A score of 92 out of 100. Top SEO remains an incredible choice for SEO. It does carry a package of full plugins but has the extra speed that you can surely benefit from. The demos of this theme are around six, and it is highly recommended for marketing agencies. It comes with an animated banner, which has a loading time of 4 seconds. If you want a rather simpler interface, you have the choice of dropping the animated banner.

4. X Theme

X Theme is also a fast theme with a score of 91. It is integrated with an array of tools like Cornerstone and Visual Composer. Cornerstone is one that accounts for faster loading time. It has been awarded A’s in every category. Its page size is over 9 MB, so its loading time goes till 4 seconds, which is a fair deal.

5. Udesign

Another simple WordPress theme with a crazy score: 99. Its speed is amazing compared to others. This is also because it offers limited features to users. You can get a slider with options such as a standard customizer. It can also do parallax portfolio without needing plugins. Unless you want a full interface with a lot of images and animations, this theme is recommended.

6. Skylar

It is also considered to be a fast theme with a score of 88. This particular theme is also incorporated with many demos and brings Slider Revolution as well as Visual Composer. That’s not all; you will also find Ultimate Add-ons for VC Plugin. Demos are limited, but there are certain add-ons for enterprises.

7. Adaline

Suits more to a fashion magazine, this is another popular theme with marks of 88. Its tile layout remains quite a charmer. Photographers, artists, and designers tend to use this theme. It is packed with a blazing speed of around 1.05 seconds.

8. Grille

Another tile styled theme, with simple add-ons and works quite perfectly. This theme gets a score of 89. It is also powered with an eCommerce shop and shortcodes.

9. Wanium

A fast WordPress theme with a score of 98, it remains a good choice for a normal template where priority is rather the load time. It is a theme with its own page builder and has a demo that would suit businesses like construction companies and hotels. The loading time is 2.6 seconds considering it has a lengthy page.

10. Genesis Framework

It carries the framework developed by StudioPress, which remains popular for the development of a specific framework used widely in WordPress themes. You can also do modifications with your theme by picking up codes from their sources. For this theme, you will also find specific child themes, plugins, and services. Its loading time remains 4.28 seconds.

11. The 7

It is a fast theme with a score of 87. Its interface is quite attractive, so your visitors would surely find it appealing. The theme is suited for both individuals and business. Although the demo loads up in 3.39 seconds if you try to optimize the images and resize accordingly, you can decrease it as well.

12. One Up

One Up is a popular video-based WordPress theme, and in our scores, it got 80. It has videos, animations, and other features for an attractive presentation. Again, video-based themes are meant to be appealing, and your visitors would absolutely adore it. The loading time of this theme is 1.56 seconds – even more speed!

13. Harbor

You will need ThemeBeans membership access to have ownership of this theme. A video-based theme which has performed faster than most other themes in its portfolio. In fact, its loading time remains 50% faster than any other theme out there. You can expect your site to load in 3.2 seconds.

14. Structure

This theme brings in Visual Composure, Templera, and Essential Grid. Now, this is a full pack which you can hardly find elsewhere. The theme has a wide variety of demos you can choose from. It can also fit any kind of business on earth. The theme has a loading time of 2.29 seconds.

15. Unite

A theme that scores 99, it remains quite a useful one. It can offer a clean representation of content for a full page. There sections, multi-columns, and other details to suit the interests of its users. The loading time of Unite remains 2.14 seconds.

16. Paperio

This particular choice scored 98 and remained one of the fastest WordPress themes to date. Its demos are quite compatible with different business formats. It also offers convenient social media integration as a part of the theme. The theme has a loading time of 0.565 seconds.

17. Milana

This theme got a score of 96 on our site. It has a unique layout, so it remains quite an interesting choice for many content creators. You can play around with columns, portfolio hub, masonry, etc. The loading time of Milana remains 1.92 seconds.

18. Implicit

The theme finishes at 81 scores, and it is ideal for a site that is news-based. Readers want to get immersed in details that are visually presentable. It also has pop ups and animations, which improves the functionality of the website. Interestingly, the loading time of the theme remains 1.9 seconds.

19. Astra

Perhaps the most popular name in our listicle. Astra is a fast theme, and it is widely used in the market. In fact, over 200,000 websites on WordPress have installed this theme. It is extremely lightweight – 50 KB. Astra has always managed to impress everyone and receives quite a rating by users.

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So folks, developers and content creators on WordPress should definitely pay special attention to the loading time of the site. Remove a theme from WordPress, which is slow. Not just themes, there are also different other factors involved which can massively impact your site’s loading time. So, it is important to be mindful about everything.

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