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Fastest WordPress Hosting: How BionicWP Is Creating A Matchless Hosting Experience?

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Everyone wants a faster website browsing experience. The website owners try hard to give their visitors an experience they cannot forget. The reason behind this is that WordPress website speed is an issue that was not adequately addressed earlier. 

This problem occurs because most website owners and developers rely on frontend speed hacks that give no guarantee to succeed. Focusing on WordPress hosting environments can resolve the speed issue faster. 

As a website owner, you are working hard to optimise your website and close more sales. The good news is that the solution to slow WordPress sites is here. 

In this blog, we will walk you why having a fast WordPress Site is more crucial than ever before, what are the various hosting types & how BionicWP offers the fastest WordPress hosting.

Why is speed important?

There is so much competition out there. If you want to grab the attention of the user, you need to make your website faster. It has been concluded that you only have 7 seconds to grab the attention of the user. After that, the visitor moves on to the next website.

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This means you only have a small window of opportunity to grab the attention of the visitor. After the attention is lost, there is no way you can get it back. So, all of this gets down to WordPress hosting and how you optimize your website to make the user stay and reduce your bounce rate. 

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Moreover, Google gives page load speed significant importance over other factors while ranking a website in search results which means you have to ensure that your site’s page speed score is decent to ensure you sustain your hard earned rankings on SERPs.

Types of Web Hosting

As the name implies, this type of hosting service has shared resources with other people. For instance, the RAM, bandwidth, and processing speed are all shared with other websites. This is an ideal hosting service for people with a limited budget and no knowledge of web hosting. 

With a single server, multiple accounts (websites) can access it. And if one website takes more bandwidth, the other one cannot do anything about it regardless of all the optimisation done by the hosting service or the website itself. Similarly shared hosting comes with a lot of security issues which can compromise the websites data.

In dedicated hosting, you have the whole server for yourself. You are not sharing the server with anyone else, which means your WordPress hosting environment will be optimised for better speed. 

The most significant disadvantage of this type of hosting is the amount of knowledge you need to operate the server. At some point, you would have to hire a resource to handle the server. Moreover, it’s quite expensive, so you can always try this if you have a decent budget.

This is the type of hosting service with both shared and dedicated facilities. It’s a virtual hosting server hosted on one server which is not shared with anyone else.

You are the owner of your hosting server, and you set up your WordPress hosting server for yourself. The price is low if you compare it to a dedicated hosting server.

It is similar to virtual hosting, but here the hosting is done on a cloud server. Cloud hosting is fairly more stable than any other hosting type. 

The payment model is pay-as-you-go which means you just need to pay for the resources you’ve used in the cloud server. When you are running low on resources, you can always scale-up the service by opting for a bigger plan. 

Website owners are inclined towards using cloud hosting for their website due to the superior features and benefits offered by Cloud hosting.

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Cloud hosting has a lot of advantages but eventually, you need to set it up, manage it and ensure the security of the cloud server. This means you need to do the heavy lifting when you are using this type of server. 

But with a managed hosting cloud solution, like BionicWP, you don’t have to take care of the hosting server yourself. You’ll leave it for the experts, and they’ll configure and manage the hosting server themselves. 

BionicWP is a Managed Cloud Hosting Service that’ll take care of your managed WordPress hosting needs. If you are looking for the fastest WordPress hosting server, then you should definitely try us out.

Our team of WordPress experts will optimize your website and ensure that your site visitors have a premium experience on your site.

You can always begin with a free trial to experience the performance improvements that your site can have simply by migrating to BionicWP.

Features That Make BionicWP The Fastest WordPress Hosting In The Market

Our Hyper Optimized stack ensures our clients have super fast websites that offer premium user experience to all visitors. The stack provides a faster WordPress hosting environment which automatically improves the speed of the website.

BionicWP offers HTTP/2, which is an upgraded version of HTTP 1.1. It plays an important role in improving load times by reducing time it takes the server to respond. Hence, it directly contributes to improving loading times.

Unlike the former version (HTTP1.1) HTTP/2 allows multiple requests to be served simultaneously through a single TCP connection.

The time taken by a web hosting server to respond to a site’s users request is known as the server response time or Time To First Byte (TTFB).

When aiming to improve the speed of your WordPress site, it’s very important to ensure that the server response time is as low as possible.

Our team of WordPress experts monitor these metrics proactively to ensure that our clients website’s Server Response Time is optimal at all times.

CDN by BionicWP ensures that the content is shared on global servers. This improves the website speed as the content will be delivered by the servers nearest to the visitor. 

In addition to this, Hyper Optimized CDN allows users to experience blazing fast websites by simply optimizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of the website. As soon as a user migrates to BionicWP our team of WordPress engineers setup nitropack on their website. This allows them to achieve 90+
google page speed score at all times.

With just a few clicks you can easily update all of your WordPress Core, plugins & themes.

This feature allows you to ensure that your site is always in top-notch state and also ensure its safe from any hacking attempt due to outdated plugins.

If your plugins are not updated regularly, there is a chance that website speed will decrease. With BionicWP, you won’t have to worry about updating any themes or plugins. You’ll see when the update is available in the dashboard, and you can update it with a single click.

As soon as a client migrates their website to BionicWP, our team of WordPress engineers optimize their site in real time to ensure our clients site is hyper optimized. In additions, all websites on our platform are constantly monitored to ensure consistent fast load times

The best part is that you don’t have to work hard for it. Our team of WordPress engineers at BionicWP will completely take care of the optimization. 

If you are confused about the performance of BionicWP, do check out our
video testimonials and case studies on our website. It will ease some of your confusion.


Going forward, user experience and site speed are going to be far more crucial than they have ever been in history. If you are a webmaster and worried about your WordPress site’s speed, it is high time to fix the underlying issues. 

We hope that this blog post provided you with actionable information. In case you need any help in increasing your WordPress powered websites speed, get in touch today!

Let us manage your WordPress Website and attain true peace of mind.

Scale your business today.

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