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Finding the Perfect WordPress Theme

sample of a website with an elegant theme on multiple devices

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The design of your website is very important for increasing conversions. If your website looks chaotic or poorly-designed, it will drive visitors away. This is especially true if there are flashy elements with colors that are too bright, combined with text that is difficult to read – these features will give your visitors a headache and cause them to leave quickly. This decreases your ranking in search engines and with it the chance that anyone new will come to your site. But a well-designed site will keep people coming back, increasing the chance that they will convert from visitor to customer. You could hire a designer to give you a beautiful website, or you could save costs by doing it yourself. The best low-cost way of going about this is simply choosing the right WordPress theme. There are many, many options out there. These are the factors you should take into consideration when choosing the perfect WordPress theme for your website.


The simpler your website appears, the better. Simple does not need to mean boring. With the proper use of colors and placement of widgets and text, you can build a website that is appealing, but not overwhelming. Beware of so-called “elegant” themes that may have complicated layouts or an overabundance of features. Keep it simple.

Mobile Responsiveness

More and more people are searching for answers to questions via mobile devices, especially smartphones. Most WordPress themes are now responsive themes, meaning they can adapt to the smaller screens of phones and tablets. This allows users of these devices to see and navigate your site the way they were meant to. However, there are still some themes being sold that are not responsive. This can cost you conversions, as mobile users become frustrated and leave your site. Make sure the WordPress theme you choose can accommodate these visitors.

Browser Compatibilities

Similar to a responsive theme, you also want a theme that will adapt to multiple browsers. You can’t assume that every visitor to your site is using your preferred browser – they might be using Chrome or Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Not catering to these browsers could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost conversions! Choose a theme that will look great, no matter which device or browser your visitors might be using.

Plugin Compatibility

Plugins will keep your site running smoothly. Some may help with SEO, and others may keep your site more secure. Don’t limit yourself by choosing a WordPress theme that only works with certain plugins. Make sure it is compatible with any plugin you might need for your site.


Security should be one of the top priorities when you build your website. Some WordPress themes, especially free themes, may not offer as much security or may even hinder the overall security of your site. Choose a theme that will increase the security of your site and you won’t have to deal with breaches and crashes later.

Support From Developers

If you need help for any reason, the developer of the theme can help you set things right. Rather than struggling to figure things out yourself, it’s much better to contact the developer to ask questions. Some developers may only offer limited support for their themes, so you’ll need to be aware that you are on your own if you take a chance on those themes.


In order to keep your website running as smoothly as possible, its WordPress theme should be updated frequently. Premium themes feature the most frequent updates. Some free themes are updated, but perhaps not as often as their premium counterparts.


The final consideration is cost. You can completely eliminate your cost by going with free themes, but be aware that this comes with limited features, security, and support. On the other side, some premium themes can be quite expensive. Aim for somewhere in the middle, so you can control costs without losing the features that you need.

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