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Game Changer – Dean – TheWPHelp

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Hi demon Yola, from bug biz marketing, just want to give a quick shout out to WP help. And they’re amazing product. They’re hyper optimized website hosting, it’s been a real game changer for our company. But I have mixed emotions about giving this testimonial because, frankly, it’s one of our secret weapons. It’s one of the things we do, we like to go to our competitors, clients websites, and point out how slow their websites are and compare them to how fast our clients websites are.

We also like to take our clients and show them how their sites are before we’ve put them on this platform, and then show them after For example, we just did this for a client last week. And we took them from about an eight second loading speed to a two second loading speed. Now, if you compare that to cars, and zero to 60 mile per hour speeds, that’s like taking a typical Hyundai and comparing it to the world’s fastest production car. So it’s a very dramatic, very dramatic difference. Of course, that helps in conversions. And that also helps with local ranking as well. Beyond that, we found that the customer service is pretty fantastic.

You know, a lot of times you work with a hosting company and you just feel like a number. You know, it’s very technical and, you know, you go in there if you’re issues you’re going to be put on hold all these kind of things we found with this particular company with WP help that they really jump right on it, we get the issue solved right away. And I’ll tell you, we really appreciate that. So I highly recommend this product I’d ask is don’t tell any of my competitors

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