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Green on Green – Better SEO Rankings – Moved All Sites to BionicWP – Josh Nelson – Plumbing & HVAC SEO

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Hey, this is Josh Nelson with plumbing and HVAC SEO. And the seven figure agency wanted to shoot a quick video with my thoughts on the WP help Michael bourgueil. And their team, you know, as an agency working with several hundred plumbing HVDC companies throughout the country, trying to make sure they get great results that they’re well served. And we’re providing real class services. One of the big things we struggled with was load speed with our client sites.

You know, we build on WordPress, we spent a lot of time and energy really trying to optimize the load speed changing hosting providers from Rackspace to AWS to a couple of different providers, doing everything we thought we should and still struggling for whatever reason to get the websites to load at a high speed on gt metrics, and the other site speed testing tools on a consistent basis. And, you know, Michael bourgueil, brought to my attention. Look, we’ve got some very unique tech stacks that we can bring to the table to get your clients sites loading extremely, extremely quickly. And so I said, hey, look, let’s let’s give it a let’s give it a shot. And with with what his team did, he was able to take some of our top sites from scores of F’s and E’s, which blew my mind, and we tried so hard, and we would get it up faster for a little bit, and then it would drop back down for whatever we do. Because different things running in the background, I don’t even fully understand it.

He and his team came in, did their their work, and moved our sites all to green on green, and GT metrics. So 100 A’s across the board, we tested a couple sites, we rolled it out very slowly and consistently getting the green on greens. And so we’ve since moved all of our website speed optimization over to the WP help. And the service is fantastic. The results can’t be denied what we tried everything and this is actually working for us. And in addition to you know, having that answered, we’ll have a look how fast the site loads now, we’re seeing an increase in the SEO rankings without really changing a lot in terms of our off page on page stuff.

The same strategy just faster load speed is resulting in better rankings, which of course results in better results for the client, which of course results in better retention. So I cannot more highly recommend the WP help Michael vorgestellt and his team. And if you need to have much better load speed on your sites, you can’t go wrong with these guys. So that’s all for now.

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