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Digital marketing

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Digital Marketing is the primary mode of marketing in the world today. The world is vastly connected via the internet, and the number of users continue to rise on a daily basis. Billions of internet users can be treated as a whole community that is spending a substantial amount of time over the internet, browsing different platforms and resources, and basically operating in an inter-connected dimension of the digital realm.

The internet is one big marketplace where the public meet and exchange information. Therefore, it creates significant opportunities to get in touch with them, build interaction, and learn their feedback. Not just that, using multiple forms of communication, one can also reach out to internet users and convince them to make a purchase. That covers the basics of marketing, which for centuries has been done in conventional sorts. Today’s era is all about the digital landscape and its penetration into our lives, which creates a segment of internet users an audience and potential customers.

Understanding the digital marketing solution and its importance

The following points briefly cover the reasons why digital marketing is a success. You will find experts discussing the same factors in every digital marketing podcast:

Expanded Reach

As of 2019, the entire population over the internet has crossed over 4.33 billion active users. In marketing terms, these are treated as an audience that can be turned into paying customers. Marketers understand that the presence of billions of people over the web opens great opportunities to pitch them with targeted ads, promotional messages, and branded content. Internet users spend a considerable time of their day browsing different web applications and services which can incorporate promotional material and advertisements. Nowadays, every website, web or mobile app, video, audio, blog post, etc. over the internet carries promotional content to reach its audience. Marketers also understand that this is a more significant way to reach more and more people.

Balances Competition

In a traditional sense, startups and SMEs found it quite challenging to compete on stage with multi-billion dollar corporations who set aside a marketing budget amassing millions. This derailed competition and broadened the gap between small brands and larger ones. However, with digital marketing, a smaller brand can compete on the same stage with a bigger brand because now the game is about utilizing the right set of tools, resources, and devise effective strategies to get your message across. Hefty spending is long gone as the ideal instrument, and it is all about effective strategizing.


An essential aspect of digital marketing remains data and analytics. These are numbers, statistics, and insights on the internet audience. Brands can quickly learn about the scale of preferences, habits, demographics, mindsets, and other vital information about people which they utilize to create targeted ads. So, instead of carpet bombing a message, targeted advertisements can be formulated and only advertised to a segment of people who are most likely to relate with the content. This saves time and resources which can preferably be spent in other ways, and this brings to our next point…

Segmentation and Personalization

As talked about above, digital marketing allows more natural segmentation of an audience. It also creates a real opportunity for brands to learn valuable information about their customers and potential customers, and then modify their products or services, according to the data. On the other hand, users over the internet also have autonomy as they can choose what kind of content they should be viewing. If any promotional message does not feel right to them or is irrelevant, they can stop seeing or mention their invaluable feedback regarding how they perceive it.

Current Trends in Digital Marketing

Among the current trends include influencer marketing and data analytics. Influencers are key opinion leaders or celebrities with a vast reach and following over the web, and who can sway the purchasing power of their followers. This is why brands partner with them and these influencers endorse their products and services.

Analytics also goes a long way because marketers are increasingly shifting towards insights of consumers which they use to develop targeted ads. This is one of the biggest trends seen during political masses, public referendums, and election campaigns in different countries.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing – a Comparison!

Some points you may want to consider…

Data-driven: Digital marketing is driven by data. Search engines and analytics-based platforms share essential insights with marketers for them to use and improve on their promotional content.

Costs: Traditional marketing involves more stakeholders and acquiring more excellent resources, which can be costly. As a matter of fact, B2B and B2C vendors online offer flexible prices and establishing a setup generally costs low. For instance, BionicWP, a 24/7 WordPress hosting and maintenance platform that offers an array of tools, resources, and security services to business websites offers a money-back guarantee in their service.

Communication: Communication is more direct, consistent, and uninterrupted in digital marketing. Plus, marketers can benefit from the feedback.

Top Digital Marketing Certifications

You have got to check these out!

Google Adwords Certification: Google Adwords is a significant tool out there which marketers need to excel at. By acquiring a certification, it ensures that an individual holds excellence in the specific field.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification: HubSpot’s content marketing platform allows a person to engage and execute their content over digital platforms effectively. This certification is beneficial for landing lucrative jobs.

Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer: Ad copies and blogging are an integral part of digital marketing and using this certification, one can reach expert level in their career.

Facebook Ad Certification: Facebook Ads are an excellent way to reach people and generate sales leads. Execution of ads is critical, which is why this certification came into being to let individuals know exactly what works.

YouTube Certification: Of billions of users on the internet, a high number of them actively use YouTube which is why this certification was developed to help content creators learn knowledge of creating channels, running content, and monetizing it.

Cost effectiveness of Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing is perhaps the most cost-effective measure when it comes to spending on marketing campaigns. Instead of making costly flyers, billboards, banners, standees, etc. one can simply create virtual content that can be shared across multiple internet platforms and reach millions of people. Producing promotional material digitally is also cheaper. Just think of a Facebook post; if one platform shares it and has an outstanding reach, then a significant number of ways follow through.

Online resources to execute digital campaigns are also cheap and almost free of cost to acquire, such as one of the most useful platforms – Google Analytics.. The likes of social networks make it even easier to reach out to users spread globally.

So, all in all, it’s easier to say that…

Digital marketing has emerged to be the foreground of marketing activity. Developments are still taking place in terms of enhancing and improving the resources out there to reach higher levels of success. Considering how the number of internet users grows, multiple kinds of web-based content emerge, and the concept of a hyper-connected world, it can be assertively said that digital marketing remains the most crucial aspect of marketing now.

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