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Help Produce Results Faster for Clients – Johnathan Henderson

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Hey, so my name is Jonathan Henderson and I want to make this quick testimonial for the WP help because they’ve been awesome, right? So I run a digital marketing agency for pressure washing businesses. And so we do the digital marketing like builds websites, Google Ads do SEO and things like that, right. And so when we’re doing SEO, we found that we were spending a lot of our bandwidth and a lot of our time trying to optimize, you know, the websites by like, compressing the images, you know, what I mean, finding different hosts that could cache things like WP Engine, as such, right?

So, when I found Michael and you know, of doing the WP help, Dave helped me tremendously my agency, and they’ve helped us like produce results faster for our clients, right? Usually will would take about, you know, a month for us to optimize for our clients websites to get there’s, you know, PageSpeed under three seconds, it takes them one to two days, right? They’re very responsive. You know, every time I send them an email, it gets responded to like within about 30 minutes or less, you know, sometimes five, sometimes two minutes, you know, I know they’re real busy guys, but my requests are always handled in a timely fashion, right.

So if you’re looking for if you’re looking for very good results, and you’re looking for very fast results, as well, if you’re looking to kind of you know, free up a lot of time that you have for your team, I definitely recommend the BionicWP.

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