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Hey, I’m rose. I’m the owner and founder of McDonald’s bookkeeping services. And I’m here to just give a really great review to Michael Actually, I found them on Fiverr. And I was just in a really bad last minute situation that had just been ongoing for a long time, and finally just needed to make a change.

And they really helped me really expeditiously, I mean, really quickly and didn’t even charge me and I remember I was saying, look, you know, if you can fix that, just send me the invoice, I’ll pay for it. And he was just like, just tell me what you need us to do. So we can just fix it and just get it done, which I really, really appreciate it. And then of course, just making a whole lot of changes that I needed. And it happened very fast. I think it’s not just because it happened quickly because it was efficient. But they really just did a really good job. So now I’m actually going to be a client of theirs and I will be utilizing their monthly service, as well as I refer to somebody else who will be using their service.

So I just have to say they have, they did a really great job. And their customer service is really nice. And I like the fact that they called me was willing to do a screen share. I mean, it was it was just really so nice to see. So anyway, um, you know, I hope they do well and have a great future. I really, really recommend them. Anyway, Bye, everybody.

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