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How Artificial Intelligence can help with WordPress

Artificial Intelligence and WordPress

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We have seen artificial intelligence, deep learning, and other variants every day, but do we have artificial intelligence and WordPress initiatives that could lead to practical improvements?

Yes, we do!

The idea is to use massive data processing, generate knowledge, and from there, turn it into intelligence to help us in many aspects. WordPress already has a large mass of third party plugins and services available to the community, which help at various points. Some may even use these features, and we still do not know for sure.

But what is artificial intelligence for?

It serves to automate. It helps and removes manual or repetitive tasks. But the part we really enjoy is that it does some things better than us, and faster.

In fact, while many people condemn AI due to many reasons, we think it will help us considering many points as well, including improving areas where our knowledge is limited, or the tasks we dislike doing or in situations where we fail to evolve.

While content production is important and critical today, working and improving the text, such as SEO optimization, image insertion, and even text enhancement, can be pretty mind-numbing tasks.

Who does not ignore this, loses valuable time. So getting help is always a good thing. With artificial intelligence, it is our understanding that we will win greatly with it.

And, how will artificial intelligence help your blog?

Since the basic idea is about allowing algorithms and smart systems to carry out the task of processing, analyzing, etc. we can see massive improvements in general areas of blogging. Artificial intelligence initially would be extremely helpful in the following:

  • Improve your content in general
  • Improve your SEO and the visibility of your blog
  • Automate the first level of customer service and improve sales in your platform
  • And relate content to improve the user experience on your blog

We strongly believe in the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence. And, while you are reading this, we believe you are already testing some of the most powerful AI-powered plugins.

What are you going to do about it? For support and maintenance non-related to WordPress AI and machine learning, you can simply rely on your hosting provider. Just like BionicWP which commits to offer an all-rounded service package for its customers.

Let us take into consideration the first glimpse of artificial intelligence by understanding the following plugins that are powered using innovative technology:


Aimojo is a revamped version made by the authors of another plugin known as Affinitomics. Aimojo has certain taxonomies that are capable of increasing the contextual value of content. Why is this even important for your blog? You may ask.
Because this can improve the results prompted by a search, creating lists of links and contextual menus, thus facilitating the use to visitors and optimizing your site’s conversion rate on the web.

Taxonomies have a tendency to organize themselves, and also have an ability to learn each and every experience. There are three types:

  • Descriptors in order to maintain neutral relationships (works just like tags)
  • Draws in order to maintain positive relationships
  • Distances in order to process negative relationships

The team of the plugin has also worked on an additional plugin that allows you to convert your current tags and categories into smart taxonomies.


MyCurator is an innovative content curation resource that allows WordPress administrators to discover viral and quirky custom content based on the needs of their niche. The artificial intelligence of MyCurator is able to eliminate those irrelevant articles that you usually find in Google Alert or RSS feed notifications. It is possible to train the plugin of MyCurator also through positive and negative votes to the different contents.

If you are educating the artificial intelligence of the plugin, you will run into interesting content in the long run. You can rule that MyCurator carries out content curation job on a daily basis at a certain time. In addition, it has two bookmarklets that allow you to manually save content you find interesting when you browse the web.

Kindred Posts

This plugin allows you to put a widget on the sidebar that is capable of recommending suitable content to your website visitors. Kindred Posts uses the technology of artificial intelligence in order to acquire information about users’ preferences themselves and offers suggestions regarding content on the basis of their likes and dislikes. Their recommendations become more and more specific the longer users navigate through your WordPress.

In addition, this plugin has the possibility of adding sGoogle Analytics tracking. This way, you can effectively find out exactly which recommendations have been used to see if the plugin is really paying off, or not.

Live Chat + Chatbox

The Chat + Chatbox plugin offers you support for customers and web based chat service that allows you to manage an infinite number of clients 24/7, that is, at all times. Chatbots are an innovative example of AI. The smart Chatbox observes how you usually communicate with your target audience and, most surprising of all. It learns your ways.

The plugin uses an automated feature to create its knowledge base and acts by itself, answering customers with relevant answers. If we enter into the operation of the plugin, we must say that the language processing functionality that the tool has, connects the questions with keywords and automatically prompts a set of questions and answers. So, we see how artificial intelligence evolves tech support.

Did You Mean Plugin

Did You Mean is another powerful and highly useful plugin that you can incorporate in your WordPress practices. It allows you to manage 404 error pages in a smarter way, making them much more usable. Did You Mean works in an effective way, and it does not require any configuration.

This plugin shows a widget on the established sidebar that only appears on error pages 404. Its operation, which in the first place might seem simple, is internally too complex.

Following the search pattern of the user who has reached the error page, it shows the post contextually closest to that search. And not only that, it has other additional functionality. It gives visitors recommendations on how to use the page’s search engine. A true artificial intelligence that helps you find what you are looking for.

What’s that Tony?

So yes, soon it’ll be normal to see Artificial intelligence and WordPress go hand in hand. In the near future, we are bound to see more developments and advancements in the way some of the smartest plugins behave.

It definitely entails an exciting prospect, and we are gearing up for a future where we would see artificial intelligence technology assimilated in almost every aspect of the business landscape. Maybe artificial intelligence websites and more!

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