How Customers Find You Through Local SEO

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Are you trying to find customers in your area for your business? Businesses can find more customers if they use local SEO and WordPress. There is competition everywhere, so your business website should have the best services to keep your customers coming to your website. Learn more about how local SEO and WordPress can help you find more local customers.

Local SEO and WordPress

What is local SEO? Local SEO helps market any type of online business for your area. This means you can market your products or services to your local customers whenever they search your kind of business online. For example, if they are searching for some local coffee, then your cafe will be listed on the top when you have Local SEO working for you.

WordPress is another way you can gain loyal customers because it has several plugins and features that make it valuable in gaining more local customers. By showing your customers that your website has all the information for your customers is essential in keeping loyal customers.

One of the most important information you should have on your website is a contact page. Everyone is skeptical these days with all the hackers and scammers roaming around the internet. By having a legit contact page that tells your customers you are indeed a real business, you will help gain their trust. Your customers can also contact you and communication with your customers can also help them become loyal to your business.

Making it easier for customers to find you

Local SEO is very important if you are a business that utilizes their website to get more local customers. You can get professional experts to help you increase your customers or client list by making your local SEO greater than your other competitors in your area.

You want your business to be the top five or top ten on the “near me” list local businesses in your area. If your business is number 58, then chances are no one will click through all those other listing pages to find your great business. That’s why having local SEO can help your business so much. Utilizing local SEO can make it easier for your customers to find you instead of your competitors. Your customers want the best and being on the “near me” list will help them find the best ones for them.

Many legitimate and professional businesses also take advantage of Google My Business. This is where your customers can find valuable information like your business hours, directions on Google Search and Maps, and your phone number.

Who hasn’t tried to find their favorite restaurant’s hours to see if they’re open? We all take advantage of businesses who use Google My Business because we’ve become used to it. Therefore, if you haven’t got yours up and running, you could be losing business.

Your competitors will use Google My Business to take over your potential customers. Customers use the internet more than searching in the phone book or store by a store like they used to do. Instead, people use online resources to figure out the best businesses for their purposes. This means if a business doesn’t have Google My Business, people will think you aren’t as great as the other ones even if yours is the best there is.

WordPress for Search

WordPress has several plugins and other essential features that allow you to help your customers find your business. WordPress has some great map and social media plugins that make it easier for your customers to find you and pick you over other competitors in the area.

Google Maps

Who doesn’t use Google Maps to get around these days? Everyone wants to know how to get to their local restaurants or where the closest UPS store is located. Google Maps is so popular, but so is directions to your business.

However, people don’t always use maps to get directions. There are other creative ways to use maps on your website. For example, if you wanted your customers to know where parking lots are located for your business, being able to show where your door delivery are located, and so much more for your customers. All you have to do is add some unique plugins on your WordPress website to portray various aspects involving locations and pictures of places are important to your customers.

Sharing Social Media

Keeping an online presence through social media can also help potential customers find your business. WordPress allows you to add plugins such as GetSocial to get customers to share your website on social media. These plugins can help maintain communication between current and potential customers. They will be able to spread how great your business is to other people in your area.

If you have any questions concerning WordPress or local SEO, contact All Things BionicWP. We are always there to answer your questions concerning WordPress.

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