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How Do I Use Rich Media on My WordPress Site?

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By using a variety of exciting and interesting media types such as images, videos, and music you can generate more interest from customers to your small business site. There are several ways you can make your website more stimulating while still being able to easily navigate, plus you can subtly add SEO keywords.

By using media you are more likely to get repeat customers coming back to your WordPress site.

What is Media?

There are hundreds of thousands of websites across the world wide web, for a thousand different purposes and reasons. Competition is bound to be fierce no matter what kind of small business you have. That is why using media is so important, to clarify this is not social media that’s an entirely different thing.

Equally as valuable absolutely, but not what this article is referring to. We will discuss the value behind having things such as images, videos, even music on your WordPress website to attract users to look further into what you are offering.

Using Images

It might seem obvious that you are going to use images on your WordPress site. It’s not often you will see a website devoid of images, but it certainly would be a negative. There are always dependent on the style of your site.

If you’re in a field involving eCommerce, in nearly any way, pictures are very important. When people are buying online you can never have enough photos, people always want to know exactly what they are purchasing. You can add a beautiful, well-written product description, but at the end of the day, it will be the pictures that help the customer decide.

Having one photo is great, but having four is going to make the average shopper much happier. If you are not working with products then consider using extra relevant images in your blog posts to split up large paragraphs. This is a great way to keep people entertained when reading something heavy.

Another benefit to images throughout your website is SEO (search engine optimization), a clever way to add more keyword to your website without overusing terms in your blog posts as a small business is through photo titles. By using an SEO title on your photos successfully you can increase your placement in search engines.

Consider adding an image header to your home page with photos that automatically change or can be tabbed through to catch peoples eyes when they are first clicking onto your page. If the photos are professional and applicable you are likely to have someone stay and find out more about your website. For enhancing it even further, you can opt for an image optimization WordPress plugin. WordPress Image Optimizer plugins can be a huge help in this regard.

There are plenty of WordPress Themes that are great for people who use a lot of photos or are wanting something eCommerce styled. Portfolios are also a great option if you are using your small business website to display previous works and image related content.

Videos On Your WordPress Website

Images and video content can have some similar uses, but sometimes a video can have more of an impact that an image. There are hundreds of possibilities for video types to add to your website! Here a couple to get your mind going: How To, Message from Company Leaders, Explainer, and Commercials.

There are several eCommerce clothing websites that have taken this style of presentation to heart and added small video clips to each product. Without a doubt seeing the dress in360-degree format is an excellent way to get shoppers to see if it is for them. This method also brings a very professional feel to your website making you stand out against the competition.

If you are selling something with a luxury price tag or it is complex to use adding how to videos with your products could be a fantastic idea. For example, if you sell computer software adding how to videos for installation and beginner use would undoubtedly boost sales.  Double that by using Managed WordPress and you website is going to go far!

Websites that have high educational use are also great options for videos describing topics or explaining how to do something. While a video involving company leaders could make your business more approachable!

Sound: Yes or No?

Of the different types of rich media, this is definitely the one you want to consider most of all; most adults are not looking to be bombarded by sound when clicking on a website. However, if you have a website dedicated to and for children this could be a good approach.

Sounds that happen when clicking on certain things and music that plays on specific pages could be a hit with the right audience creating an exciting environment. This is especially the case for youth based educational websites, to help young minds stay focused on learning through audio.

A more adult oriented method of sound could be adding podcasts to your website, but best to not have it start autoplaying. Using podcasts can be a great method for shoppers who can listen to what you have to say while also shopping for merchandise.

Media Is A Great Option

In total adding more media is an excellent choice for creating more interesting features to your small business WordPress site. Standing out among the competition is hard so look for any way you can generate extra interest while still being aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate!

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