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WordPress website cost

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Currently, there are 400 billion active sites and many will think that creating a web page does not require much time or that it is not necessary to have certain training. However, creating a web page from scratch requires a lot of work and normally, those who do not know what the process is are the ones who mostly doubt the final price.

What does the price of a website on WordPress depend on?

If you have ever asked yourself the question “how much does a web page in WordPress cost” to anyone, it is very likely that they have not answered you with certainty. As the perfect answer to this mystery is accompanied by a “depends on”, we will add all the assumptions that can vary the price of a WordPress website.

There are endless questions to ask before launching a final price to the project. All these aspects are adding or subtracting hours of work, which in the end is the variable that is most taken into account when monetizing. In addition, you will also need hosting services from a hosting provider like BionicWP in order to host your WordPress site. The price could range from monthly to annual packages, all depends on how you want it as the Website maintenance cost, truly managed hosting platform, blazing-fast speeds for your website along with plenty more services are all already included in their packages.

Types of web pages

It is probably the first question we must ask ourselves. We already know that we want to do it with the WordPress CMS, currently the best option to have a good SEO positioning and a good responsive design. But what is the exact purpose of the website?

What types of web pages can we identify? How to start a sports blog or even a food blog? A blog could be anything you want! Like many classifications, there are different aspects that we could establish as variables.

Time to cover some of the most common types of websites considering the popular businesses of today:

Corporate website

A website displaying detailed information about a company or institution. On these pages, you can show the main products or services, but at no time do you have the option of making an online purchase.

Services website

A company website focused on showing the services of said company with the option of hiring them directly through it or at least being able to directly contact the commercial department. The usual thing is not to have a payment gateway, but there are exceptions.

Portfolio or personal website

A web page that shows in a very visual way different works or projects of a person or group.

Online store

Pure and hard e-commerce. A website where you can buy certain products through different payment gateways.

The complexity of creating a corporate website is not the same as making an online store.

Thus, the price of an online store is usually higher than that of a service website, since the import of the products must be added; the integration of the payment gateway, among other aspects that can give problems or be complicated to install. Ecommerce sites are important and in fact, by 2022, the total spending in the US on these sites will reach $638 billion.

Website design Price

The most common thing when developing the web in WordPress is a predefined theme. There are thousands of different themes and payment templates in the network.

Obviously, those that are free since they do not offer any type of customization. Although the web designer himself can create his own theme and adapt it to the exact taste of the client.

Either of these two options will require the work of a designer, since, although it seems that creating a website with a template is simple, it is not.

And this can be customized using CSS. However, in the face of the price of a website in WordPress, it is important to know how far this customization goes.

When very intricate specifications are required, the costs will be higher. When it is a fully customized web design, the price grows. You will find this option in different web design services for small businesses.

Include a blog

Any of these pages can incorporate a blog within it. A blog allows you to carry out a content marketing strategy and improve the natural positioning of a website. It is essential to have a blog on any website.

A blog is not complicated to add, so it will not greatly affect the final price of the web. Of course, the articles to be published are totally separate.

Web structure

This is one of the most important elements to create a web page since it is the basis on which the information is based. It is one of the first aspects that must be identified to answer the question of how much a web page in WordPress costs.

How many pages does the client want to create? How many services does the company have? How will the user communicate with the client? In addition, it is essential to create a good structure for the SEO positioning of the web.

The size of the web page and its complexity will affect the final price of the project since the more internal pages you have, the longer it will take to develop.

Text and content

Although not always taken into account, texts on a website are essential. The description of the services; the details of the products that are for sale or the corporate values ​​of a company.

These texts must convey a series of concepts and are necessary for SEO. And they are not easy to write since customers think we know everything about their business, but they usually do not give any information.

This aspect is simple to assess. If the client wants the company to write the texts to be included or if they request an SEO optimization of these, the price increases proportionally to the size of the website. It is not the same to optimize three service pages than 1,000 products.

Corporate identity

The characteristics that you want to transmit through the web; the colours and the typeface or any other point to consider in the face of the corporate identity that the web will have. Also, does the company or person request the website has a corporate identity created? Well, if you do not have it, it is usually budgeted separately.

Simple. The price of corporate identity is added to the price of the website.


Many a times there are clients who ask for a page that is very visually appealing. Sliders with several images or custom header. A good WP header for your website is surely important but then if you don’t give the same attention to the visuals as well then it becomes a problem.
On many occasions, it will be interesting to make a photographic report of the business, in order to have its own photographs that do not give any problem with image rights. However, this increases the price of a web in WordPress.

The possibility of using paid photographs or free banks will be another variable that will affect the final price of the website.

Website design cost

The creation of very complicated contact forms; the design of banners for certain places on the web; the integration of a specific CRM or other unusual elements, will make the final price of the website increase considerably.

So how much does WordPress website cost?

The exact price for a website with this CMS is determined according to the level of development, based on the above assumptions, the results that you want to achieve and the involvement in hours of the web designer. Once all the information is available and the structure and contents to be included in the web have been previously studied, it usually takes an average of 40 hours to design the entire web page.

To this, we must add the time that the designer spends talking with the client and subsequent changes. This may seem silly or does not really require a high level of work. Nothing is further from reality.

It is generally recommended to work with two rounds of changes within the final price of the web since we have the extra work that we will have to do once we deliver our web design proposal to the client.

Sounds good no? Now that you have a fair idea, it’s time you give some thought to this and make your decision 🙂

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