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How the WordPress Content Management System Works for You

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For those of you new to creating your own website, you might not know what CMS is. Here’s a little more information about CMS and how you can use it for your business. Learn more about how an expert and hosting helps your business thrive.

What is CMS?

Do you know what CMS is? CMS stands for content management system. CMS software such as WordPress enables users to control their own written and photographic content, editing and publishing content online for everyone to see. From written work such as blogs to photographs for your catalog of products, WordPress allows their users to have absolute control over your overall design, files, documents, and so much more.

For those of you who have no clue how to use a code for your website, you are in luck with the useful and free WordPress. WordPress makes everything simple for those who aren’t as technical as developers who can read and manipulate their own codes.

What exactly does everyone use WordPress for? Bloggers, photographers, businesses, and universities are just some types of people who take advantage of WordPress. You can easily create a photography website that showcases your photography skills with your own photos. Arranging your photos the way you want makes WordPress a go-to CMS because it allows you this kind of freedom while also making the process simple and fast. Creating a business website can be a fast process if you know how you want your layout and design of your website to appear.  

However, if you want to build a business website that has your products listed, shopping cart, and so forth, you can make that happen as well.

How the experts work for you

Not all of us can read or understand how to code on WordPress. Therefore, having an expert code your theme or add other excellent features can benefit your website. The modifications they do might cost you, but in the long run, they will help you build more traffic. Having a unique business website can make you stand out against your competitors.

It seems like such a little thing, but a website that’s easier to navigate or has some cool features can help you draw in more traffic for your business. The money for the professional customizations will be small in comparison to all the attention an exceptional, professional website can produce. They can make your website how you want it to look and do.

However, there are some changes that you might have to hire a developer who specializes in reading and altering code for more complex changes to your website. This could range from making your home page only list blog excerpts instead of the whole blog to customizations of how your pictures are presented on your website.

WordPress customizations available

Do you know all the customizations WordPress has available for your business website? There are several ways to alter your website to your specifications. You don’t even have to pay for developers to customize your website if you don’t want to, because WordPress makes customizing your own website easy and fast.


These customizations can vary from changing the color scheme of your website to how many columns your Home Page contains. You can do all sorts of changes at a push of a button after you click on customize:

  • Navigation bar
  • Header
  • Other color changes
  • Appearance
  • Widgets
  • More menus

Of course, these are just brief examples of all the customizations you can do yourself on WordPress. It can be a bit confusing if you haven’t done it before, but with a little trial and error, it can become quite easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

If you want to add a blog to your website, some WordPress themes allow you to add a blog easily. However, some themes don’t let you do this so you might consider choosing another theme. It’s up to you how much you want to alter or leave as is, but the more you change, the more unique your business website is to your customers.

Do you want to add a blog or portfolio on your business website? You can take advantage of WordPress multipurpose feature to add a blog or portfolio to your website. Adding a blog to your website can be beneficial to your business because you can gain more traffic to your site. SEO likes to rank websites that have a blog higher than if they don’t. It can also create more trust between you and your customers.

Your expertise can be shown by the blogs you write and keep your customers clicking on your website to read more blogs. This can help since they might buy more products and reading blogs can convince them to buy products they normally wouldn’t. Blogs help businesses because they don’t shove products and services into people’s faces. Instead, you can make convince them to buy your products but in a more subtle way.

If you have any questions concerning CMS or WordPress, contact BionicWP. We are always there to answer your questions concerning WordPress.

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