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How to Advertise with WordPress

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By using WordPress advertising plugins you are able to generate more income to support your company or other premium site changes. WordPress offers a variety of these plugins so you can pick the one that works the best for you.

WordPress advertising is the best way to monetize your account or website by placing different ads or by using different advertising plugins. Although there are different programs to advertise with WordPress, their most effective and official advertising program is through WordAds.

However, a number of other plugins are also being used to advertise with WordPress. In order to advertise with your WordPress website, you need to decide which plugin you want to use and then advertise through them. This article will go through a variety of advertising plugin types and what they have to offer to maximize profit.


In the era of WordPress Advertising, Wordads is the most widely used plugin. On billions or even trillions of WordPress websites, the Wordads plugin is used to create and display amazing ads. The most useful feature of Wordads is that you don’t need to learn the coding for creating your ad.

The WordPress Hosting Team will do it for you and your relevant ads will be displayed at the bottom of your screen, from there you can choose about which one you want to finalize and share with people. In this way, it makes you just a step away from making large revenues.

Ads Pro Plugin

Ads Pro Plugin is also a widely used plugin on WordPress Hosting websites due to its more

advanced features and low cost. It offers you almost 20 different templates for advertising with WordPress and you can easily choose any one of them.

This is a premium plugin, so you have to purchase it before creating your ads. Once you purchase and install it with your WordPress, different ad creation templates and features will be given to you for creating your ad. The front-end interface is very easy to create and manage your ads and share it with your desired viewers. It also allows you to use the geo-targeting feature, or either filter it on specific categories of audiences.

WP Pro Advertising System

Through the WP Pro advertising system, you can easily create your ad and advertise through it to generate profits. This plugin is provided to you with its own specified banner ad creator that makes it very easy for you to create your advertisement. It provides you a visual HTML5 banner creator in which you can create your advertisement.

In order to create an ad, you don’t need to write the coding, but you just need to select, drag, and drop your items into it. Then, you can also drag them to and forth to keep order and add animations and effects into it. Once your ad is done, click on publishing your ad. Through using this simple advertising system, you can easily advertise with WordPress Hosting sites.

Ultimate Ads Manager

Just like other WordPress plugins for advertising your content, Ultimate Ads Manager is also widely used and top recommended advertising plugin. It offers you two ways to create your ad. The first is that you can create your own ad, and the second is that you can simply paste your content into the Adsense Code. You will see there, a small code for different ads and you can select which one you want to display.

Once your ad is finalized and displayed, the ultimate ads manager will give you the opportunity to view and manage your ad and see its analytics. Through ultimate ads manager, you can easily create, manage, and display your ad within minutes through its simplest interface and availability of shortcodes. From your WordPress dashboard, you can instantly view your ad statistics at any time and improve your ad on your WordPress Hosting site.


You can also enjoy doing WordPress Advertising through AdRotate plugin; a full-featured advertising platform where you can easily create your ads in a most attractive and eye-catching way. It allows you to create and manage as many ads as you want with AdRotate. In order to design your ad, you will see a number of options that you can choose and most part of your ad will be done.

There are ready to use features that you can choose to insert in your content to create an easy ad. However, it also offers you the facility to create your ad from the scratch solely by yourself through writing the codes in multiple languages e.g. HTML or CSS, etc. Then, you can also edit and manage your ad as many times as you want before displaying it.

No matter which plugin you choose to advertise your site, make sure to first choose the best hosting site for your website. The highly recommended one is the Managed WordPress that is currently being used all over the world due to its amazing features and benefits.

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