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How to build a Website on WordPress in 20 minutes!

Build a successful WordPress Website

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According to CodeinWP, WordPress runs 35% of the web. In this article, we will talk about the most popular content management system and how exactly you can build a Website on WordPress in a short amount of time. We will answer the following questions:

  • Is it easy to make a website on WordPress, as many claim?


  • Is it possible to create an effective website on this CMS absolutely free?


  • What plugins should be used if your resource is powered by WordPress CMS?


  • What are the best website layouts?


Building a website on WordPress: The main stuff!

We asked one of our colleagues (who is not a developer, although he has been collaborating with developers for many years) to create a simple site. And guess what? It took him about 20 minutes!
This site has turned out with…

1.   Design. Standard and primitive. Not too bad for starters!

2.   A database for storing texts and other information.

3.   The administrative panel. Then again it is a site created in 20 minutes and could be edited when it comes to changing themes, add new pages and posts, install plugins, etc. Note that it was an incredibly convenient panel — perhaps the most convenient of those available in standard CMS.

4.   Secure HTTPS protocol.

It should be noted that…

We assisted in creating a resource on a sub-domain. If you need to register a domain, you are unlikely to meet the deadline in 20 minutes, especially if you are doing this for the first time.
We already had a ready hosting after all we’re BionicWP. So yes, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that it also takes some time to register and pay for hosting.

In any case, we are sure that creating a WordPress site from scratch (without hosting and a registered domain) should take no more than 3 hours. Even if you are not a developer and do not plan to become one. Yes, making a site on CMS WordPress with best web layouts and website elements is really as simple as many claim.

Below we have prepared a set of brief instructions – we told how our colleague made the site in 20 minutes, which we just mentioned. With our tips, creating a resource on WP will be even easier for you.

How to Build a Website on WordPress: A simple step by step process.

Step 1:   First, you need to add a new site to the hosting that you have chosen. Before this, you must register a domain for a new site. We decided in this article not to describe the details of domain registration. There are plenty of instructions on this subject.

Step 2:   If hosting allows (and 90% of modern hosting allows), you can and should connect the free HTTPS Let’s Encrypt protocol to the domain. Usually, for this, it is enough to press one button or mark one tick. Now we do not mention paid HTTPS protocols, because the article, as already mentioned, is for beginners who need a simple site without unnecessary functionality.

Step 3:   Now you need to download the latest version of WordPress. You can always find it at the link: https://wordpress.org/download/.

Pay attention to the weight of the CMS files. Less than 10 MB.

Step 4:   After that, you need to upload the downloaded files to the hosting. It is better to do this using FTP (there must be detailed instructions on the hosting), but it is also possible using the hosting admin panel features.

Important! You need to download only the CMS files. You can download the archive from the official WordPress site. It must be unpacked into a folder (it will be titled something like this: WordPress-4.9.1). Do not move the entire folder to the host. Only its contents: a folder called wp-admin, a folder called wp-content, and a folder called WP-includes, and files with the extension .php, .txt, and .html.

Even more important!! Dealing with FTP, uploading files to the hosting and practically any other tasks that we have already mentioned and will talk about in the article will help technical support of the hosting. Ask questions via chat or email support. Do not be afraid. They are used to give detailed answers to the most basic questions. If there are no answers, think again whether you choose the right hosting. Speaking of which, BionicWP has budget friendly hosting and maintenance packages for both aspiring new independent bloggers and even agencies looking for a solution for their clients, check out out packages here.

Step 5:   At this stage, you need to type a link in the browser line of the form https: // site / wp-admin. That is, you need to add / wp-admin to the address of your site.

Now you need to select the language (WordPress has an excellent Russian version, just saying) and then click the Continue button.

Step 6:   When this window appears, enter the database name, username and password. Pay attention to the “Prefix tables”. It is advisable to specify a unique prefix. Such a simple procedure should increase the security of your resource (protect it from so-called SQL injections). We also want to say about the item “Database Server”. In 99% of cases, there is nothing to change. Leave localhost and click Submit.

Step 7:   At this stage, you need to enter the site name, username, password and working Email. It says that you cannot worry, because all the settings can be changed. Nevertheless, if this is your first time creating a site on WordPress, we highly recommend that you carefully fill out all the fields. It is especially important to use a reliable, valid Email and keep the password in a safe place. It’s better to come up with your password right away.

If you leave the one that is generated by WP, ​​you always have to copy it from a text document. Remember the combination of numbers and symbols that WordPress offers is unrealistic. It is also advisable to choose a unique username. This also plays a small role in improving the security of the site. However common the name is (like Admin), the easier it is for attackers to gain access to the admin panel.

Step 8: Now you need to enter the name and password that you created in the previous step.

Step 9: That’s it! You have a fully functional site. Right now you can add the page “About Us” and a page with a beautiful description of your services and start to benefit from it.

Perhaps for a person who has never dealt with sites, our instructions will seem complicated. You may have to contact the technical support of the hosting several times. Perhaps not everything will work out the first time. Anyway, you will have your own website, despite not having to study programming, design or having funds to pay a professional development team.

We agree that the site on WordPress can be made as simple and quick as possible. But will this be a quick and easy solution? Will it attract customers to your business? That all depends on many things, such as what sort of content you’re publishing, are you being persistent with your website, whether you’re optimizing keywords for SEO etc. To be honest there are tons of things and you could check out our other blogs for all the lessons you need on running a successful WordPress website, for now give yourself a pat on the back because you know how to build one! 🙂

For the site to start selling, additional settings are needed, you need to invest time and money. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the simplest and most free WordPress solutions cannot always benefit your business. You can revive the design, increase the functionality and security of the resource on WP using relatively inexpensive templates and plugins.

If you decide to save as much as possible when creating a website on WP, do not hesitate to contact the technical support of your hosting and be sure to install the secure HTTPS protocol immediately – it’s simple, it’s free, and it will help save a lot of time in the future.

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