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How to build loyalty and trust with your website visitors

loyalty and trust with your website visitors

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Having a loyal audience to your website that completely trusts you is an achievement on its own. You know the wave of euphoria that runs down your body when someone is absolutely sure about you, yes, we are talking about that. It is not just about feeling good, though. Visitors who put their loyalty and trust in you are good for business too, or any other reason there may be for which you have a running website for.

It is important that you learn the importance of elements such as loyalty and trust and develop them in people who visit your website. Now there are several ways to do this, and we have come up with just the right tips and tricks to get it done.

Trust is a very sensitive thing, and it takes some time to build up, so you’ve got to have patience. Let’s look at eight important things that lead to loyalty and trust among your website visitors:

1.   A top-notch website design!

Imagine a really delicious cookie packed in a mediocre-looking package. It ruins the whole feel of it, right? Now imagine having great content on your website, but it is in no way complemented by the overall design. It simply ruins the credibility and loses the convincing power.

You have to make sure you understand your audience. Once you know what attracts them, just give them that. The visuals are extremely important for a website. A professional design or something cute or stylish, depending on the target audience and how it complements the content or the product or service you are providing would do the job.

2.   The simpler, the better.

Let’s look at it this way – When in an exam, you see a complicated math problem, it just makes your anxiety even if the solution is easy. Similarly, if your website looks too complicated and requires some understanding to go about, it won’t leave a good impression.

Complications lead to doubts about authenticity and credibility. Trying to sound over smart and throwing your intellect on the site will simply confuse the visitor without them understanding much of what you put out.

So keep things as simple as possible and use everyday language to convey your purpose, unless it is a professional website. Even then use words that are more commonly used.

3.   Take Security Seriously, Very Seriously!

One of the biggest concerns of people surfing the internet is cybercrime which is on the peak in today’s world. If you take the security of your website lightly, then you are in trouble my friend.

Even a single cybercrime incident related to your website will ruin the image and lose all the trust. A simple sorry won’t fix anything and the trust will be lost for a pretty long time and will only return with scars and unhealed wounds.

In simpler words, the relationship you have with the visitors is based on security, and if you strengthen the security, the visitors and trust are here to stay.

4.   The faster, the better!

Now nobody likes to wait even though nothing good ever comes easy. People always want easy and fast so to complement the simplicity of the website, make it fast.

It’s mostly the lazy people on the internet, and given how fast the world is moving, nobody has an extra 15 seconds to wait for a website to load. Also, important, speed brings authenticity as the faster the website, the higher the credibility. It gives less time for people to contemplate and have any doubts.

Now, speed may sound very complicated to control, right? Not as much as you think. You need to make sure that your web pages are minimized in size and it will reduce the load time. However, if this is something you don’t feel confident about, signing up with BionicWP can keep your website’s speed optimized without haunting you at night – they’re available at your service 24/7, so relax and lay it all on them!

5.   Don’t play tricks.

Have you ever come across something like, “Sign Up or miss a lifetime opportunity”? Avoid that! This is a bad tactic to make people do what you want them to do. Come up with better marketing strategies but don’t play with their heads. Many people will fall for it, but then again, many will know what you are trying to do. And even if you are doing nothing wrong, they will become suspicious.

6.   Don’t annoy people.

Do you know how it gets annoying when you receive the same email over and over again? Now imagine doing this to people. It gets annoying and annoying ruins the image. Nobody will trust you because why would a good website have to resort to such practices to bring their stuff to people’s attention. It makes sense, right?

7.   Show them what people think about you.

You trying to do things to convince people to trust your website does not even do half the job that other people can do to make people trust it. Its works the same way as gossip spreads around like a plague.

People saying good words about your website is the perfect way to attract other visitors. Moreover, it also adds to the trust in business. So, add all the incredible testimonials and reviews, have people do the job for you.

8.   Lastly, show them what you’ve got!

Having a connection with the world through social media can be used to build up a reputation. Engaging actively with people on social media and having a good following adds to your authenticity. Moreover, your social photos increase your credibly and a glimpse of these two on the website will simple develop interest among visitors.

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