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How to Fix A Slow Website & Why You Need Speed

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Everyone knows the importance of speed when it comes to the internet; this applies to every aspect from web searches to websites. You want your desired page to load in a matter of seconds. What happens though when your website is loading slowly and causing apparent problems? Below are some of the top issues with slow website speeds, the effects they can have, and simple ways to fix the issues.

What Causes My Website to Slow Down?

To fix the issues with your slow website, your first need to understand the problem. What causes websites to slow down. There can be many different reasons for slowdowns ranging from server speeds to extensive codes. Let’s discuss a few of the leading causes. One of the principal reasons for slowdowns is outdated software. Also, depending on the type of hosting service you have and the servers they allow you access to, you may be slowed down. If you are using a free web hosting service, this may be a sign it is time to upgrade to a paid plan. Some other important factors to look at are necessary space for your content, incorrect or insufficient codes, traffic levels, and outdated software. No matter the cause for the slow down it is vital to make necessary adjustment sand fast.

What Affects Will Slow Loading Have on My Website?

Slow loading websites will affect your company in differing ways. The most noticeable will be less traffic and or sales. Either one of these will affect your bottom line substantially. The reason for these lowered numbers is because customers do not want to wait for pages to load. They would rather look for another site with quicker speeds than wait on your website to load the pages they want to view. While glitches happen and it is reasonable to have an occasional slowdown, your viewers will not accept constant slow loading. Instead, they will just find another site, causing you to lose customers and potential sales.

How Can I Fix My Slow Website?

Fixing your slow website is not too difficult. You can start with simple fixes like checking the speed of your web host’s servers and making sure your software is running the latest version. Next check that you are not using too many plugins. Though some essential plugins help keep your website running at its best, plugins with significant resource needs should be removed or replaced. While you are looking at your plugins, make sure you have a caching plugin or feature enabled on your site. Caching will allow your website to remember certain aspects and allow for preloading, which will boost your overall loading speed. Another factor to look at is your image sizes. WordPress plugins are available for both images checking and caching. Giving you compatible add ons that will benefit you and your customer. If you are unfamiliar with the plugins your WordPress site is using here is how to check. From your dashboard, you can find the plugin button. Pushing this will show you a list of any active plugins as well as recommended plugins for your site. If you do not see the ones, you need you can search for them in the available list; this is also where you will find any plugins you need to deactivate. After checking all of the basics, covered above, if you still find your website is loading slower then desired it may be time to get some professional help.

Where Can I Find Help Fixing My Slow Website?

Finding help with your WordPress hosting and WordPress plugins is as easy as contacting your WordPress managing team. They will be able to take a look at your website and discern the major causes of your slow loading speeds. With a few fixes that are usually included in the fee of your WP managing service, they can have you racing with the best in no time. Often this service can find your issues much quicker than if you set out on a hunt for the cause yourself. Because your service provider is familiar with the problems and their base causes, they are more skilled in correcting the errors and getting your website ready for viewing.

Now that you know the common causes of website slowdowns and some convenient ways to fix them you are set to give your viewers the quickest website experience possible. With better speeds, you will be able to provide your audience what they want to see and turn more visits into sales. While you are making these fixes, remember that if you find yourself stuck on the process of speeding up your WordPress site, help is only or call away. You are not alone in this, reach out and let the professionals deal with the stress for a while.

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