How to get an awesome website: Unleashing the secrets!

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Who doesn’t want an awesome website to work with? If you have been working your way around getting a better website and still haven’t gotten your desired results, then give it a break and keep reading! Let’s look at some of the important factors that can greatly improve your website:

A better website needs better readability!

Any website that you may land on will have some sort of text on it, be it a description of the services or products or the general business. Whatever the text may be, make sure that it is easy for the target audience or anyone in general to read it. In simpler words, the text of the content should have a good readability score.

Some important factors to keep in mind are easy fonts and typography, short text, use of lists and bullets, a smooth balance between paragraphs and sentences, relevant headings and call to action.

As much as multimedia is taking over, it is still vital that the text properly complements the multimedia used. A better website has text that reads easy.

How to make my website faster

You may be wondering why should I make my website faster, right? It is always important to keep in mind your target audience and the users of your website in general. These also include people who are usually on the go. Moreover, not everyone has the privilege of using a web browser on their PCs all the time.

So, it becomes essential that you make your website fast and responsive and optimized for mobile phones. If people can view your website effectively and smoothly on both mobile and PC, it will lead to high levels of success.

Sometimes, simplicity is the key

In the past, people used to add large images and complicated tabs and content was organized in a complex manner on websites. However, like many other things, it is now a thing of the past.

People today prioritize simplicity. The more simple and business-like your website design is, the more it will attract users.

There are incredible options out there even to use images in a simple way. Moreover, it is also recommended to keep it all on one page rather than making people go from tab to another to find what they want.

Trust us when we say this – a simple, interactive user interface design will do wonders for you!

Colors and Branding

Another from the website elements that need attention. It is very important to stay professional. Most websites don’t have good logos, so if yours stand out, it can do a lot for your success. Use images that are appealing and soothing to the eyes and are not too complex.

Furthermore, don’t get yourself involved with too many colors. Take 2 to 3 colors out of it and use only them and make sure you take out a good combination. Two colors to never use are true black and natural grey as they ruin the whole feel of the website. This can easily make it a creative website with all the combinations of colors.

Balancing Grids and Layouts

These two are important website elements that you must keep in mind for a better website. It is also essential to have the best website layouts.

Website layouts, along with the design, is the first thing that users notice. Make sure it is aligned perfectly and balanced and makes one of the best website layouts out there. Moreover, you also need to maintain a vertical grid with the aid of a grid system. Stick to just one vertical rhythm with the aid of a baseline grid. Also, keep an eye on balancing out the visual website elements.

User Experience Design

To enhance the user experience and turn it into a creative website, it is vital that you tweak the user experience design. You can add micro-interactions to many fields, including buttons. For example, the send button on your website should change to sending once clicked on.

Make scrolling a smooth experience and throw away the homepage slider as they are one of the major reasons for low conversion rates. Moreover, don’t add a welcome gate as it annoys most users. Show them what you are to make that first impression.

Search Engine Optimization

No website can have the success it wants and become a better website without good Search Engine Optimization. Some tips for good Search Engine Optimization include: a focused keyword or phrase (one on one page), add keywords in all of your title tags and keep the title as short as possible.

Moreover, it is recommended to add just one H1 tag on one page and an abundance of H2, H3 and H4 tags throughout the content for visual hierarchy. Make sure you make use of one solid specific keyword that is embedded in your title or H1 tag, write a good meta description and add the keyword phrase to it. There should be the presence of the key phrase in the permalink as well.

How to make my website secure

The question of how to make my website secure may often cross your mind. Security is the concern of each and every single individual who is surfing on the internet. Being the owner of a website, it is necessary that you provide visitors with maximum security. One way to go about this is to install an SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate enables you to have a secure connection between the browser and the server. This certificate helps the most if you are accepting credit cards on your website.

Update the software and plugins regularly. You can also make use of the double authentication login gate to add to the security of the website. There are several cases on The WP help forum where people have discussed their security concerns. Go through them once, so you get an idea.

Moreover, it is also vital to remove malware frequently and to back up all the database and files of the website.

Keeping all of these important factors in mind, you will achieve the website of your dreams in no time! – Hey, that rhymed. Anyways, Work all the website elements for a better website. Just have a little patience and focus on these factors with an open mind to come up with a website that will bring you nothing but success and joy. Good luck! 🙂

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