How to Get Started with Blogging in 2019

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Are you thinking of starting a blog for your business? There are several positive outcomes for starting a blog on a Web Hosting like WordPress for your business in 2019. You might not realize how effective blogs can be to your business, so here are a few reasons why you should try adding a blog to your website in 2019.

Starting a Blog on WordPress

Now, you might be wondering: why should I start a blog on WordPress Hosting? You might want to increase the traffic to your website or your SEO rank by creating a blog on your business website. One great aspect of WordPress is their multipurpose feature that allows WordPress users to add on blogs, portfolios, and so on. There are several paid and free themes that enable you to do this on your website. No matter what your budget is, you can start a blog on your business website by using WordPress. This can benefit business websites that are considering adding a blog to their website.

How Blogs Help You Connect

Your business might be successful and make you a substantial profit. This could make any business think they don’t think a blog is necessary for their business. However, a blog can help your business flourish and help you rank higher for SEO.

You see, SEO loves how blogs create such valuable and informative pieces for customers and everyone else. This makes SEO love your website more than if you didn’t have a blog. This can cause your SEO rank to increase and also increase your traffic in the long run. Therefore, you should give blog writing on your website a try. You never know who will see your blog pieces that are filled with expertise and valuable content.

A blog on your business website doesn’t just increase your SEO rank. It can help you communicate with your customers. When a reader or customer reads your blog post, then they are engaging in the subject matter your business is in. You can have a back and forth conversation about different aspects pertaining to your business. Both of you can have a more personal connection, which makes customers more loyal to your business than other your other competitors. Also, this connection you have with your clients or customers can make you realize what you can improve to gain more customers. This connection can help you better understand how your customers see your website and your business.

By having a blog on your website, you can also build trust between you and your customers. By staying up to date with your own knowledge in your business endeavors, you can help build trust with your customers. Your customers don’t just trust anyone they come across the internet. For example, if you are searching for the perfect new refrigerator, you will do your research to find the one you think is the best.

When you come across a website that has a blog and one that doesn’t, then you might think the one with the blog has more knowledge or expertise than the one that doesn’t. We might not even browse the one without a blog, because we always like to see what people have to say about their products. Therefore, blogs can build trust between customers.

Also, seeing a blog on your competitors’ website might make a customer think their business is better than yours. If a customer is trying to decide which one is better, they might look toward blog posts on a business website as a reference towards what their knowledge in the product or service is like. Therefore, if a business has valuable and interesting information on a product, the customer might become loyal to their expertise than yours.
Why start a blog on your website? Having a blog on your website can build trust between you and your customers. Your customers will read your blogs if you provide them with material that benefits them. Blogs can help answer questions for your clients, but in a way that’s interesting to them enough to want to read it.

Customer Education with Blogs

We don’t always know why a customer buys your competitor’s products over yours. Your product might be better, but you still might be at a loss. A business website can benefit greatly by having a blog on their website. Why is this? Having a blog on your website portrays your expertise to your current and potential customers.

You want your customers thinking about the products you are selling without shoving it in their face like so many TV commercials and other ads tend to do. Instead, create a compelling and interesting blog post that includes valuable information for your customers. This will reel them in for you without having to use regular marketing strategies that don’t always work on some potential customers.

Contact BionicWP if you have any questions about WordPress. We are always there to answer your questions for you.

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