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How to Select a Web Hosting Company for Your Business

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Once you have made the firm decision to move forward with creating your business website and decided on your domain name, choosing a host is possibly the single most important selection that you have to make. Failure to do a little homework or rushing into an agreement with too many unknowns can very well cost you dearly in the end. Speed, support, and security are the three most important aspects of any host but this is especially true for your eCommerce based website.


Web Hosting Made Easy

A simple web search will reveal numerous companies that provide free hosting, especially for WordPress users. The appeal of ‘free’ is often enough to entice aspiring ‘webmasters’ but if you actually look into the current customers of these services, you’ll likely find that many of them recommend avoiding free offers altogether.

With ‘free web hosting’ you’re not going to have security, speed or support. Those features are almost always only available with either the purchase of expensive packages or as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ type of service that you’re likely not going to be able to access when you need it most. Meaning that during an outage it is kind of hard, not to mention frustrating, to try and add paid features to your free account.

So while WordPress is open source and free for everyone to download and utilize, the mass majority of those on both sides of the web hosting world agree that you do not want to use a free hosting service for your business website.

Available in a wide range of prices, web hosting services range from a few bucks a month to thousands of dollars. If you’re just getting your small business going, you’ll likely do fine with a virtual private server, cloud, or managed service with prices ranging from $10 – $100 per month. If you have a larger business and expect higher web traffic or plan to have a large catalog, then you are going to pay a bit more.

How much support are you likely to need? If you’re brand new to website development and/or WordPress, you may well need a lot of hand-holding, especially in the beginning. Basic customer service provides access to email, ticket and phone support but you’ll find that turnaround time on requests will vary greatly. The major downside to non-managed services is that while your provider may answer questions about basic configuration, they won’t be your systems manager.

If you want a ‘hands off’ type of setup where you can delegate the management of your site to someone else completely, then you want managed service. Companies like BionicWP provide managed services that monitoring security and any issues, ensure that your system is configured properly for your traffic needs, and manage backups ad well as patch your software as needed – among a multitude of additional tasks.


The Best of Both Worlds – Managed WordPress Hosting

BionicWP provides customer service and technical support for your WordPress hosted site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With WordPress, you have the freedom to create the business website that you desire. With BionicWP, you have the support to ensure that it runs smoothly, stays online and processes your transactions with security first and foremost in mind. Calling us TODAY means you can have your website as soon as TODAY! That’s how simple it really is!

With Managed WordPress Hosting from BionicWP, for just $500 a month you get access to a TON of features:

  • Unlimited 30-min-or-less tasks, meaning we’ll answer your questions about anything regarding your WordPress site
  • Up to 2 hours of WordPress Pro Support
  • 90-days of Off-Site Backups
  • Real-Time Uptime Monitoring
  • Daily Malware Security Scans
  • WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Clean & Easy To Use App
  • Simple Widget Generator
  • Neat Dashboard With Settings
  • Helpful Live 24/7 Support
  • Transparent Pricing Structure
  • And Much More

Visit our website for more details or call us NOW to get started. Your customers deserve a brand that they can trust and depend on. You deserve a host that treats your brand right! Contact BionicWP and get the website you’ve always envisioned. WordPress was made for websites just like yours and BionicWP was created for business owners like you! We will strive to rekindle your faith in customer service and technical support and make you a WordPress fan for life.

Stop letting money pass you by! More and more customers are using eCommerce to complete their purchases and having a professional company website is pretty much a no-brainer in our modern technology-driven market. Whether you need just simple and secure hosting or full on managed services, BionicWP is the solution you need.

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